Well I have fallen in love with asparagus.YUMMMMMMY!

They have GREAT VALUE frozen asparagus at wal-mart in a ready to microwave container. The entire container is only 100 calories half protein(12g)!! and half carbs(12g)!




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  1. Asparagus is some good stuff, I agree. Sometime try roasting it with a tiny bit of sesame oil, some salt and black pepper. Holy cow is it good.

    The new web site looks great. Of course, I didn’t look at the whole thing, but all the flash animation or whatever is neat. One of these days I’ll have to get buff myself.

    Always live for God, little sis. It’s all that really matters. (I tell myself the same thing too.)



  2. I know when I am training for a show, I eat alot of asparagus and I eat the Wally World brand, just like you mentioned. It is so good and not mushy like in a can or too crisp like when you cook it yourself. Glad you found it!

    Oh and did you know that asparagus has something in it that also helps you release excess water you may be holding? I thought that was pretty cool..

  3. I love asparagus just steamed and drizzle lightly olive oil( I mean really lightly drizzle!) and it’s just yummy, I also like it in salads and soups(clear broth kind).

  4. My favorite is Asparagus, zucchini and summer squash… put them all in a baking pan.. drizzle just a little olive oil (a little goes a long way, as the squash will get juicy) and then seasoning.. I use spike… Bake 350 for around 30 minutes.. or even better.. wrap up in tin foil and throw on the grill.. yummy.. πŸ™‚

  5. I eat asparagus about 3 dayss a week,I buy the fresh,then take a little oil drizle and lemon pepper and throw in the micro for about 4 5 mins and yummy….

  6. Michelle, your challenge is really motivating me. I haven’t worked out this consistantly in a very long time. Now I’m on Day 11! Today I’m gonna do a Lower Body workout. I’m gonna try some of these ideas for asparagus, too! The other day, I put a whole bag of spinach in my steamer, and it cooked down to a serving. I just added a little butter, and a little salt, and it was so good!

  7. I love asparagus, I just hate how your pee looks and smells after eating it, like alien pee.

  8. Wonderful tip! I love ideas to change things up. I added ankle weights to my cardio today…BIG difference, uhggg…but great!

  9. I love asparagus too, but lately I’ve been experimenting with other foods as well such as zucchini, different varieties of squash, spinach… Fruits and veggies are gooooood!

  10. a veggie staple for me! I’m not the best veggie lover, so I stick with my fav’s…..ASPARAGUS, Red Pepper, Spinach, Green Beens, zuchini! I skip the broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts! lol

  11. I love Roasted Asparagus from the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook!! Got my mother-in-law making it all the time now too and she wraps the stems with a bruschette type of ham. YUMMY and good for us too! πŸ™‚

  12. How do I put a picture on here! πŸ˜€ In reference to t.v. – I love doing abs during the 3 – 5 min. commercial breaks. Ooo! Also holding the plank during a commercial or two (60 seconds total) is a great work out while you are waiting for your show!!! Keep the great work ladies! Shoulder day! Bring it on!

  13. I will have to try it…I have not been a fan of it in the past, but maybe I will like it with some of these great ways to prepare it!

  14. The best way to cook fresh asparagus is sprinkle a little olive oil on then season with some salt and pepper and grill YUMMMY!!

  15. I wish I liked veggies more…lol. Asparagus is great given the natural diuretic properties too!

  16. Day 11 check in – I LOVE asparagus as well. It’s a new veggie that I just started eating that I really like. I like it steamed!

  17. I love asparagus and I will look for it at Walmart. My Walmart is 25 miles away, so I don’t go too often.

  18. I havent had aspagus in a long time. I will definitely try some soon. Today was a rest day since I was still sore from yesterdays crossfit. Tomorrow I hit it hard.

  19. cool idea about your pics~ that’ll keep you motivated for sure! I try to take a good set at least every 6 weeks.

