I was Attacked!

EEEK! I was attacked and had to use my mace last evening on my run. I was attacked by a dog. Thank God it was just a dog and not a man. BUT-
Always remember saftey first when you are outside walking, biking, running, etc.
Always carry mace. It is light and easy to cary during your outdoor activity and could save your life!

Stay Safe,





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  1. OH MY HECK even the dogs know a hot woman when they see one. LOL

    On a serious note, so glad you are safe and thanks for the reminder about being safe.

    Have a GREAT weekened!

  2. OMGoodness no kidding! Thanks for the reminder! As it start to somewhat cool off here in Texas I am gonna start an early jog and this was a nice reminder of safety. Esp. with the possibility of having a small child with me.

    Glad you are ok and nothing happened to you. Take care! Smiles!

  3. I always carry my cellphone. I tend to bike more then run though so I always have a chance at getting away from whatever may come along. Where I live, I have to worry about bears when I go trail riding. Safety is important. I’m glad you are okay.

  4. Mace is good to have no matter what. Perhaps it would have saved me in the gym a few months back. Safety first, ALWAYS! Always be aware of your surroundings, the nearest exits, whether or not the area you are in is being monitored etc. It could save you.

  5. I love it when I have a few days of staying positive and in focus! Thanks for the boost.
    And uhhhgggg … watch out for yourself…always think safety. Thanks for reminding.

  6. Wow! That is a common occurance here even though there is a stinkin’ leash law! Mace…hmmm….great idea. I always pick up a stick and run right at them and they run away. Atleast they have so far!
    Recumbant bike for me this evening!! I am very sore!

  7. Wow…scary stuff. But it reminds me of a Saturday Night Live episode….”It smells like peppa up in here!”

  8. Just realised that I don’t collect emails/go on computer every day so not sure how my ‘accountability’ is going to work. I am doing my own accountability though. Still with it πŸ™‚

  9. Wow, good to know you are okay. Thank God you were prepared, which reminds me to get some mace myself. Where can you buy?

  10. I needed a reminder to smile.. smiling in the face of adversity (whether it be a workout, a bad time in your life, some person who wants to bring you down) often does so much more to lift your spirits.

  11. scary thing to happen ,glad your ok… i live in an area where there are dogs on every corner but they’re all as small as cats lol…and on leashes!

  12. Great tip. Glad you were ok! Walked for an hour today with my Zune. “Raspberry Beret” by Prince was right at my pace!

  13. Hey, Michelle…I want to add that ever since I joined your challenge, I have not missed a workout day. I know that’s only 5 days, but that’s really a big deal for a procrastinator like me! I’m going out of town tomorrow, but my friend and I checked, and there is a workout room at the hotel, plus we’re taking our swim suits. I’m glad she’s into working out too. Thanks again for the boost!

  14. No I wasn’t but a different time a dog bit my hand when I was out for a run~ that’s why I always run with mace now.

  15. WAY TO GO Beth!!! I love that you are gettin it done and enjoying the accountability!!

  16. any “sportsman” store…like Bass Pro shops, Scheels, etc…Most stores that sell HUNTING stuff carry mace.

  17. Hey no biggie~ as long as it’s working for you!! You can catch up with a few days at a time…Lots of people are not on the computer all the time like me. I am on it toooooooo much!

  18. Yes…I feel for you so much regarding that! Your instance was a great reminder to me to be VERY aware!

  19. I had an “active rest” day today….cleaning, cleaning, cleaning….. I will be ready to hit it hard tomorrow!

  20. glad you’re safe! no gym for me today but i did kick the soccer ball around with my 16 year old cousin and have been watching my eats like a hawk!

  21. Omg girl…be careful!!! Thank goodness you are ok!
    We should also smile at people who complain that you bring your gym bag with you on the floor….it’s not like its huge or anything…come on…I’ve been doing it for 20 years with out a problem now some grumpy lady complains that “she tripped over it’ yet she is no where near me(she can’t lift that heavy) lol…it’s just sad that people have to be so miserable in their lives and try make it that way for everyone else……I want to say something to her but…….mmmmmm
    thanks for listening…..xo

  22. Wow! Glad the mace worked. A friend of mine said a dog trainer told her to yell NO! at the dog as well. It worked the other day when one came towards us and started growling.

