TGIF and a Fabulous Friday it is!!!

I love Fridays πŸ™‚

This week has flown by for me…tons of things to do and tons of
things accomplished.

I have a flaw, I often focus on what is to be done vs. looking at what
has been. I plan to change that and start celebrating every little
accomplishment on my list of “to do’s”

So this week to name a few:
I got in 4 soon to be 5 AWESOME workouts
I have had 4 Awesome days of drinking my water
I got a nap
I got through my inbox
I accomplished a lot towards my business
I used my new organizer πŸ™‚
I connected with my son through teaching him card games
I spent quality time with my hubby

Now for today a few tiny things I will do:
Pay the bills and sign up for an automatic draft for my phone bill
do an awesome leg workout
make some headway on purchasing my suits for my contest

That sounds doable for me today!!

Remember to celebrate the tiny victories in life…It’s the baby steps
that will get you to your goals.

Love ya, Michelle



209 Replies to “TGIF and a Fabulous Friday it is!!!

  1. Wow… that is great Michelle. I am so focused and obsessed with what needs to “get” done, I never look back and look at what I have gotten done and accomplished… thank you!!

  2. I feel so much better when I am organized as well. Accomplishment helps fuel the motivation to keep going and to set the next goal!

  3. I have a “to do” list over 100 items long….and it seems to grow daily, soooo the only way I can feel accomplished is by writing a list of what I do get done!

  4. I have had a sad Friday so far as I’ve been home with family all summer and now, must go back to school πŸ™ I celebrated going away by working out with Mom this morning. I’ll miss her and my sis – my awesome workout companions.

  5. I tend to get too many things on the go all at oncfe and never finish any of them. I need to get a little more organized myself.

  6. Spent time with my mom and daughter today. Very fun shopping and lunch. Kept the diet clean-big salad and some sushi. I really like the “dynamics” of this blog. I look forward to reading everyone’s comments. You go girls!!!

  7. Like you I seem to be always looking at what I have to do vs what I already did. But I will try to better. πŸ™‚

  8. Haying is Fun~ sorta…cool that you started the 7/7 abs!! You will see amazing results!!!

  9. I am celebrating getting some awesome workouts in this week. Also having a date night with hubby. And getting my meals planned for the week. Funny, we have two mirrors in our entire house. We don’t even have a mirror in our guest bathroom bc my hubby and I couldn’t decide on one we liked. That’s on the to do list for this week. Thanks.

  10. “to do lists” are great…you feel like you accomplished so much when you see it crossed off:)

  11. To do lists are great but shorter is better. If you really want to get things done the list should contain fewer than 5 items.

  12. To do lists r great. I need to do them more often so I don’t get overwhelmed.
    As far as the mirrors, I put a full length mirror in my dressing area. My other mirror is rather large but felt like not having a full length one where I could study my body my blind me to how I actually look. I study myself in the mirror & watch for progress!!

  13. Hi, It’s saturday but I’m getting friday’s post… Oh well. Taking the family up to my uncle’s farm to do some haying! Yes haying… What a work out that is. I started 7/7 ab workout. FANTASTIC.

  14. I would not survive without to-do lists. I am on vacation right now visiting my son and his family. No more to do lists this week!

  15. I am a listaholic…I write down everything! I’m happy if I get at least 1 thing accomplished on my to-do list each day…baby steps indeed!

  16. I have only 1 full length mirror in my bedroom. When I went shopping yesterday, there are mirrors all over. I was surprised πŸ™‚ that my legs look more toned and my body had changed over these past 2 weeks. Yay!!!

  17. I always get discouraged when I look at my to do lists and I’ve only done 4 things on a list of 10 things to do.
    In terms of looking in the mirror. I do not like what I see. So that means I have to work harder, especially to make up for vacation. I will start my to do list for the week and see what I’ve accomplished by the end of the week.

  18. lost 4 pounds this past 2 1/2 weeks plus lost 2 inches from my waist. I had a Army Recruiter take my measurements at the beginning of July and again yesterday and I am proud of my results. Thanks for this forum…keeps me accountable!!!

