Getting Set!

Hey Ya!! I am getting set on many fronts: life plans, birthday planning, travelplanning, workouts, and most relavently to you- CONTEST  PLANNING!!!

Our next contest starts next week!!!  it’s going to be 6 weeks long and performance based.  I’ll be posting all the details about it hopefully by tomorrow!!  The contest will only be open to Rally Room members and will be an amazing way to Catapult us through these next few weeks.  Then in March we’ll have to do another conetst to get us Bikini ready for summer!! I just love it!!!

My personal POA for this week looks something like this, no OFF DAYS this week:

Daily- focus on my relationships with #1 God and EXTRA SPECIAL time with one of my kids (Guner=Mon, Gracie=Tues, Tia=Wed, Layla= Thurs)
M- 1/11…cycle day 9=130# YAY!! down a few already since buffing began on Thursday- run outside (maybe??); lift upper body
T- MMA class and cardio plus some upper body and abs
W-lift legs
Th-MMA Class and cardio – RUN
F- workout with a friend at 1:30 upper body and cardio

I gotta go get some more work done!! Have a good one!!



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