4 hours of dancing burns fat!

Hey ya ladies!!

I went out dancing last night and 4 hours of it really does help you burn calories, lol.  I also had my “cheat” meal- a burger(1/2 the bun) with sweet tater fries!! YUMMO!!

Today was spent recovering from the dancing, late night, poor food/drink choices, etc… I had a huge win though and forced myself outside for a hills run. I “just did it”…It was my slowest in ages, my lungs are still recovering from the flu, but I did it!! YAY!!  I was celebrating the fact I only had 2 more hills to run in this pic

So…in case you haven’t heard I’m cast in the movie “phone in the attic”~ a thriller!!

I remembered I had used a really cool phone as a prop in a photoshoot I did a couple years ago- so I put together a slideshow of those~



Photos by Emily McArthur https://www.facebook.com/eMPhotoNWA
For more about the movie: https://www.facebook.com/ThePhoneInTheAttic

I’m a lady named Diedra in the movie who is a super sexy bartender who drives a old sports car and has quite a big role in the movie! I am working on reading the entire script, then tomorrow at 6pm I’ll be attending my first acting class ever!!

I’ve been working quite a bit today, trying to catch up with ya’ll and get some training programs written for my clients.  If you have a question I didn’t answer yet about the contest, please feel free to ask it here again! thanks!!


Here’s the forum posts about the contest again:

SuperSTAR Success 2014~ Sign up NOW!!

SSS Week 0 ~ Preparation +Extra info!!


Have a fun Saturday night!




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