Massages ROCK!

Despite getting tickled a bit, my massage ROCKED!!  This year for my birthday I am all about BUYING myself presents- so today was my B-day massage.  Later today I am going to order at least 3 pairs of shoes online~ and look for some new curtains, bedspread and DESK for my room.  AND then on Friday I have a B-day Facial!  Saturday is my actual B-day and I plan on doing SOMETHING fun for myself on that day too!!!

If you haven’t guessed already, I value MY Birthday!!!  I’ve always LOVED it, gotten excited for it, been aggressive about celebrating it, etc….I just love the feeling of having ONE DAY that is MINE!!!  It is a worthy celebration after all ;)
Birthdays to me are kinda like New Years– a day to take stock of where I am in life and where I am going– a day to think and reflect on all the Love God has for me!  I love the fact that each and every year of my life I grow wiser and happier!! I can’t wait to see how awesome I’ll feel when I am actually old, lol!!  My childhood years were fun, teens were quite turbulent, twenties testing and my thirties have been TERRIFIC!!  I am so blessed to get to celebrate another birthday this week and on Saturday!!

Yesterday I had a good upper body workout and a short run– it got cut short due to an INSANE cramp in my foot– OUCH, I could barely drive home it was so bad!
my workout included these exercises:
Cybex lat pulls
Bicep curls
seated rows
knee ups  on roman chair
lat pulls on knees (wide high cables)
cable bicep curls
tricep dips (finished with a hip raise plank)
Incline hammer press
knee up on bench
Run 12 mins total– cramp ended it early

I will go for a run this afternoon and do lower body

Enjoy your day~ I will!!!  It is sunny and beautiful today!!!



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