Skin Deep!

FIRST OFF!! Happy Valentines!!

One of the most influential books I read about 11 years ago was “Reduce Me to LOVE” by Joyce Meyer. The way she made walking in LOVE real to me changed my outlook forever and was a foundation for why I started TEAM BUFFMOTHER!
I love you!! ♥ Happy Valentines my friends, may today and EVERYDAY be filled with true unconditional LOVE~ True love comes from our Heavenly Father.
I pray that I can be a shining example of HIS love to you~ God BLESS!!


This week’s Favorites have been all about BEAUTY!

We’ve had some great topics and super input– I’ll summarize yesterday’s topic  here for future reference 🙂

Winter has a tendency create a dry, white, chapped body 🙁 …How do you combat it? What are your FAVORITE lotions, tanners, lip treatments and hand cremes?



  • i get spray tanned w. a pre tan conditioner. i luv sephoras can spray for touch up
  • Fake Bake tanner is my fav!! I’m wearing it in my profile pic and I find it on Amazon.
  • I use whipped coconut oil- smells so good and and is easier to use this way! I just put it in my mixer for 5-6 minutes and it stays pliable for months.

  • Coconut oil. I’m going to make my own Coconut oil body whip. this recipe. Maybe the vitamin E in the coconut oil will help

    • Homemade Whipped Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil Lotion
      Enjoy one of our favorite healthy skin tips with an easy recipe for homemade Whipped Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Lotion.
  • I LOVE LaPrairie creams!!!!! THE BEST 4 THE BEST!! xoxo
  • milk bathes , St. Ives with Collegen. good old school chap stick.
  • Gene’s Vit E Creme for winter, after-tanning, and pregnancy (3 jumbo babies and NO stretchmarks!). Coconut oil, castor or primrose oil. St Ive’s Apricot exfoliating scrub. Lansinoh Lanolin for severely chapped lips (perfect for kids with clown-face from licking their lips…plus, that tube for nursing moms last FOREVER you’ve got to use it somehow
  • Loreal Self Tanner , Coenzyme 10 firming lotion along with Vit E Baby Oil Gel – I wear Burts Bee lip gloss
  • Aveeno Positively Ageless firming body lotion…all year long, I love it! Also, I don’t use tanners but when I want a little sparkly “glow” I use Jergens Soft Shimmer Skin Radiance Moisturizer…its the best stuff!! Hand cream…True Blue Spa paraffin lotion from Bath and Body Works…Blistex Deep Renewal lip moisturizer at night or when needed. Lip gloss…my absolute fave…Cover Girl Wetslicks…not sticky, gorgeous colors…I have most of them! Plus, they are not thick or “lip glossy” like so many others…
  • I found the winter makes the inside air incredibly dry as well, even with the humidifier on the furnace. I purchased a small inexpensive hygrometer (measures humidity -about $30) and a cheap vaporizer (about $20) for my bedroom and one other very dry room. It makes a a world of difference as far as improving sleep and sinus issues as well as helping to keep your skin from drying out and chapping.

Lots of great feedback and I will totally try out the WHIPPED coconut oil.  I’m tired of scraping it out of the container with my fingernails and then trying to melt it on my body, lol!!


I’ve recently quit using tanner except on a rare occasion. I found that it was making me feel sick and possibly leading to bladder infections 🙁

I’d love to find a natural alternative because I LOVE BEING TAN!

As for lotions I like Jergens Skin firming, but have also tried to go more “natural” in that area. Recently I’ve been buying almond oil, avacado oil, jaba oil, coconut oil and trying out those options. The problem I have with them is they are so OILY I get it in my hair and that’s not good!  I hate having oily hair– so I only use them at night.  For my lips I like some of the more expensive lip balms like Nutrogena’s. I have chapped lips all the time!!

Another funny thing is during “boosting” my feet get really dry and hot feeling at bedtime– I have to put extra lotion on them before bed, lol!


Yesterday I got in a decent upper body lifting workout– Chest and back combined.  I am SORE today!!  I didn’t do too great on my diet– not enough protein.  It was cycle day 23 and my mood was actually GREAT! My weight was up 2 pounds from the day before so I was 129.  Today It went down a pound to 128.  I’ll go for a run today and do some more upper body lifting– I’ll try to hit areas that arn’t sore and work my abs a little extra.


It’s going to be 56 here today!! I LOVE IT!! and LOVE YOU




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