    Ran 3.30 miles today for Week 4 Day 2 of my training πŸ˜‰

  23. We were chased by geese while bike riding today – not as bad as a dog, and on a bike I am much quicker than a goose….okay well maybe I shouldn’t compare the two experiences πŸ˜‰
    Glad you are okay…

  24. Another great morning. 45 minutes of hill intervals at the gym this morning. Delts and calves this evening with more cardio. Loving eating clean and listening to my body! Thanks BM! I just gave away my mace (to a friend who was walking home from my place late one night). Dang!

  25. OMG I can’t believe you were attacked by a dog. I am so glad you had your mace and that it wasn’t a man too, it could have been a lot worse. Glad you’re ok. xx

  26. Wow, Day 5 already. I had an awesome workout last night, I added an extra mile on the treadmill to make up for the missed workout the day before … burned an extra 100 calories. I love having my treadmill at home so I don’t have to deal with the outside elements or anything potentially attacking me. Glad you were safe Michelle and was prepared for the situation. Can’t wait to workout tonight … Happy Friday! πŸ™‚

  27. Sorry to hear about your horrible experience this morning. I get attacked by…. leaping frogs and insects πŸ™‚ Definitely not as bad as dogs though, for sure!
    Anyway, day 5 is coming along well. I had a great workout this morning and believe it or not, I actually upped my weights suring chest presses/flyes and was smiling πŸ™‚ So Michelle, I have literally taken your advice to heart. Have a great day everyone.

  28. Wow be careful out there. I never even thought of carrying mace in our sleepy little town. But we do have dogs run out at us all the time (have never attacked) and mace would put them back in their place.

  29. Show off that energy today in your workouts! Friday means extra exuberance for everything you do! When you push it harder in the gym, it is contagious!!! Keep up the great work ladies!!! Thanks Michelle!

  30. Tore up the bleachers today…my first bleacher run as a 40 year old…or should I say a getting fit 40 year old…

  31. Oh, no!!! I always try to carry pepper spray when I run. There are lots of nasty dogs where we live!!!

  32. That is annoying when that happens! Thanks for the tip. I need to do the same. I am going to up the running and water intake for the next 35 days! πŸ™‚

  33. Hey, I’m confused? Are we supposed to comment on the daily email posts or are we supposed to comment on the 40 days to fit posts. This is the blog that I got in my email, but I noticed that there is also a 40 days to fit day 5 post. Which one am I supposed to be following and posting on in order to be in the challenge?

  34. I had an active Friday rest day πŸ™‚ Cleanned the house and tried, unsuccessfully, to fix my garden. I have to get some mace so that doesn’t happen to me.

  35. Michelle, Good thing you had your mace! I know 2 people who were attacked by dogs this summer. I hope you are OK?

  36. Michelle, I am so glad that you are ok! The only problem I have when I go for my run is – cars, SUV’s and other types of four-wheelers. Unfortunately, it’s something we are going to have to deal with in order to keep fit! And I thought that chocolate chip cookie would be trouble!

  37. yes..I cheat almost on a daily basis, lol! I have a β€œtreat” built into my diet. When I am really trying to lean up though I am very strict during buffing but still allow for a couple treats per week. Weekends are hard, but you can still see progress even on the weekends!!

  38. Good thing you had spray… I should do the same! My dog is way too friendly to attack. Going to clean my house today and get some cardio, bi’s and tri’s in
    have a great day everyone!

  39. Wow! Good thing you had mace!

    Another good run and walk today. Headed to the beach with family

  40. I did a five mile walk yesterday and a three mile walk this morning. Thinking of doing a whole body circuit this afternoon.

  41. I used to carry mace, but havn’t felt threatened in a while, so I keep forgetting it. This is a great reminder – thanks!

