Photoshoot SET!! *edit*

I am FIRED up today!!!  I have my photoshoot for the end of the BBB contest SET….it is going to be on the 16th or the 19th!

SO that means it is GOOOOOOOO time for this bloated MAMMA!  I have gained 3 pounds of water this weekend~ icky hormones!!!

Anyhow this weeeks MINI Challenge 9- to Drink 1.5 gallons of water a each day will really help me get that bloat GONE and to lean up for my shoot~~ woohooo!!!

here is the plan:
EAT LESS, lol!
Go off of CEE
Workout hard daily–efficient effective workouts
DRINK water!!
Keep protien and Green intake HIGH
Keep CARB intake low only 2-3 daily

The last official day of the BBB contest is 5-18-08…that means we have 14 days to go to get ready for our BIKINIs Will you be READY?
I WILL!!!!

Focus and GET AFTER IT!!!!  You will be amazed how much your body can change in 2 weeks!!!
I had wanted to go to the gym today for legs, but they are still sore!  So I went for a good hard run of intervals this morning and then this after noon did another 30 mins of stuff– a bit of running, a bit of bikining, some jumping, some push ups, and standing abs



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