Raw Hamburger Booty and quick back wo!!

I am so Happy!!
MY ….Booty is raw hamburger

I accomplished my goal at the gym yesterday!

Another thing that makes me so excited and happy is how EXCITED all of the TEAM BuffMother! Members are about Week #2 in our Quest for Consistency Contest!!!

It is so fun to log onto the RR and not even come close to being able to “keep up”…that means all of you are on fire!!

My plan for the day is to get my head on straight for this week~ go shopping, clean up from the weekend “relaxation” and hit the Wal-Mart for some much needed shopping. I will get my back workout done this evening here at home.

I’ll edit this note later with my workout~
Keep up the GREAT job and Keep on being fired up to reach your goals and you will!!


Back wo tonight
7×3 pull ups
standing military press
Bicep curls
bent over lat raises



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