I won!! from last night and Today~

I am so happy…. I won my race tonight and it WAS a blast. Thanks for all your cheering on and support.
I wouldn’t have ever made it without all of you

Off to have a POST race date with my sweetie!

p.s. I’ll post video an pics tomorrow!!

I can barley walk today, I am SO SORE, lol! It feels so good!!! All night and all morning I have been on cloud 9!!! Closure has happened and it feels so good

Here is the video

Here is the link to some photos
track meet pics

Thanks again everyone for your sweet support!!!



4 Replies to “I won!! from last night and Today~

  1. So excited for you- we run for Reebok, and i’ve followed your lifting info, just found your page a month or two ago- i’m dying to know, what was your 800 split- my boyfriend is an 800 runner, I was 5k in college, but now am bumping it up…please fill us in!

  2. Buffmother! Good job! The sequence of pics is great! It’s like we can follow you as you pass the pack! You’re going to have to get a camera that can capture motion, though girl — you’re a blur you’re so fast!

  3. Buffsister, nice job on the race. Saw the video. You’re still awesome!!! You absolutely wasted the “competition!”

  4. you were miles ahead of those “young” things. congrats you are living proof you can achieve anything you believe you can.

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