Totally Terrific & In Love! w/Weekly Q!

I had a tired day today~ but I still got in a good workout and was in a good mood.

Workout w/ my DH~
warm up r-bike 5 mins
45×25 warm up
push ups 15
push ups 15
135×4+2 with assistance
135×3+3 with assistance

Incline hammer press

Flat hammer press

knee ups on roman chair
1 set to failure
tricep extension machine
9, 6

Flat bench flys
25’s x15 x1 set
Bench tricep dips
tricep push downs

Then we went home and I ran outside~ i went for a little over 2 miles HARD. then I did some more abs…It was a GOOD workout!

While I was blow drying my hair today I was flexing, crunching my abs and I noticed they are leaning up from the top down to about my belly button~ They are really starting to pop….in another 22 days I will be exactly where I want to be for our trip!!!
I love Buffing!!

I also LOVE our question of the week this week:
With Valentines day just around the corner…this week’s question is :

What’s your LOVE story??

To help you along these memory jogging questions may help you tell your STORY~
Where did you meet your DH?
Was it Love at first site?
How did he propose to you?

Where did you meet your DH?
My Love Story began back in rural MN at my Highschool….I met Travis one day when he was recruiting teens to lift at the weight room over summer vacation. He tried to “sell” me on the idea and I was NOT BUYING, lol! Then a friend of mine talked me into it and soon after I was getting up EARLY to hit the weight room, just so I could spend time with the DREAM BOAT instructor (Travis). We hit it off and despite a huge age difference. I had just turned 17 and he was 22, we’ve been together ever since (it’ll be 17 years this summer, WOW!!).

Was it Love at first sight?
I wouldn’t say that it was exactly love at very first sight, but CLOSE…we had instant chemistry! We were made for each other!! When we fist met that I had my guard up quite high. I wasn’t even thinking that he was “boyfriend” material when we first met because I was so much younger than him. Plus he was SUPER HOT!! I didn’t feel like I was even in his league!

How did he propose to you?
Travis proposed to me in a wonderful way! It was a few days after my 18th Birthday. He blind folded me and drove me about 10 mins away…When he took the blindfold off we were on my Grandfather’s farm up on a hill under a tree looking at a beautiful sunset. Then he gave me a gift~ a teddy bear with a box…a ring box!! He asked me to marry him and I said YES instantly!! It was PERFECT!

Remembering my LOVE story is SOOO fun and makes my LOVE feel more alive than ever!!

What is YOUR love story?




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