  20. In Our rally room we have a ton of recipes~ lots of great ideas in there. It’s okay to eat other meats…what about some steak? or cook up a whole turkey? Turkey is so much different than chicken~ much better!! I also eat salmon, pork tenderloin, tuna, talapia, boca burgers, eggs…even brats some times πŸ™‚

  21. that’s kinda funny because I probably have about 10 wal-marts within a 25 mi radius. Bentonville is HOME of Wal-Mart πŸ™‚

  22. well you are so sweet!! I agree GOD is working through us all~ and I am glad you are on the journey with me!!

  23. LOL!! lots of commercials these days~ I have a DVR now and I can’t hardly watch shows “live” anymore. I love fast forwarding through the commercials πŸ™‚
    Way to go on working your abs!!!

  24. Microwaves are actually very good for cooking veggies~ much more nutrients are lost from boiling veggies in water.
    BUT Steaming is GREAT!! I am too lazy to steam~ I just microwave mine πŸ™‚

  25. Hey!! I posted how to do it in my blog the other day~ I think it was on my day 2..40 Days to Fit! ~ Day 2

  26. Love asparagus too but don’t buy it alot due to cost so I’ll have to look for that brand. Good idea about exercising during tv. I don’t have anything to use here at home & wish I did but sometimes I do crunches or things like that.
    Thanks for the post. Have a great day!!

  27. Love asparagus as well… I steam or bake it with a little lemon. It is a little $$$. I also tried to grow it in my garden, but that did not work:(

  28. Love asparagus and tilapia…need to purchase stock in the two. I like the gym I attend because the treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes have individual tv’s attached. Keeps you focused and makes the time go by.

  29. TV, whats that? Oh its that thing the kids get to watch with the moving men inside…Got no time for TV. πŸ™‚

  30. Great workout this morning! Looking forward to couple days off from work and 2 days off from gym. Hit it hard next week. Canoeing and running this weekend maybe!

  31. Best meal I ever had was fresh scallops and fresh asparagus – steamed – at Davio’s in Philadelphia. Absolutely heavenly!

  32. Sounds yummy. I have concerns about putting food in the microwave though since I have heard recently that it “kills” the nutrients. So I choose steaming veggies now, but it is a little less convenient. On hectic days, fitting in some ab work during breaks is a great idea!

  33. I love asparagus! Did my hill workout last night, 3 miles total. I agree with working out during commercials. I did crunches during commercials a few nights ago. I never realized how long commercial breaks were! I am sore!

  34. We love to grill asparagus. Spritz a little olive oil and coarse salt on it and just put right on the grill. It is fabulous.
    Thank you all and Michelle for all your encouraging words. The past two days have been rough for me and I was really frustrated with this process. Having you along side me in this journey is a blessing. Michelle, God is working through you sister.

  35. Michelle,

    Is it possible to post additional ideas for meals. I am so tired of chicken and turkey. I am having difficulty finding variety. Thank you. I will try the asparagus…just not with chicken.

  36. Asparagus is one of the best veggies for you. I buy it fresh when the prices are low. Grill with olive oil and a little pepper. Yummy. The weather this week has been insanely hot! And we don’t have AC. It’s been difficult to exercise this week. Thankfully it will be a little cooler today – mid 80’s. This past Wednesday it was 103. Crazy.

  37. I stink at cooking asparagus. I love it when other people do it. I’ll have to try the steamers, maybe I’ll have better luck.

  38. Ok, ok, I don’t like asparagus that much but I’ll try and get some going on the grill this weekend for me and my hubby. My shoulder/back day. I took picts and measurements yesterday. I’m going to do that on Day 10, 20, 30 and 40.

  39. we are able to get fresh asparagus here in the spring for $0.89/# and I buy 25# and freeze it. we use it in stir-fries.

  40. Asparagus is wonderful…a staple in my home:) I love to roast fresh asparagus in the the oven with some shallots, lemon zest & a squeeze of lemon:) Delicious:) Received your book in the mail yesterday….. diving into it today!!!

  41. Yum! Always a fave! I’d love to have an asparagus garden, but I’m impatient. Takes 4-5 years to see the results…hey, there could be a lesson here in our goals for working out!

  42. Thanks for all the awesome asparagus tips from everyone. I love veggies but tend to think of them as a hassel to make. The idea of yummy asparagus in ready to microwave container is right up my alley no excuses now huh?! Looks like I will be making a trip to Wally World this weekend.