  19. Since it is so nice today, I am taking the kids up to Lake Tahoe for a short hike. I donot want summer to end…, I need to get more water intake in and that is going to be my goal for the day. Thanks for all of the motivation that I have gotten. Normally I would just stay home and do laundry and housework all day today.

  20. I am much better now at likking myself in the mirror. I still have a ways to go but I do try to celebrate the little accomplishments. I am making progress and the slow and steady pace for my house, my body and my finances means it is permant changes for the better not just a phase I will outgrow!

  21. Yikes! No, but really I can see what you are talking about. Even candid pictures help me see the real me.

  22. I can relate with the “to do” lists and I can also get down on myself for not looking as thin & fit as I want to. Then one day I looked around me (in public for a few hours) and saw that there was no one that was in as good of physical shape as me. I decided then that I needed to still work on my goals, but not to beat myself up any more.

  23. mirrors are now my friend—i used to hate mirrors–i was in denial about what i actually looked like–good tip

  24. took it easy today spent time with the family. did go and swim laps with the kids, I am seeing some definition in the mid section. My to do list is going to get bigger come the end of the month when school starts.

  25. I have daily, weekly, mothly and life long to do lists. I am a little overly schedule oriented sometimes…today I will celebrate managing to focus enough to get a report done for work…if I can do it.

  26. Day 19. I agree with the baby steps thing. I only feel accomplished when I make lists too!

  27. oh gosh reading that you just reminded me to pay my phone and i work for the phone company..yikes.thanks! i need to get organized lol

  28. I make lists for everything…..I cant get by without them…..I think when you have a busy life you have to make lists…..I have an exercise and diet list to keep me on schedule…..gotta love it!!!

  29. Hi Michelle,thanks for the tip and the updates what contest are you getting those new suits for??
    As far as mirrors go, i have’nt had any since i moved out of my college house..i had mirrors on the closet,wall and …celing! ha ha damn i loved that room!

  30. Couldn’t live without my to do list, but you are so right to celebrate the things you have accomplished.

  31. Just updating on my progress…:) The workouts are going great. I LOVE the pump!! The diet…well yesterday was a terrible cheat day. I am on the monthly and instead of indulging a little to beat the cravings that come with it, I kept saying “no” well that caught up with me yesterday and I said “yes” to everything in sight ;)…I wanted to beat myself up but I figured oh well it happens.. and I am back on track today πŸ™‚ Thanks for the daily tidbits, they are great!

  32. Oh and I would function alot better if I actually made lists instead of relying on my overloaded memory! I will have to try being better about that, and also to celebrate the accomplishments!

  33. I’m a list maker as well, only way I stay organized. Had a little carb binge last night, I need to balance my diet better so that does happen again…

  34. mirrorS ARE great, just so you use them to watch your form, and not keep admiring yourself,, i hate whem people stare at themselves..

  35. mirrorS ARE great, just so you use them to watch your form, and not keep admiring yourself,, i hate whem people stare at themselves..

  36. I guess I don’t understand how this works! I was trying to be sure I had posted every day, and I know I have, but sometimes I can’t find my name in the list of posts for that day!

  37. I am seriously off track right now. Need to sit down tonight and outline some goals for this week, that take into account all the negatives that have happened in the last two weeks and make them positive. 1. After 4 near death experiences in 14 days, I am still alive! 2….

  38. No work out today… had to take my 13 month old son to the ER. So, unless the increased heart rate from adrenaline counts, I didn’t get my cardio in for the day!

  39. It is a hard thing to do! It seems to way easier to see ALL the things I haven’t done and accomplished vs what I have done. I will try to change that and be happy for the goals I have done with my body and my workouts. My legs are still super sore from my leg workout on sunday:)

  40. I would like to have a mirror in my home gym. Right now I just look at my reflection in the gun cabinet door….hey it works!

