A day off is good

Getting back into shape can be so frustrating because I am NOT PATIENT!   I have to remember that and allow myself to workout at my fitness level…being sure to push enough but allow for my body to catch up to my brain! 

Working out at your current fitness level is an important element of being successful.  I see so many people fail because they get discouraged when their body doesn’t cooperate with their 6 day a week fitness program.  An “every other day” goal for workouts is where I suggest everyone to start.  Don’t trick yourself into thinking that your body can handle much more than that when starting (or restarting) a fitness plan.  Once you consistenly do an “every other day” workout for 2-4 weks…then you can add a day, then a week later maybe add another day, etc….  Workout “WHERE” you are at in your fitness level!

For example…this is only my second week back to working out after about 2 weeks off due to a cold.  Last week I stuck to myy “every other day” rule.  But this week I had worked out two days in a row: legs on Monday and Tuesday I did back. AND By Tues night I was hitting the wall! Then yesterday morning I felt like I had been hit by a bus…My legs were so sore! The decision to take Wednesday off totally was a total no brainer! I want to workout and lift as heavy and as often as I did prior to being sick…but that’s just not possible! I am was not in shape enough yet to expect anything other than needing to take some extra days off.

Now today I feel much better…I am alive again!
The plan is to workout (Chest, tris’, abs and intervals) after a couple calls I have this am prior to my nail appointment at noon.Then the girls have dance at 4:30 and Gunner’s year end football party is tonight at 6pm.  So I’ll be eating pizza tonight- YUMMY! In preparation for that I’ll be eating lots of greens during the day today and limiting my carbs 🙂


So how’s everyone’s “Finish Strong!” countdown going? 

I’ve been good…I feel like I am finishing strong!  Being healthy again sure helps with that!  The challenge for today and the rest of the year is to eat 2 greens a day!  I’ve been slacking on them– so time to GET BACK to my lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, green beans, brussel sprouts, asparagus, spinach, etc…OH YEAH!! Let’s go GREEN!!

Yesterday, with the start of December, I’ve been thinking about my goals and my DREAMS.  I am a little lost on what it is that I want…I am not sure??  I’ve not been this unsure about my “next steps” in some time.  I can identify many things I DON’t WANT right now….but what is it that I DO want??? I took some time to research some stuff yesterday….but still nothing POPS in my head.  PRAYER is where I need to go with it!  If you want to  join me, please do…

Dear God,

Our Father who’s in heaven, Glorious is your existance and Holy, Holy, Holy is your name.  I pray for your Kingdom to invade  this earth and let others see your awesome love, glory and beauty through me.   Let your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. Lord please help me know your will for my future and the future of BuffMother LLC.  Guide my path and bring divine goals, dreams and desires into my heart.  Let me know what doors to open and what doors to keep shut.  In all I do please enable me keep my life in balance and prioirities intact.  I thank you for all the blessings and gifts you’ve given me in the past and that you will provide in the future.  I am so honored to be your daughter and represent you to the world!~In Jesus Name, AMEN!

Let’s all have DREAM filled DECEMBER!!





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