Gadgets? Workout time?

Favorites Month is a BIG HIT!! I am having a blast reading all the responses and feedback, thanks for your participation!!

Yesterday I asked,

What is your favorite fitness gadget/equipment???…. something you can’t workout without! Mine is my iPod, what is yours?
Photo: What is your favorite fitness gadget/equipment???.... something you can't workout without! Mine is my iPod, what is yours?

Many of you had the same answers as me…Ipod Shuffle or another music player. Some other items were: Fitbit, calorie-tracking watch., Pandora, my dumbbells , GymBoss, New running shoes, interval app, Femme fitale pink and crystal gloves, miofit watch, Olympic bar, Water, HR monitor, Kleenexes, workout log, Nothing, all I need is my body!, sunglasses,, Chapstick, chewing gum


Today’s question is:

What is your FAVORITE time of day to workout?
Photo: What is your FAVORITE time of day to workout?

My workout time is most often in the afternoon…lately that’s been around 3-4pm.  I sometimes wonder if all the years I spent in after-school sports practice is why that time of day is my FAVORITE time to workout??  Another reason I like to workout then is it’s a LULL of the day and a HUNGRY time of day– I could either spend those afternoon slump hours eating or napping or working out.  I choose the workout option!

I would optimally LOVE to be a morning workout person.  BUT, my body is DEAD in the early morning hours.  I have had times when I’ve consitently hit the gym right after getting the kids to school.  And also 10 am has been a great time for consistent workouts too…

When I’ve had a job, RIGHT AFTER work has been the best solution– If I had a “real job” now, in an optimal world with no sweat or red faces NOON workouts would be nice..

The main thing with workouts are getting them DONE in a consistent manner.  Time of day is not nearly as important as just doing them!  But let’s not forget the FUEL factor when it comes to workouts.  You want to be fuel but not FULL!

My workouts this week have been a little off…I have had an earache and it’s affecting my energy 🙁

Monday- I ran hills
Tuesday- I took off
Wednesday- I did a small chest workout and ran hills

Today I have legs on tap– I’ll do them at about 3pm today.

No matter what time you workout it works!! DO IT!

Love, Michelle



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