  41. I’m getting myself organized as well. It feels good to have things completed and see over the mountain. Keep pumping!

  42. Mirrors really help keep my form in check. I remember thinking when I would go to the gym why does everyone look in the mirror. Now I know. πŸ™‚

  43. The mirrors at my office building in the elevator are very telling…they show you from the side which was probably the first time I realized just how far out my tummy was sticking out after I had my son. My goal is to walk by those mirrors and actually like how I look from the side.

    When I have a bigger house I am going to get one of those 3-way mirrors like they have at the store. They tell you the truth from every angle!!!

    I have my gym bag and I am looking forward to a great workout at lunch.

  44. Thanks for the to-do list. I’m going to go make mine now and be successful today! On my 6th day of buffing and I can wear a pair of pants I haven’t been able to fit in for a month!!! Yea! Now going to throw out the candy corn from my Halloween decoration because I just had about 10 pieces — aaaugh!

  45. Great Ideas! I will have to make my lists. πŸ™‚

    My workout room has a large mirror also so there is no getting away from it. LOL. Hopefully within the next couple months I won’t dread looking into it. I feel fine until I take my sweat shirt off and only have my sports bra on. ugh. Not very firm!


  46. I just did intervals and abs and my c-section scar is a little sore afterwards. Nothing excruciating, but I do notice some pain. Is this normal? I guess I should just take some advil? In your book you mentioned this was pretty normal for c-section moms and I need to just work through it.

  47. very normal…mine was sore for over 2 years. It’s the scar tissue breaking up and the muscles trying to rebuild. No need to take advil unless you are in horrible pain…
    Do you have my book after baby abs..I talk about this in there.

  48. I tend to do that too…I love a sense of accomplishment…one of my best motivators…but I do tend to look at all the crap I have left! I will do better! πŸ™‚
    And on the mirrors…we have a TON in our house…instant motivation!!! PEek everytime you walk…maybe it sounds a bit neurotic but I would like to call it motivation!

  49. not neurotic, just vain…LOL…I am totally kidding. It’s motivation and accountability~ both of which keep you in check and focused!

  50. Well. I haven’t been liking mirrors lately but that is slowly changing (as I slowly get my body back!) LOL. They will be my friends again I guarentee.


  51. Mirrors-great idea Michelle!!!
    I am a chronic list person so I can relate to your post here. I too usually focus on what DIDN’T get done versus what did-it’s the pessimist in me, but I’m working on that:)

  52. Day 19!

    Today is my day off. I have a meeting this afternoon and I am not going to work out then sit there till I get stiff. It has been a great week!

  53. Looking forward to a day of rest today. I have gotten in 3 awesome work outs since Saturday and my whole body aches…LOL!

  54. did legs this morning, now off to the Y to swim my 40 laps – 20 interval, 10 pull buoy, 5 kickboard hard, 5 easy crawl. Taking the kids so they can splash around with hubby while I work out. It’s gonna be a great day!

  55. would your hormonal timing supplements help with some pretty low mood swings (probably linked to PMS, but am not sure)? they suck the life out of me and i just can’t seem to get past it, then i wind up not doing much of anything. please help!

  56. Yes the do help! that’s the whole reason for them…to help even out your hormones and keep you steady in your mood and consistent in your fitness effort.
    here’s a link to more info….

    YOU do want to read my book “hormonal timing” for supporting info on HOW and WHY the HT PILLS work.

  57. DON’T KNOW HOW I MISSED THIS ONE!!! I have a mirror in my bathroom opposite the sink mirror and look in it every day!!! Motivates me, LOL.

  58. I am the same I have a list and never seem to get through it i work on it daily but I do get the workouts done I put that on the list first daily!!!

  59. workouts have become 1 on my list. i get them done in the morning or at least have a specific time for them during the day. mirrors are great to see your muscles pop too! awesome feeling to finally those muscles that have been hidden!

