quick HI – value family


HI!! Just wanted to say HI and Happy Monday to you all!!  it is a rainy day here in hogville (AR)…anyhow, I have been working on the BBB contest stuff all day– we are close to announcing a winner!!

We went to the lake yesterday with some family friends…it was the first time I had been on a boat in at least 10 years, lol!  Isn’t that crazy!  Guess I’ve been busy, lol!  I get to go out tonight for a b-day dinner with my BIL and SIL, who I really value!  It is fun to have some family close by to share a little of our lives with.  I value family~ family has taken on a new spin in my life over the past year or so…I’ve always valued my immediate family- Travis and the kids, but not so much ALL of my family.  I guess family can be taken for granted a bit when you are younger…I think most people have a streak in their life where they just break away from their family a bit to find their own road in life.  I am now on the other side of that part of my life, at least I think I am, lol!!  Anyhow like I said I feel more love, care, concern, interest when it comes to my family these days, I really do VALUE them- flaws and all.

Hope you all are fired up for this week!!! I sure am…33 here I come!! WooHOOOOO!!!

p.s. I missed my workout again today~ Mondays are tough…I should be like Patti and just decide to NOT workout on Mondays, that may be a smart way to help with the “guilt” lol!



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