Crazy life and track workout;not stellar

Hi everyone,
as I mentioned earlier today- Life has been very crazy here…
Valentine’s parties, having 2 dr. appts., Having the twins turn 4, checking on day care options, going to wally world, getting a totally flat tire, shuttling Guns to spend the night over at his friend’s, preparing for a b-day party with no car, getting DH set for his trip, having the party, working, working out, etc….
Now this week is gonna be weird because the kids are out of school (darn year-round), Valentine’s day, Travis’ b-day (37th) and my MIL is leaving for home. So…no end to the craziness in sight.

I do have to admit I had no real workout the last 2 days:
However I did get in a good one today– please forgive the super detail…I need to know all of it for future reference….

I am actually laughing right now at myself and the perception I had of where I was fitness wise. I am not in as good of shape as I thought –I went to the track this afternoon and ran only 2 of my 4-5 400’s…I was DYING after the second–major Lactic Acid EVERYWHERE–but I know next time I will be feeling much better.

Here is what I ended up doing:
warm up
800 m- 3:40 pace
2×40 meters High knee skipping
40 m High knee paw ground

400m- 68 seconds– didn’t feel too bad actually, tightened up the last 100 but was okay–suprised at my time 🙂 in a good and bad way because I knew I should have paced myself a bit more, lol.
160 bpm 30 post
jogged 300m
150 bpm 2 min post
walked 100
120 bpm 4 min post

Ran 2nd 400- 69 sec…oh my!! this was a killer- the last 150 was tight and hurting. When done, I had tingly hands, fingers, lips and major lactic acid in my hammies

30 post- 190bpm
walked recovery
2 min post 160
4 min post 150
stood in place
5 min post 110- but my legs were still hurting
8 min total recovery

Ran 300m- 53 sec
30 sec post 170bpm
? not sure on total time recovery– walk/jogged 400m

Ran 200 m- 35 sec

for about 4 min
Then ran 1 min medium/hard finished with the last 100m hard
then jogged a 200 to finish

So I still worked really hard but I was VERY disappointed at my fitness level.
Next one will be better!!

Tomorrow is Leg day at the gym and I am OH so ready for it!
And I plan on hitting the track again on FRIDAY~ and it will be a blast 🙂

That’s all for now–I’ll post more tonight or tomorrow about how the kid’s party went, my POA for this week and my stats at the end of this buffing phase. Boosting starts tomorrow (a bit early, but that’s fine with me)

Off to get my van from the tire service center at Wal-Mart-




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