Super Star Success 2009 – First Place Winner!

First place goes to….

Name: Janienne K
Number of children and ages (it’s okay if you have 0): 3 boys. Ages 13, 4 and 2 (2 by c-section.
Age: 33

Before       After

Age   33
Height       5’4″
Weight       134.6      121.6
Cycle Day    13             9
Bust           34.5          32.5
Chest relaxed  35.5      33.75
Chest back      35         33.5
Waist relaxed   29         26.5
waist sucked in  27.75    26
Hips             38.5         36.5
Left      21.75      20.5
Right    21.75      20.5
Left      13.75      13.25
Right    13.75      13.5
Shoulders           40     39.25
Biceps Relaxed
Left      10.25      10.25
Right    10          10
Biceps Flexed
Left      11.25      11.25
Right    11.25     11.25
354        338.5      15.5 Inches lost
Caliper Measurements
Tricep                14         10
Abdomen           25         14
Thigh                 30         20
Illiac                 20          10
Body Fat            25.82     17.5
Lean muscle mass 98.06  100.74
Lbs of body fat      34.14  20.6

Why did you enter the SSS contest by BuffMother?
I entered the SSS contest to attempt to get into the best shape of my life. I have done that and more as far as I am concerned. For years, I had sabotaged my body with anorexia and bulimia. I have been healthy for 7 years now. I always thought that I had messed up my metabolism for good because I could not see any difference in the saddlebags below my butt. Since I have joined the SSSS contest, I kept up with the weekly mini challenges and actually carried them all the way through until the end. I am now squatting and lunging with 50 lbs of free-weights and have seen a major difference in the saddlebags. I don’t think I ever stuck anything out until the end like I did with this contest. I loved every minute of it!

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?
I made sure I had all of my protein servings planned out each day and kept track of what I ate. I made sure I ate 5-6 times per day so I would not feel hungry. Any time I wanted to cheat I would think of how great I would feel and look at the end of this contest if I didn’t cheat. It was impossible not to cheat for the full 70 days. I do have to say, this contest kept me in check. In 70 days, I only missed 3 days of workouts and cheated a few of times. I have never done that before. I have amazed myself.

How do you feel about your success?
I feel great about the way I look now and I am going to keep striving to make more improvements. My goal is to be doing 200 lunges 4-5 times per week with 50 lbs of free weights within the next month.

What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals?
Lack of sleep. I work nights and don’t get home until after 12:30 AM most nights and the kids are up by 6. I do have to say, fatigue was my biggest obstacle, but once I got my workout done, I felt great and felt like I accomplished something. Another obstacle was my two little guys always wanting to come and workout with me in the basement. It was tough at first, but I then decided to invite them to workout with me. They have fun doing it and it makes me laugh.
What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother ?
Like I have already told so many of my friends, just go to and check it out. You will be inspired by the stories and photos.



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