“Get Buff”- Day 30

“Get Buff”- Day 30

Congrats you made it do day 30…It just so happens today is a day off of workouts, but YOU STILL HAVE WORK TO DO~ You need to submit your final entry!!
Winners get a Prize package worth $150!!! 


4 Simple steps to enter and WIN:

1. Take your starting/ending stats (pictures optional)

2. Participate at least 3 times during the duration of the Challenge with a blog entry, workout proof picture, a “SHARE” or even a measly “like”, lol!

3. After the 30 days, Take your ending stats

4. Submit your entry to michelle@buffmother.com by November 5th- Entry= starting stats, final stats, PLUS ~ a written paragraph sharing your thought about the contest, and if you took them your before and after photos.

So for #1- STATS and Optional Pictures need to get done ASAP!

Please be sure to  take these standard 5 measurements:

  1. WEIGHT*:
  2. Bust:
  3. Waist:
  4. Hips:
  5. Thigh:

*Ladies be sure to note your CYCLE DAY also!!!  It makes a BIG difference!

These are all I will require- BUT MORE IS BETTER!!  Here’s a link about how to take more stats and your pictures:  http://youtu.be/8cv_kuE8umw



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