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  1. You all are such an inspiration!!! I just did my first official photo shoot today and working on getting into better shape and continue to do more! Nothing is impossible unless you don’t try!

  2. Today is my first day and I am excited to get started. Summer is difficult for me to stay on track with vacations and crazy schedules, so it great to have a challenge. I was able to run and walk today while my seven year old son rode his bike. Thanks for all your motivation!

  3. Today was a good day to “Just Do It”, and inspire myself to commit to 40 days–1 down, and i pushed myself and ran 7 miles instead of taking a nap!!

  4. I hear you on the protien. I am trying to get more “real” protien in during the day-tend to drink alot of protien powder. My body does better on chicken, cottage cheese, fish, egg whites and turkey. Do I have any in my fridge right now-NOPE! I with you heading to the store tomorrow!

  5. Day 2 of 40 day challenge complete…today was back and chest day…4 super sets of back and chest, and I am already feeling it 12 hours later…in the morning could be rough. Also did 20 min of cardio. Also completed first full week of being TOTALLY committed to dieting post-pregnancy…Tough week, but will make the next ones that much easier. Keep the inspiration coming!

  6. Today was a terrible way to start the challenge…was crazy busy preparing for a new job and didn’t eat much all day so hubby brought home…shall I say it …the P word! Yes Pizza! I was so hungry that I endulged and so busy that I didn’t get in a workout….pray for me people!

  7. You are doing great for having a c-section just 10 weeks ago…my tummy was tender for a LONG time!!

  8. I had that last week~ mine was short and quick because of supplements: l-lysine, airborn, creatine, garlic…and rest and a couple extra allergy pills! Hang in there!!

  9. I’ve been doing that with my kids a lot this summer too~ it’s great to involve the kids!

  10. Well, now I have a summer cold. Drat! So, I will do what I can and at the very least drink the required water. I can do that, sick or not!

  11. “Training is the Opposite of Hoping” Nike’s motto that I am adopting during my 1/2 marathon training!

  12. Today is first day of challenge will do some upper body tonight so looking forward to that so far diet not bad we will see once I get that sweet craving how I handle it. Best of luck to everyone an keep up the good work=)

  13. so day two I hit the gym, and just did a very easy all around whole body workout hoping non of my muscels and joints lock up tomorrow… back to the 4 1/2 mile jog tomorrow i am setting my run to one more phone pole farther maybe two.

  14. Just got done with my 50 jumping jacks, 2 sets of chest presses, and YES lots of abs…
    Boys just woke up! Have to feed and off for a nice power walk and little jog. Had a C-section 10 weeks ago so the stomach is a little tender!
    Had a protein shake prior work out and just ate a egg white omelette. You girls are truly pumping me up with your comments. Looove it! Keep up the hard work.
    Greetings from Canada!

  15. Day 2……Doing good….Went to the gym last night and did 30 min on eliptical and 30 on recumbent bike….it said I burned 350 cal on elip. and 440 on bike but is that real?…..Should heavy people do weights right away?

  16. Day 1: I did 30 min of cardio (running) and had egg whites for breakfast and salmon for lunch with lots of veggies. It’s the water that I need help on. I will do this.

  17. Yesterday I did about an hour of incline walking, it was refreshing. Today I did a Les Mills Body Pump class followed by one exercise for bis, shoulders, and tris. Tomorrow will be back and legs. oooo yes.

  18. With working 10 hrs at a desk job and having to deal with my 4 kids (youngest ones are 5 yr old twins!) Just Do It came in handy alright. Although I was tired, I MADE myself hit the gym. I was able to work out my back and do 45 min of cardio!

  19. Last night’s workout was good. A solid 30 min workout lap swimming – felt great. Tonight’s workout will be cardio – either elliptical or bike. Thanks Michelle, you definitely inspire me to set some new goals!

  20. Day 2: I have another migraine today so I’m hoping it will get better so I can work out later on. My mini-goal for this week is to eat clean every day – so far, so good!

  21. I need to try one of those body pump classes…they offer them at my gym now~ hmmm…maybe next week 🙂

  22. Yes~ everyone needs to lift weights! Muscle burns FAT!! so get after building your “fat furnaces”!!!

  23. Day 2: Had a great Ab workout. Need more weight to increase the intensity in my bicep/tricep workout. Still struggling with eating clean but I will get it. I mean really why am I busting my butt working out and then filling my body with junk??

  24. Okay, not off to the best start…. but it’s only day 2 of 40, right?! I really need to make the best out of the rest!

  25. Alright, Day 2 – Completed. I was going to bike to class tonight, but it started downpour, that put a bit of a kink in my cardio plan. At least I got two good hours of instructing in. My mini goal this week is to cut my sodium intake and step out of the fast food lunch line which is such a downfall for me! Stay Strong it’s all mind over matter!