  43. I love asparagus along with lots of other vegs. I did 52 miles in 3.5 hours on my Bicycle this morning. I’ve lost a couple of pounds and I’m down a dress size YEA!

  44. I find that just putting my running shoes on–gets me motivated to workout—i love doing abs moves during tv.–good point

  45. BA~ do you watch the A-team…Mr. T is BA on that show~ LOL~ Are you saying you didn’t like your contest prep diet~ HEEHHEEE!

  46. I love asparagus! I usually steam or saute it with evoo, garlic and red pepper. Love the idea of getting extra abs in during commericals:) Thanks!

  47. Thank you I will join. By the way…..I did it! I drank a gallon of water today. My kids were so proud of me.

  48. MMMM. Love asparagus! We grill the asparagus. Here’s a tip for those of you who don’t like asparagus crunchy. Peel the outer layer with a vegetable peeler. If the thick end is really thick, slice it right up the middle. We then shake it up in a zip lock baggie with a little salt, pepper, evoo and minced garlic and grill it. It’s great! I may be doing core synergistics today, possibly. Very tired today!

  49. I love fresh asparagus. My favorite discovery was that I could put fresh raw asparagus in a plastic container with a piece of chicken for work and when I microve it with the lid on it steams the asparagus perfectly and it is sooo good.

  50. Good tip. I think I will start do that especially on the days, I did not get my workout in. I have tried Wal-mart’s asparagus and they are good.

  51. I love veggies, but not fruit. Need to develop a taste for fruit. Never liked apples until I found Fugi apples. Great texture and taste, though perhaps too sweet for those that like tartness.
    On track today with physical activity. Just worked in the garden for 1&1/2 hours and feel relaxed. Later I will work out.

  52. I have got to get more veggies in my food plan. Thanks for the tip. I just need to go back to day one and “Do It”

  53. Went Grocery Shopping this morning and bought lots of good stuff…. Have a family reunion today and am trying to build up my willpower to avoid all the tasty treats I know will be there…

  54. I love veggies! I was raised to try a bite of something new and if i didn’t like it then I didn’t have to try it again. but usually after I Tried it I liked it. I try that with my kids but it doesn’t always work out. my husband is not a good veggie eater, so they have a tendency to look at his point of veiw. but every now and then I get one in.

  55. Love it in everything…..Egg white and asparagus omelet……..Yumm!!!….I even make breakfast “muffins” with asparagus, spinach, pureed northern beans, LF cheese, salsa and egg whites……High protein GREAT TASTE!!

    ……..makes your pee smell though…..=0)

  56. Hey, ive tried riding my bike while watching tv,, and i kinda slacked off, so maybe ill start again,, thanks….. and aspaagus,,, not my favorite,, it has to be just right or yuk>>>

  57. I am finding new foods to eat and I did find this one but I have to have it cooked just right or I can’t eat it.

  58. I love working out in front of the tv. It makes it seem like you’re done in no time!

    No wonder you all like asparagus… it’s a natural aphrodisiac (sp?)! Good stuff!

  59. I have a thing with asparagus, I don’t eat it because it makes my pee smell! lol, I used to always love eating it until it came up as dinner conversation one night. I realized that it did affect me and now I am turned off of it. However, I didn’t know the benefits of asparagus and now i’m going to start eating it again…

    5 pounds down! Was in a car accident Friday, hopefully it wont stall my goals…

  60. I love Asparagus! I totally agree with the pee, but it you drink lot of water it helps with the smell.LOL!

    Got your books yesterday, I love them!! Thanks for everything, the site, the inspiring emails, and the books. You’re super!!

  61. day 11 check in. i am actually working as i type this (i got here at 5:45 am!! but i will be leaving by 2). then i’m off to see my friend in her first ever figure competition! i am so excited and proud of her. she had to eat 10 (!) cups of asparagus the other day as part of her diet. i love the stuff but that is A LOT.
    dinner with grandma this evening, so we’ll see if i can fit in some exercise. subbed biceps/triceps for legs yesterday. all is well on my end, i’m seeing small changes and looking forward to eating my veggies.

