40 days to FIT~ Days 25 & 26- "Boosting"=bad blogger, LOL!

Hey~ I feel like such a scatter brain and a bit antisocial during several days of my boosting phase- mostly cycle days 21-26.  I feel much better today and am ready to enjoy the beautiful weather, a GREAT workout, my kids being out of school, and some good food!  My DH and son are going to go armadillo hunting this afternoon and maybe we can have some Armadillo stew! J/K Laughing

My workouts have been hit or miss this week…Missing more than I want!  I’ve been really extra busy with some work projects and my son’s Football stuff.  It’s crazy how much time it takes when there is even 1 “extra” event added to the day.  I plan to make up for the missed workouts this weekend with 3 good days in a row- Chest  and some intervals today, Legs tomorrow and Back  with some more intervals on Sunday.  Then I plan on taking MONDAY off and getting a ton of work done!!

Well…I’ve gotta go, GO, GO workout!!! :jump:  But I’ll be back to hang out with you, my “friends” , for a bit this afternoon~


P.S. sorry about the double up on the feature for day 25 & 26 of the “40days to FIT”~ I’ve fixed it now…but for those of you who missed the actual day 26 feature…http://blog.buffmother.com/242/fun-day/

Love ya!!



16 Replies to “40 days to FIT~ Days 25 & 26- "Boosting"=bad blogger, LOL!

  1. LOL! Armadillo Stew! Hmm… might be good, ya never know! I LOVE that picture of you with your books. Did you submit it to Oxygen or any other magazines yet? 🙂

  2. I know a LOT about hit and miss w/ lots of misses! And yes all because of my kids extra curricular activities. I’m now learning how to work in circuit training esp. when i know what my week will be like.

  3. Wow, I have missed a lot of days of posting! Too much stuff going on. Thankfully I have not missed a workout 🙂 I am not going to give up though on posting. Thanks Michelle for your daily inspiration!

  4. If that were true for me I’d never workout, lol! I have to put my workouts high on my priority list.

  5. On the days I feel tired or just have too much to do, I usually just take a day off from my workouts.

  6. if i miss a workout my entire day is shot!!!i eat poorly, and generally make bad choices.working out forces me to be good for the rest of the day!!!wouldnt want to ruin a perfectly good workout:) Enjoy the day !

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