My Online Training Coming Soon!

Hey Ya’ll I am excited!!! I am getting all sorts of stuff accomplished on my website and soon I will once again have the time to take on personal training clients!!! My “sold out’ status has been up way too long!! I am very exctied about it…my goal is to start August 1st!
today is an officail DAY off~ so enjoy it!!
I had to “make up” a leg workout ….here’s how it went:
warm up 7mins on the Expresso*** r-bike at the gym;***Has anyone tried one of these before? they are an interactive/vidoe game like bike that you steer with handles and watch as you ride up and down hills on various courses against other riders. It’s really cool!
Leg press no weight…just for more warm up
single leg 6 reps x4 sets alteranting legs no rest between sets
walking lunges
30# bar on back x15
40# bar on back x15
leg extensions
90×10- quit these, the shin pad was messed up on the machine, OUCH!
leg curls- bent over singles
Sit ups between sets 30; 20
Smith lunges
hip adductioins
knee ups
3sets of 20
45×15…just 1 set, my back was being a bit weird. Better safe than sorry
Dead Lifts
45x5stiff legged+10conventional x 2sets
ran 6 mins slow…just for a little cool down



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