New Contest- MB blog: “habits! ones to attian; ones to break”- day 0 Vie

Sun, 2012/02/05 – 12:19pm — BuffMother

Today I’m thinking about the contest a bunch~
what habit do I hope to attain or BREAK during the 21 days?

Here’s a quick brainstorm list on some habits….


habits to attain:

take your supplements,  eat green veggies, eat raw foods, chew your food, eat fruits and veggies, eat your protein, eat nutritent dense foods, no dairy habit, no grains habit, no sugar, low carb, drink water, hygyne, take a shower first thing in the morning, put on make up, bi-weekly exfoliation, skin care routine, hair care- keep it well maintained and fixed, fashion- wear at least a few outfits that are trendy, shoe variety- don’t find yoursel wearing the same boring shoes daily, smile habit, say hello, be thankful, write it down, break your comfort zone, High priority- do things that are IMPORTANT vs. easy, make your bed habit, relaxation time habit, read something habit, document it habit, help others, stand more, walk more, show affetion (more hugs, kisses, pats on the back, etc), more focus- be a good listener, connect to your inner self, stretch more, lift weights more, get outside, try a new activity, learn about a new topic daily, study something of interest to you, organize something, be a sweetheart, being thrifty, being and encourager, being pro-active vs. reactive, being positive in everything, listening to truth vs. lies, being happy, be a good tipper

habits to break:

candy, ice cream, restuarant habit, over-caffination, dessert habit, atificial foods/sweetners, carbonation, alcohol, the excuse habit, unhealthy choice habit, mental sabotage habit, all or nothing habit, shower habit, cleaning habit, comfy clothes (forever lazy), unfriendly habit, over-eating habit, see it eat it habit, carboholic, undiciplined habit, lack of intensity, not finishing, social status habit, speeding, being late, too much texting, too much tv, too much internet, too much shopping, wasting time, too much sitting, too much noise, smoking, inactivity, unsocial, too social, dirty vehicle, approval addict, negative attitude, judgemental attitude, sarcasim, being brash/rude, drama queen, complaining, eating too much fat, eating too little protein, always on a “diet”, wearing old out of date clothes, being cheap


I’d love to have everyone in the contest focus on 1 or 2 habits for the 21 days… I’d pick one habit to break and one habit to attian.

Once you have your focus narrowed you’ll find it easier to reach your goal–We have our whole lives to become our best– let’s focus on 1 or 2 areas these next 21 days!!

I’d love to hear your brainstorming on habits!!

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