Whohooo~ what a long eventful week for us here in the Rally Room and for me too!!

I love being busy, but MAN…sometimes it’s just nice to relax. Can’t wait to do that with my family this weekend!!

I’ll also be sending out a new email later this afternoon to all SSS contestants, so watch for that.  Then SUNDAY another with next week’s challenge and content.  I am in awe of all the success you have been reporting already!! GREAT JOB LADIES!! I am VERY, VERY INSPIRED!!

On a personal fitness front I had my best run of the year yesterday– not best as a performance, but as an accomplishment and BURNING LUNG free!!  I am healthy again, yay!!

Today, I will be doing an upper body PUSH/PULL workout (chest=push; tricep=push; shoulders= pull and push depending on exercise; back=pull; biceps=pull) and some intervals– probably biking mixed with boxing.

I also need to hit the store for groceries.

Gotta go get errands done,

TGIF!!  Keep pushing hard, we’ve got still 3 days left of week #2~ make it count!!!

-Michelle “Ellie” Berger

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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