New Month, New Goals, New CONTEST!!

February is here!! OMGoodness…where did January goal and how could I have practically failed to keep focus my new year’s resolutions– Time to attack them because there is only 11 months of the year left!

Some new goals I have for February are to get my Master Bedroom/Bath project under way– so today I met with a contractor and got some great input from him.  It’s going to be an amazing room!!

Another big happening for February is our contest- Its’ going to be short but intense!! All about kicking bad habits and forming new ones– The experts constantly preach it takes 21 days to form a habit.  So let’s do it!!

More info here~

“21 Day: KICK the HABIT”

And finally, my goal to organize my “office” in February is underway also– I’ve been working on organizing my computer files, planning my attack on the actual office space and I’m headed to Best Buy tomorrow in search of a COMPUTER!!

On the fitness front- I’ve had a couple of GREAT workout days- Yesterday was Legs/Abs and Today was Chest/Tris?Abs and a hard run outside:

Legs~ Squat 45×15 95×10 135x10x3sets Stretching and hip rotations between sets

Dead Lifts 45×20 95×20 135x10x2

45degree hack machinex20 90x20x2

Calf Raises 45×15 90x10x3 ABS between sets Leg Extensions 4sets Ab wheel Ran 7mins for a cool down around the block

Today’s Chest highlights: Bench- High set 125×7…no spotter, my son is not yet qualified LOL! Tricep dips Chest press Tricep extensions Cable flys tricep push downs Full extensions sit ups

Then I ran outside up the long hill again 2x’s another shorter hill once and did 3 short sprints to finish it off– I felt better than my last run on Saturday…I think I’m getting in better shape and that my body likes running in the evening way better than in the morning!!

Time to relax!




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