Since Wednesday I’ve been dragging, then last night a sinus head ache hit along with tightness in my lungs again…I’m having a bit of a flu relapse.  Either that, Or it’s manifest into a sinus/lung infection of sorts.  I hit the DR. office today and got a Z-pack in hopes of feeling normal by next week


Anyhow, I’ve still been working on my role and added a few videos for our SSS contest   Got a couple more coming very soon!!


Check out these links:



I did manage a tiny workout tonight, just to get my blood flowing.  13mins bike, 1 set of push ups and 2 sets of DB Bench press and DB rows.


Now to relax the night away with THE FAMILY!!

Congrats on a GREAT WEEK 1!! We are rockin’ it!!

Love, Ellie



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