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12 weeks Online training program with Super STAR Success (SSS) Video

FYI- the Video coaching includes:

  • 12 week beginner and experienced level training program (workouts, logs and a meal plan)
  • The “Hormonal Timing” book (e-book version)
  • 12 weeks of video coaching sessions- workouts, tips, motivation, exclusive video content
  • Diet and Cooking Tips
  • Workouts with logs and calendar
  • Printable SuperSTAR Success Journal- so you can journal your personal progress
  • Step by Step instruction for the SSS Journal
  • 1 mini challenge weekly (10 weeks)
  • weekly e-mails to keep you FOCUSED
  • Chance to WIN Contest prizes given 3 times a year (Dec, April, July)


Training Video
Coaching By BuffMother!

Online Personal Training Video Coaching!! INCLUDES-
“HormonalTiming” ebook, Success journal, 10-12 week training programs
for 2
fitness levels (beginner and experienced) , diet info and meal plans
and a subscription for continual access content


ebook ht

ebook abs


*includes subscription for continued accesscontent ($59.95/3months)

In the SuperSTAR Success Video Coaching we will be focusing on the the
biggest stumbling block tp fitness success… lack of CONSISTENCY.

I challenge you to BE CONSISTENT over the next 10+ weeks!

This video coaching program is based upon my very Successful SuperSTAR
Success contest journal. A 10 week CONTEST style training journal that
will catapult you to a new level of CONSISTENCY!

A few more details:

  • You can win PRIZES~ Once you complete your 10 weeks of
    training please submit your
    Final ENTRY
    . Entries are gathered and prizes are given 3
    times a year!! SO BE SURE TO ENTER!!
  • 10 weeks duration- a perfect amount of time to get great
    results! The contest runs all year long…prizes are given 3 times a
  • a Free Shirt is given for anyone completing the program who
    sumits a final contest entry.
  • Additional Support will be provided by e-mail, through my
    personal blog and through our community site


MORE INFO- Online Training
Programs by BuffMother!

Thanks so much for your interest in my online training programs….I’d
be honored to help you attain your goals!!
**My recommended learning progression for the BEST results when
training with me are as follows: **

1- Start with my books
“Hormonal Timing” and “After Baby ABS” (you can get them on
…they give you a GREAT Base level of info about HOW I TRAIN and HOW I
TRAIN my clients….also you should strive get involved in the Rally
Room…that’s where I HANG-Out, give feedback to clients, answer
questions, etc… www.therallyroom.com2- Next do the 12 week online training video coaching program;

3- Then if you still want more personalization consider purchasing a
CUSTOMIZED training program- of which I am SOLD OUT until after the new
year. The first openings I have are for mid-January.

Here are some details on
the CUSTOMIZED training package:
  • $249* – “Customized Hormonal Timing™ Plan”- $249**if you
    have been a
    client of mine in the past you get a $50 discount~ the cost will be
    only $199 for RETURNING clients (that includes those who have
    previously purchase the video coaching program)
  • In this Customized Hormonal Timing™ Plan: We will
    start with an
    initial client fitness/diet questionnaire to assess you fitness and
    diet history
    • I will then do a complete analysis to assess your current status and
    focus on the specific actions you need to attain you most beautiful
    physique. This includes a detailed Diet, Exercise and PHOTO ANALYSIS.
  • I will provide you with a 6 week personalized workout plan
    to fit
    your hormones, current fitness level, specific needs (home or gym
    workouts) and goals.
    • I will also provide you with a customized 5-4-3-2-1 Diet™ and meal
    plan including supplement recommendations
  • I will be available to you via e-mail for initial
    program questions
    and will offer
    constant support throughout your program via the Rally Room.
  • Mental Strategies and tools will be incorporated
    to help you attain
    Belief, keep a positive mental attitude, live with a legacy perspective
    and keep positive momentum.

Please e-mail me if you have any further questions.

Thanks again!
Michelle Berger



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