I believe this is Gunner’s last day of school!

It is finally here, Gunner’s LAST day of School for the year…he is having field day starting at 12:30.  DH and I are gonna go to it, should be fun!  I remember fondly my field days from elementary school, it was the BEST day of the YEAR!!!

I am blown away by how FAST this week has gone~ I swear it has been the FASTEST week of my life!  VERY WEIRD!!  Must be because I am now 32?  My Mom used to always tell me that time goes by faster as you get older- she was telling the TRUTH!

I got in a good booty workout yesterday~ I tested my ankle a bit more by including LUNGES…they are hard to do with an ankle sprain

Warm up elliptical
3 mins HARD- short on time
45x20wide stance
95×10 wide stance
135×10 wide stance
135×10 close stance
135×10 normal stance

paired with hip abductions 4 sets of failure- heaviest at 90

Dead lifts
135x10x1 close stance and 1 wide stance
135×12 conventional- I’ll go heavier on these next time
paired with adduction 2 sets to failure

Walking lunges
60# barx15x2

lower back extensions

Smith Lunges
Smith squats

Knee extensions

and of course my vacuums

yesterday’s weight was 125- shoulders are showing leaner, so are quads…just need the butt and gut to come along next so I am off to work on that now :)…I am going to attempt a run (first since the sprain)!!

Keep Believing!
p.s. happy friendly Friday (go out of your way to be extra friendly today)

Belief Quote of the day:
“Four things for success: work and pray, think and believe.”
-Norman Vincent Peale



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