  62. I just tried Grilled Asparagus this spring. I absolutely LOVE it!!!! I instatntly lost 150 lbs when I got rid of the jerk that I was dating that introduced me to my love for apparagus:)

  63. i need to try to make it that way, typically if I cook it in the oven I don’t broil it, I just bake it for about 30 mins @350

  64. I love asparagus also. I love to broil them with a little salt…YUMMY! That with broiled fish is soooo good!

    Ran on treadmill 30 min-6.2 mph/lifted 30 min-shoulders…started Robert Kennedy’s giant set shoulder workout today in Septembers Oxygen issue. Interesting…I have not done giant sets before.

  65. LOL! Me too! I ate asparagus with tuna almonds and sweet n sour sauce on top last night for dinner πŸ™‚ YUM!

  66. I always have something better to do than watch television. I spend that time reading about fitness, cooking, and finding new receipes. I even have one for roasted asparagus with parmesan cheese if anyone is interested.

  67. I love asparagus…and I saw someone post that its an aprodisiac?? Why is this not a staple in my diet!? LOL! I’m on it, pronto! Thanks for the tip! πŸ™‚

  68. I love aspargus. I grill it out and its hard to stop eating it. It is really yummy. Still tired today so just resting and then will hit hard on Tuesday. My body is just telling me something I guess.

  69. I need to add asparagus to my diet…..I love vegetables. It is the sweets that call my name and get me in trouble but lately I have not had the sweet cravings like I used too. I have been drinking my protein shakes and drinking lots of water. My appetite has even decreased……sometimes I have to remind myself to eat. That is a good thing! I am feeling like I am more aware of my eating habits and really think about what I am putting in my mouth.

  70. I need to get a cardio machine, but our house is so tiny I think my husband would kill me because we don’t have the room. ihave been doing my cardio at the gym.

    Does anyone know if they make an elliptical that you could collapse and move out of the way when you needed to? I might be able to talk him into that.

  71. I think they do make ellipticals like that….I am in the same situation with NO SPACE in my house. I want a treadmill so badly, but I have no where to put it except for in the garage.

  72. Roasting it is my fave way to make it — just a squirt of Pam and a little salt, plus it’s quick! Yum!

  73. My favorite veggie!!!! My fondest memory of asparagus is of a meal at Davios in Philadelphia. I had the best ever scallops and steamed asparagus – what a meal! simply prepared but super fresh and flavorful! Mmm nothing like it in the world. So when I travel to Philly that’s where I always dine – Davios and I always order the same food: scallops and steamed asparagus – and it is always as good as I remember it! LOL!

  74. funny you posted this today Michelle. I have been buying fresh asparagus and using the recipe Roasted Asparagus from the Eat Clean Cookbook-yummy!!!

  75. I LOVE asparagus (and so do my kids!)
    I also LOVE gardening so I planted a large patch of it last year. (hopefully this coming year I can actually harvest it) it was hard to not harvest it this year but I am excited for next. Yummy Home grown asparagus

    (gardening is my second hobby -besides working out) works out well though because I know my stuff don’t have any pesticides on it. πŸ™‚


  76. It’s so fun to hear your excitement…i remember that feeling~ it was very humbling but exciting!

  77. I was finally able to do some ab work for the first time since my c-section….crying tears of joy at the gym!!! I started jogging on my lunch break today….just got back, man it feels good!

  78. So today was very productive. I am totally getting the hang of portion control and eating healthy. I did body pump and I went for a short run this evening. I am very pleased with the progress I have made!!!

  79. Yum! Asparagus is loaded with vitamins and minerals and has detoxifying and diuretic effects. It’s even good cut up in salads! Great reminder about exercising during commercials! I use to do it (my kids would too), but, stopped for some reason. We would do push ups and abs. Don’t watch much TV now, but when I do I’m gonna start doing abs again! Thanks!!!

  80. Great tip about doing something, anything during commercials. Asparagus is one of my fav vegis and I alternate between that and broccoli as my nightly vegi side.

  81. Got up early this morning, did cardio and legs. Yeah! I’m so proud of myself. I have gotten up early every day to exercise. It’s nice having it done, that decreases the chance that some reason will come up as the day goes on to not do it. Down 8.5 lbs, my jeans are getting looser!