  26. I’m back. I just want to make sure that I’m commenting in the right place since I started the ’40DTF’ a couple weeks behind. Do I comment on your fit day post that corresponds to mine (I’m on day 2… post on your day 2) or on your most current blog.

    Anyways, it is the beginning of the day but I’ve started things off with an awesome breakfast and some green tea. I’m trying to break the coffee habit in favor for something with some more health benefits.

    Michelle, do you typically follow a low carb diet? Do you carb cycle? I’m curious…

  27. you are doing just fine commenting- anywhere is actually fine 🙂 Georgia~ good for you on focusing on your nutrient intake!
    I follow a lower carb diet most of the time~ I adjust my carbs according to my hormonal cycle and my goals 🙂

  28. This is my Day 2 post as I worked till 1 30 this am.
    I ate very clean, got in all my protein and water but had no chance for a workout.
    I have to remember those days can happen, not be too hard on myself but focus on the next day…

    I find I retain soo much water-I can actually feel my body holding water-sound strange? At various times thru the day, the weight goes down and my clothes are looser again. Is my body reacting to what I’m eating??

    This is a great motivator though to keep posting! Helps me remember we are all doing this together!!

  29. Day 2: Cardio shopping 🙂 Altho last night I walked over a mile (that’s a lot for me) and bought a bike and rode it home. It’s been almost 20 yrs since I’ve riden and I found some muscles I haven’t used in yrs. Excited to feel young again on a bike and get in shape at the same time!!

  30. exactly…your body is reacting to the foods you eat. keep tabs on it- food is like a drug.

  31. How can I get leaner without feeling hunger all the time. how much time do I need to spend in the gym.

  32. being hungry is part of it…but if you are sure to eat some fat, drink your water and stay busy, hunger doesn’t attack so bad!

    I spend about 6 hours a week in the gym…so about an hour 5-6 days a week.

  33. day # 2 of my 40 day challenge!!!Im more excited today than I was yesterday!!!Although I didnt exercise as much as i would have liked to yesterday(5 minutes with kids in the room!!!)I did get to eat clean…which is a HUGE deal for me…the junk food junkie!!!

  34. Did interval training for an hour yesturday and today I stepped it up with 45 min. of interval training and 45 minutes of full body workout. I was motivated before, but now I’m really ready to go. I know I can do this.

  35. Yesterday I did stairs/running intervals with my husband at the high school track, then we worked chest, biceps and abs. Today (so far) I walked and worked my back. I love the feeling of “felling good”!

  36. I have had a totally rocking day even with coming home sick. It was all upper – throat, ect and my personal trainer told me one time as long as it’s above the throat go for the work out. Well guess what? I drunk so much water today and ate so well I was energized!! Came home and did a 35 min cardio workout I feel fantastic!!!!

  37. Good moring all…how’s everybody doing?
    well today is Day#2 I will be running errands early this morning…then this afternoon I will either go for an hour walk/jog or get on the airclimber…airclimber is only 30 minutes but makes me work up a sweat…cardio while stepping and bands for toning…looking forward to it = )

  38. kk worked out yesterday til arms were going to fall off it was officially day 2 for me, keep on moving…….

  39. Glad you were able to get it done- sometimes it’s easy to use feeling a little down as a reason to skip workouts. Good for you to get it done and get energy from it!

  40. Keep moving the best you can– also know it’s okay to take a day off- just be sure 1 day off doesn’t turn into 3 off in a row.

  41. Hello,
    I been super busy doing some house work but I’ll start my work out tomorrow for sure. I found a gym that is very family oriented so I can go and my son can be doing something else at the same time…. I love it!!!

    I been making healthy choices for about a week, I have more energy and I feel great…. wow!!

  42. Late again! But My second day was as good as the first! I tried some new ways- Cleaning definitely is a work out in itself but starting Day 4 I will be hitting the gym!

  43. Yep…mini goals work so much better for me…more attainable and less overwhelming…I set monthly goals…loving it!!!! Stay focused!!!

  44. Day two I’m still amped and happy thati have the will power to pass by things in my kitchen without wanting tto pick or sneak a no no..plus loving the winter weather and I’m getting out for a good fiteen to twenty min power walk…thanks for the encouragment!

  45. Day two I’m still amped and happy thati have the will power to pass by things in my kitchen without wanting tto pick or sneak a no no..plus loving the winter weather and I’m getting out for a good fiteen to twenty min power walk…thanks for the encouragment! Although I was not aware of the protein thing..makes a lot of sense thanfully foodstamps helps with affording some of the supplemental shakes ..good luck moms:-)

  46. So I am a big fan of all the at home pictures of the exercises! Living the life of a flight attendant can be a challenge when it comes to work outs, I packed my bands and will get a good in room leg routine today with the help of some of your pics! And I guess I need to up my water intake, I was only drinking water equivalent to half my body weight! Yikes! My inflight service might not be so great today, I’ll be in the lavatory if you need me! Cheers to another day down, ladies! Keep your spirits up!

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