  60. Great goal to focus on what you have accomplished. I also tend to focus on what I haven’t managed to get done…

  61. I totally agree about having mirrors everywhere! I have three in my bedroom and it’s so much fun to “watch” the progress I’m making. I’ve started making a point of standing in front of the mirror and saying “WOW! Girl, you are one hot chic!”

    I also know that having a mirror at the barn (in the arena) while I ride has helped me tremendously in correcting my form and getting a much more efficient workout from my ride.

    Now off to bed so I can get up and head to the gym in the morning!

  62. My workouts are the # 1 on my list. i get them done in the morning between & I love looking in the mirrors to see the muscle definition that I’m forming.

  63. I needed this inspiration today and I didn’t do much yesterday towards my body. I have cut way down on sugar and that’s a huge accomplishment!

  64. My motivation is silly but it involves a mirror! I love to dance in front of the mirror.. I have been doing this since I was in middle school and I still do it. My bf thinks I am silly bc I lock the door, I don’t want anyone seeing me bust a move but I love it! Oh by the way I have cleaned my diet and I have done great thus far!

  65. Mirrors are wonderful! I also take pictures of myself periodically because I have the old mindset of still being fat! It really helps to see myself in pictures!

  66. Mirrors are awesome! We have a gym downstairs and we put mirrors up on one wall. Helps tons to maintain proper posture, and when you see muscles popping it’s a reward in itself!! A motivator πŸ™‚ Plus it helps to make a small room look big! haha!

  67. Love mirrors. have them in my exercise room downstairs and always at the gym. I love lipstick and always checking my lips and hair in my car. LOL

  68. When I reach a goal I don’t take the time to celebrate. Instead, I instantly set a new goal and get back to work. Thanks for the reminder to acknowledge the accomplishment.

  69. So true! I very often focus on the ‘to do’ list instead of acknowledging the ‘completed’ list. Thanks for the reminder!

  70. I would love tohave more mirrors in the house. They would not only be reminders of my posture but they would also lighten up the house and make the house brighter and more cheerful.

  71. Thank you for the reminder to recognize my strengths and praise myself. I am feeling a bit frustrated; as I was getting used to a new schedule this week, my workouts suffered. ~ I am using this weekend to plan ahead and be ready for next week.

  72. Today is Thursday for me and I took the book litterally-I am boosting So I made today an active off day- Shopping and cleaning the house looks great, hubby happy and my son and i had a blast buying craft stuff for our Christmas party!! It was a great day!!!

  73. I am too scared to put extra mirrors up! Deep breath girl… Where do you get your suits from Michelle?

  74. Great reminder Michelle! I will look at what I have done vs what I haven’t done πŸ™‚

    The days are flying by! Still going strong!

  75. Today is Saturday and I am spending time with my mom and going to my 2 year old nephews birthday party where I plan to avoid the cake. Taking water and a baggy with protein powder in case I am really tempted!

  76. good for you to find a supp that helps….just be careful to use it in moderation so you don’t bonk!

  77. My husband always laughs at me when i bring my full length mirror into the living room for my workouts but it helps so much to make sure i’m doing things right such as my squats it’s an easier way to make sure my knees don’t go over my toes!

  78. Mirrors, YES. I’m starting to love them. Since I’ve started seeing some definition I stop and flex everytime I pass a mirror, LOL!!! Lovin it!!!

  79. Hmm, I am liking thinking of my list of things I HAVE done this week! It has been very busy but in a good way. Life is full of blessings! Now to knock out some grocery shopping. Look-out veggies, here I come! LOL!

  80. Focus on the positive and leave the rest behind ! Just keep pushing toward the mark. πŸ™‚

  81. Wise words πŸ™‚ I do the exact same thing. Again you’ve inspired me Michelle. Thank you! I am going to try not to focus so much on what needs to be done and more on what has been accomplished, and feel joy for that.

