Wild Times Ahead!

I am very excited for the next several months, but it will be WILD Ride!!!
  1. My first football game is May 7th.  I am excited but very nervous for it.  Hopefully it will be worth all the effort.
  2. My girls are in soccer, so tons of time at the fields are in store for May.
  3. My son’s spring football will start heating up this month.
  4. I have some major spring cleaning and work that needs to be completed on my home before the kids get out of school for summer.
  5. And of course it’s BUSY season for fitness meaning my workload is only going to get crazier!!  I love that part of my life most, but none the less it will be wild!!
  6. I have just a couple months left until my Birthday- so my annual Birthday challenge needs to start and I want you with me on it!! NEXT Monday is the Start date for our next 6 week BuffMother! transformation contest…I’m not sure what to call it, can you help me?~
Here are some of mine- “Six to Swagger”; “6 weeks Swimsuit Countdown”: “Svelte in 6”; “Stunning in Six”…Please share your ideas ♥


The contest will be all about getting you ready to wear your summer shorts, skirts and swim suits!!  We’ll rally together through the internet and other modes to stay focused, motivated and effective with our workouts!!

I’ll be giving you more details soon!!

WHOHOO!! I am so excited!! cheerleaders

To recap my EASTER…we had some amazing family bonding time despite the nast RAIN and STORMS we’ve been dealing with since Thursday!  The biggest thing we missed out on was an EASTER EGG hunt. Crying  My little Layla was very sad about it.

As for workouts I had none except for a little hike on Saturday.
I probably needed the couple days off as my body feels good, yet is YEARNING for some excercise today.  My POA for the week is as follows:

M-Legs and 20 mins steady cardio (not running)
T- Upper body and run intervals
W- run outside (am); Football Practice (pm)
Sa-Upper body and run intervals
Sun- Football Practice (3 hours)

I’m boosting, so the plan is to lift heavy.  I’ll also add in some route running/catching, abs and speed drills.

We’ll I must go now, I have a noon appointment and then after that a DATE with the squat rack.





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