  82. I laugh at them because they think it easy and can do a million of them, until they actually do it! We also crank the music a lot and dance around!

  83. you should be proud!! 8.5 pounds is GREAT!! way to go~ you need to send your success story in so I can feature you!!

  84. Well , I guess I am one of the only ones who doesn’t like Asparagus. I guess it’s from over indulging in it as a kid…at harvesting time. Well anyway for all of you who do enjoy it have a serving for me! πŸ™‚
    Happy lifting ladies

  85. Asparagus is my all te favorite veggie!! I could have it all the time. Cucumbers and tomatoes are a close second.

  86. Luv the frozen aspargras stir fry mix from WalMart also! Used your recipe for 1c. microwaved, 1pkg flavored tuna, and handful of raw cashews mixed together. Filling and Yummy!

  87. I have never tried asparagus but I do have a bag in the freezer.. Thanx for the information.. Will pull it out today and try it.

  88. I’ve heard that from a lot of people lately- to put spinach in protein shakes…I may need to try that sometime soon. I just need to get up my guts!

  89. I love asparagus in my morning spinach smoothie with strawberries, blueberries and banana. Yummy!!

  90. I live in Yakima, WA and I can get fresh asparagus for .99 per pound! I love to grill it! So yummy! My 4 year old twins fight over who get to eat it.

  91. I just recieved your after baby abs book. I was reading it and I noticed where you mention sixpackstrap so I went to the website. The page came up and said the website doesn’t work. Did they go out of buisness? Is there some where else to get one?

  92. we had a typo in the book for that site…then we decided to hold of on the strap production for a bit. I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress πŸ™‚

  93. Love asparagus. Eating brussel sprouts too. I love any kind of veggie. Im lucky.

  94. Day 11 (hope I’m posting in the right spots). Great day on the diet and exercise. Joined an online calorie counter today to make sure my diet is good and keep my calories in line. Hoping it makes me more motivated.

  95. Posting anywhere counts in my book!! Way to go Andrea!! You have been super consistent~ that is the KEY!!

  96. Asparagus -I’m going to have to try the frozen version. I try to get organic veggies when I can.

  97. I like asparagus. It is one of the few veggies my kids don’t like. Still make it for my husband and myself, the kids get a different veggie!

  98. I love fresh asparagus ~ it grows wild around here in the springtime! ~ Well, I am in my boosting phase, and yesterday was difficult. It feels like today is going to be better. I did some fasting cardio this morning and am going to work my arms this evening. I keep telling myself, “Be Relentless!” Thanks, Michelle (-:

  99. Asparagus has been found to be a #1 cancer fighter
    I love it!!!

    Here is Greens!!!!
    Yum YUM

  100. I LOVE Asparagus we eat them at Least 3 times a weeks..!! Today was core, Yoga and cardio this morning..!! This evening Hike through Mother Nature. Awesome I feel GREAT..!! I am Lovin’ This Thank you, BuffMother πŸ™‚

  101. Michelle,

    Checking in on Day 10. My family and I love asparagus. It’s one of the veggies we can all agree on. Still recovering from an upper respiratory infection; trying to come up with some exercises I can do that won’t aggravate my breathing. Hope to be well enough to participate in a 5K this Sunday 9/12.


  102. I love asparagus! Great diuretic too.
    45 min TM, incline walking and running intervals, shoulder workout
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  103. I have my bike set in the living room and i have my weights in there as well, i can do squats while watching tv πŸ™‚

  104. Yes!! I love working out in from of the TV during commercial breaks. I use to do situps or pushups during every break. Now that I’m a Buffmother in the making, I’m going to continue during the show too with DBs. I’m really working my arms extra hard. My bis don’t seem to want to grow right now πŸ™

    I never knew asparagus had protein. That is GREAT news. I’ll be eating more of it now. SWEEET!!!

  105. I just ate some for dinner tonight. Sautee’d in a few sprays of olive oil with pepper – YUMMO! That is amazing that it has that much protein – love it!

