Movie Star?

Hey, hey, hey all my BuffSista’s!! and welcome NEW BuffSisters!!
This contest promotion is going GREAT!! thanks so much for your support and help in reaching so many ladies!!
AS promised, I just posted a BIG HUGE forum post with tons of info that will help you prepare for the 10 week contest~
Please ask any questions you have there as a comment on the post so I can help you get READY
Now on to my title~ I tried out for a movie yesterday!!  I JUST DID IT! It !! I’ve modeled for years and years, but never have I really tried to act. This was certainly a VERY SCAREY thing for me to do! I am excited to delve into acting a bit more– probably should take some acting lessons, etc… the part I tried our for was in a thriller named “Phone in the Attic” and I was looking at a part as a “fit dancer” so sexy lips, big hair, a fun pair of legging (metallic cobra print) plus heels were a must!
It was a fun experience!
The remainder of my day was spent with a friend, working on her fun new business idea.  I think she’ll do well with it!  I love seeing people excited about changing the world.
Anyhow, once I got home at 7pm I was exhausted- so no workout once again!
My last “real” workout was 4 or 5 days ago– At least I feel 100% recovered from Oh and another thing happened yesterday, I got my period- early again! only 24 days this month, my shortest ever that I can recall.  Gotta do better to support my hormones   Today I’ll “START” Again…with good food, supplements and a good solid workout!
This week’s POA:
T- upper body and run hills, cday 2
W- Legs, cday3
Th-off, cday 4
F-START BUFFING!! Chest Triceps Intervals and abs Sa- LEGS Su- Back, Shoulders, Biceps and Intervals
Now I need to get a bit more caught up with you ladies!! I love all the new blog posts and your excitement!!
Have a super day!!



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  1. I think you are beautiful enough and sexy enough to be a movie star now the only question is an you act.

    I hope you get the part.

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