Do you wanna be HOT for the HOLIDAYS???
I’ve got a contest set to start next Monday Sept 17th in the TEAM BuffMother! Rally Room called the HOLIDAY HOTTIE contest!! The winners get some great prizes along with a HOT bod to show off to all their friends and families for the holiday. If you are a woman and would like to join us, check out the DETAILS and the contest for 2 weeks FREE~ Just go to and sign up for a free two week Rally Room trial membership!Here’s my blog for today….
Well, I’ve spent the day doing bathing my darling twins, doing laundry, going shopping at Sam’s and working out….
So far so good~
warm up r-bike 8 min

135×6, 8, 10, 10, 10
w/knee ups between 4 sets

45 degree hack squat
uber booty focus- feet close, butt clench and LOW
machinex30 reps
100×10 regular stanch
roman chair knee ups between 2 sets

Smith lunges
and one set of good morings on smith for kicks
stretching butt between

Leg extensions
110×10 together
50×10 single
70×10 x 2 sets singles

paired with leg curls
85×10 feet close
85×10 feet wide

then home to jump on the big tramp for about 10 mins~ I’ll video my little routine one of these days smile

Well, soon we’ll be off to the races, Layala’s got pageant rehersal tonight, Gracie’s finally got her first soccer practice (we’ve been rained out 4 times) and Gunner’s got football again.

Bye for now,



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