Shine in 49: Day 35

HI Ya’s!! I hope you are enjoying the “First Weekend of Summer!!” .  I spent almost the whole day outside yesterday~ It was GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!!

My day started off with planting some trees- I got about 20 young maple trees planted along our drive way, watered them (using every hose we own to reach them), and I mulched them.

Next we headed to down into our “valley” to clear a side hill. Several ugly logs and dead trees covered the area.  So we used the tractor to pull several logs and then good old hard work to get the rest of the ugly mess cleared.  Here’s the big hot fire we built with the junk:


And here’s how the side hill looks now– almost all cleared:

I didn’t have an official workout yesterday, but I worked my body hard for at 6+ hours, so I am counting it as a workout!

Today I will get in a more “normal” workout, plus I plan to do more outside work– Brush Hogging is on tap!!

Keep your focus on limiting your treat consumption 🙂

~ Let’s head into the final 2 weeks of the contest on fire to SHINE in our bikinis this summer!!!

Love ya’s,




4 Replies to “Shine in 49: Day 35

  1. The yard looks great! I bet you are sore from working outside for 6 hours. I’m looking forward to the last 2 weeks of this challenge–I’m ready to SHINE!

  2. Didnt do too terrible until tonight….cake and ice cream!!!! My tummy is yelling at me. back on track tomorrow. goal no sugar no bread and work out at least 5 days.

  3. I actually didn’t feel too sore…my body is in really good shape right now– I love being fit!!

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