Isolation Ab Crunch

Isolation AB CRUNCH by BuffMother!


Howto & Style



Right side
Quality vs Quantity
Left Side
Mind/Muscle Connection

On the right: This will work the right side of my stomach and I’m going to come bring my right arm up to my right knee. Squeeze. Make sure to exhale all of your air.

Think more quality vs quantity when you’re doing your ab work. Exhale. Lower nice and slowly. Remember the eccentric abs – you want to resist the eccentric.

Ok, other side, Left:. I put my hand on my stomach so I can feel where I’m working. 

The mind/body connection is powerful in your ab work. If you can’t feel your muscles contracting yet, pretend like you do. Imagine that you do, and soon you will be.

10 on each side is plenty to start off with. Go until you feel the burn and then do 2 more. That’s a good beginner creed for that.



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