    Today, is an in between day. Doing a Bikram Yoga class and then going for a swim/sauna πŸ™‚

  82. I have an extra room with a big mirror and I been thinking about getting it ready as my exercise room πŸ™‚

  83. Great advice. I need help focusing on what I do and not on what I don’t do. I can get lost in all the stuff needing to be done and miss the progress I am making. thanks

  84. Am I not getting the 40 day to fit emails any longer because I did not reponde for 3 days while I was on vacation and not near a computer??? I’m kinda bummed I’m still sticking to the plan! Can anyone explain?

  85. this is great. sometimes the actual to do list might not get done, but plenty of ‘stuff’ does get done and I should celebrate it as I chip away at the written list πŸ™‚

  86. I took a break from “to do lists” for about a year- I was way to overwhelmed by them. Now I’ve been using them again for the past 3 months and I’m keeping them SHORT 3-5 items for the day- it seems to help.

  87. At the end of the day- I end up with 2 list- my crossed off “to do” and my things I did list- the things I did is almost always longer– it feels great!!

  88. you should still get them?? go ahead and resign up- something on my email system must have gotten messed up.

  89. I am most inspired by a completed to do list…. It gives me great confidence to say I did them all but realize that daily it may be impossible. So, I make one for the entire week.. So, I am ok with rollovers.. i catagorize the have to’s and the want to’s. Each day I try to do a few from each list… My workouts are on both lists πŸ™‚ to keep me on track and focused on that major accomplishment. I also realize that day to day there are add ons that may come up…I dont beat myself up if they dont all get completed… I have learned that its too easy to get frozen with a feeling of being overwhelmed. So, you are right.. completed task are to be celebrated and unfinished ones should not take the wind out of your sail.

  90. i LOVE making lists of things to do- problem is I forget there is only so much time in one day and I try to accomplish everything putting myself and my own challenges aside for others. By biggest challenge this year is learning to prioritize other peoples wants and needs below my own. I obviously need to work on myself.

  91. I HAVE to have lists to make sure I do what needs to be done, but I hate putting my hubby and doggies on the list as I don’t want to feel as if they are on my To Do list. If they aren’t though, its hard for me to make sure I take the time to spend with them. So, I try and make sure I stop doing my list by a certain time and then devote the rest of the day/evening to them and don’t forget about ME!

  92. I’m the same way focusing on everything I didn’t get done today rather then looking at everything I did! Great advice!!

  93. I use to do that … Once a week post all the things I was thankful for or things I accomplished on Facebook.

  94. ThatΒ΄s so sensible!! IΒ΄m horrible at setting goals, even small ones… IΒ΄ll try to celebrate them more. First I have to achieve them!

  95. Oh yeah – on track with holiday stuff! Trying to get a lot done before it comes but a little at a time.

  96. I look in the mirror every morning to see what my body looks like. I can see what I need to work on and the changes that have been made. Im so happy for these daily articles and postings. This really keeps me focused on my goals and accomplishments big or small. Thanks Michelle!! And thanks to everyone for sharing.

  97. D19- I wasn’t looking at the mirrors at all during work outs because I haven’t wanted to face myself… I started looking last week, it is helping.. And, it tells the truth!

  98. I am behind on workouts this week, but concentrating on the food has really been beneficial to me. Next week it will be putting it all together and then I’m on my way.

  99. For the longest time I avoided mirrors because of my body. I’m just now getting use to looking in them again.

  100. So I might of failed the challenge but no worries I get down on myself too much sometimes..time to dust myself off and try again tired rn ..gotta get up early like at five ..gunna take advantage of the situation to get a couple workouts in..

  101. We moved this November, but still have a ton of our stuff at the old house, including a ton of mirrors!! I miss them!!

  102. I’m learning how to celebrate the small things (pounds) and not focus on how far I have to go.

  103. Today I feel good again. After a weekend of feeling bad, it’s nice to feel happy & in control again. I’ve made a small step back on my diet again today & I already feel the benefit. Tomorrow I shall do the same, & the next day, & the next day until I reach my personal goal. One step at a time.
    Today my baby got her first 2 baby teeth…….! A small accomplishment that has caused her so much pain. Love you Ellie & your little baby teeth xx

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