  106. Awesome! I have always LOVED asparagus, but had no idea it was half protein! I’m the only one in my household who does though. Now I have even more reason to push it on them haha πŸ˜€

  107. I just tried asparagus a few weeks ago and is good stuff. I will eat asparagus more often now that are so good for you. Thank you for sharing!!

  108. Well Im commenting a day late. But here I am. I love Asparagus I buy the great value stir fry veggies with it in it. Yesterday I went to my sons school field trip. It was called Wagons Ho and was about the Oregon Trail. It incorporated Idaho History into it. I figure its a good excuse for missing but thought I would work out when we got home. We got home at 4:20 and it set in. I have a cold. I was done under blankets with the chills and body aches. Darn I may just extend my 40 days.

  109. asparagus roasted with olive oil and sea salt is my favorite way! or grilled

    DH and I went for a 3 mile walk last night

  110. I’ve never been big on asparagus but I will be trying it again! Working out in front of the tv is something I do on the days I don’t use the DVDs. Today is Wednesday so I did fasted Intervals this morning and I will be doing my “7 In 7” AB workout tonight….in front of the TV!!! πŸ˜‰

  111. Discouraged. Not seeing much results. Guess I need to work harder. Just gonna focus in that belief

  112. funny asparagus story: about 4 years at Easter I made asparagus. My youngest son told me that he would throw up if he ate it. I told him to eat one stalk, which he did while theatrically gagging). 3 days later he came down w/ a stomach bug. After throwing up all over, he looked at me and said, “See, I told you I would throw up if I ate asparagus.” he does really not like asparagus, when i fix it, he eats a salad or broccoli (substitute has to be of a green)… kids!

  113. We love asparagus. Husband came home from London and told me to fix it with goat cheese as this is how they fixed it while he was away on business. So I steam the asparagus and then we dip it in a little bit of goat cheese (on the side) for something different.

  114. I don’t eat asparagus, but I have tried it and I do like the taste. So today will be an asparagus day. I told myself that no matter what your “tip for the day” is and your article is about that, that is what I will do fo the day. So workout during tv time and eating asparagus for dinner for me πŸ™‚

  115. I love asparagus – especially on the George Foreman grill – I marinate it in aminos, olive oil and garlic then grill it for three minutes or so – yummy!!

  116. Your ankle will get better…I’ve had several BAD ones in my day and one took over a year to feel normal again- be sure to do some rehab stuff, calf strengthening and stretching.
    Massages help too!

  117. Im an asparagus lover!! But Im one of those that is doesn’t agree with. Not disclosing to much info but it makes my urine smell. No good πŸ™ but I eat it anyway. lol!! Today workout was cardio, biceps and abs. Feeling curvaceous!!

  118. I love asparagus, hubby and daughter not so much, will check it out this week~ D10 going to a boot camp workout after work today.. Going to skip the hi/low class at lunch and lift weights.

  119. YEsterday did zumba then RIPPED Class. Today teaching Nia for kids..and may try to run..1st time for a few months since I sprained my ankle…its still not the same..will it ever?? Will trap it and try a gentle run!

  120. I love asparagus! It has always been one of my favorite greens. Grilled with a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper, and an olive oil/vinegar blend. Yummy!

  121. Asparagus is a tough vegetable to swallow. But a little seasoning and some butter and lemon juice and it is actually really good.

    one of my favourite asparagus appetizers is ham, asparagus & cream cheese (lite) rolls ups.

  122. Love!! asparagus!!
    great reminder that frozen veggies can be just as healthy and way more economical at times

  123. I have checked all the asparagus I can find and it only has 2 grams of protein, where did you find it?

  124. oh awesome!! I am not a gardener– tried it, suck at it! I like growing TREES– but other than that I don’t do well πŸ™‚ I need to find me some neighbors who are good at it like you’ve got!!

  125. Day 11 – I’m very lucky to live next door to a retired couple who grow all their own fruit & veg…..& guess who gets the surplus??? Yep, I get all sorts. Asparagus, cabbage, green beans, raspberries, tomatoes!!! I’m very lucky.

  126. I love asparagus too, but have to admit, have never tried great value. I will give it a try! I grow my own veggies and can some of them. I love it !

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