Thursday Check-in

Hi! Everyone, Hope you are having a super day…for me it is my MOM’s day
and I am catching up on “work”.

I have been working out hard and sticking to my plan, but being bad
about posting my workouts…please forgive me

Here is what I did this week so far:
Sunday Legs- back back
Monday Chest Tri’s run/bike intervals
Tuesday Shoulders, back, biceps, r-bike intervals plus steady state
for a total of 45 min…I thought I was going to die afte this!!

Wednesday: legs again…this went much better than Sunday’s workout


Smith Lunges

Butt Squats one set of 15 @70
Close stance smith squats one set of 20 @70

Walking lunges with 60# bar on back
set 1 24 total steps- then deadlifts with same wt 20 reps

2 sets bulgarians with 30’s- 8,6

set 2 30 total steps- then deadlifts with same wt 20 reps

abductor machine 60x10x2(2nd time with these)
adductor 30x15x1 (i never do these)

3 sets various machines wts and reps

Leg Press(new machine)
80×25 getting my feet wet here
trying to focus on my butt on these…I like this machine very easy on
my back

Then a set of knee extensions….then I saw one of my former clients
and started talking too much So then i decided I was done for the day.

Results: my butt is sore!! HOOORAY!!

Have a super day-
I have a run to do here in a bit.



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