I’ve been inspired by the Focus on Soulution theme for the month. In the planning stage of that, I put each day’s topic on a calendar. NOW I’ve taken that concept to my life….Each day I’ve written down my “project” and refuse to be “free” until it is done. Today, I got it DONE by 1:15~ what a great feeling!!Then I went shopping at the NATURAL FOOD store…bought Ezekiel bread for the first time EVER(yum)~ some rose water, some green drink, some oregonal, some natural olives and some other stuff…It was fun to browse through all the unique items in the store. I could have spent hours 🙂
Another cool thing that I’ve been thinking about is doing some boxing training…one of my clients really helped give me a “push” on this one- thanks for making it sound so FUN! Anyhow, I got in contact with a girl on MY SPACE not realizing I KNEW her and found out about a women’s boxing class at a local gym~ I may have to try it out…but need to wait for my ankle to finish healing. It is still quite sore from my sprain 6 weeks ago.I am getting really EXCITED to workout again…just what I had hoped for! I don’t know what I’d do if I LOST that desire~ I don’t plan on EVER quitting. I’ll be a BuffGREATGREATGrandmother!!

Love ya,



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