  42. Glad you are ok and you were prepared with mace. That is an awesome tip. Skipped yesterdays workout which was spent in the ER due to a minor kitchen injury. A few stitches, a Tetanus Shot and I was good to go. Now I will have to creative on how to hold dumbells πŸ™‚

  43. Holy smokes Michelle! I am glad you are safe!! Had a great early wo with shoulder’s and arms and intervals on the step mill. I know when you smile at someone, they feel more welcome to talk with you…..happened at the gym today, and found out that the girl I talked with knew I was going to compete and wanted to know what plan I follow…HT!!!
    Fun to share:)

  44. Glad u r ok. I had a dog go after me once when I was on a bike. Actually it was on a leash and a little boy was holding it was could not control his dog. It was scarey for a few seconds for everyone involved. The dog actually had his teeth on my skin but did not bite. Good advice for everybody!
    Have a great day, I’m going to!!

  45. I had a rest day on Friday. I cleaned the house and went to the movies with my family to see G Force. Today I am going to roller skating with my kids and plan on taking a long walk this evening. I have mace but have never carried it, will start today though.

  46. Well, I am glad you are okay! πŸ™‚ I run or walk with my big labrador so dogs and people seem to stay back. Little do they know she is a whimp! πŸ˜‰

    Been eating very clean and seeing physical results ( abs/arms more defined) but the scale isn’t moving. Any idea when I’ll notice that change? I get frustrated but I won’t give up!

    Have a great day!

  47. Thank God you are okay…I carry dog spray my husband who is a postman keeps me stocked with but have never had to use it. Anyway, as far as smiling during workouts I do enjoy my workouts and have fun because I work out with my best friend and some of our other friends. We work hard but keep it interesting so that we don’t get bored because boredom always leads to some type of excuse as to why we can’t workout today. I am enjoying a clean diet now for 6 days and I can actually tell the difference in the bloated feeling in my stomach. That alone is enough to keep away any temptations. Thanks and good luck to everyone on their goals.

  48. There is one area on my run route where dogs ALWAYS chase me! Takes me about a half a block for my heart rate to come back down to normal.

    Glad you are okay!!!

  49. Wow, I totally understand where you are coming from. We have all kinds of animals here in Colorado you need to watch out for ;o)

  50. Glad you are ok! Didn’t get a chance to post last two days but got workouts in Friday and this morning.

  51. buffmother :yes..I cheat almost on a daily basis, lol! I have a β€œtreat” built into my diet. When I am really trying to lean up though I am very strict during buffing but still allow for a couple treats per week. Weekends are hard, but you can still see progress even on the weekends!!

    Whew! That makes me feel better! I feel like I could ask you a thousand questions… Thank you so much for being such an amazing resource and example!

  52. WOW…that is scary…it is always important to be safe first! Smiling is a wonderful way to brighten anybodies day, even your own! ;o)

  53. So sorry to hear about the attack. Along with the night terrors. Scary. I have hit it hard everyday and plan on doing some upper body but my arms are still sore from Tues. Did interval last night (30 mins-slow but highest incline for interval part). Have a great weekend! Again, thanks so much for doing this and logging so much computer time.

  54. Sorry for your scare Michelle. I am always looking around while I am running, especially at night. You just never know what can happen. Glad to hear that you are alright and I need to get some mace to carry with me as well. Thanks for the reminder. Have a great weekend:)

  55. Glad you are ok! Good reminder that mace is a good idea.

    STill doing good over here. Now to get through the weekend without sabotaging myself.

  56. Glad you are okay Michelle. Today is a better day, I’m back, I worked out with weights using Turbo Sculpt and then worked on Abs usin Ab Jam. I feel so much better. Good healthy meals today, that was planned out. Have a great weekend Michelle and everyone=)

  57. Wow! I don’t know if you heard about what happened here in Boston but a 60-y old woman and her small dog were attacked by a police dog when they were out. Both ended up in the hospital. I would add the importance of carrying your cell phone and making sure that it is charged. You can’t count on other people always being around to help.

  58. Wow — glad you’re ok! Still drinking H2O and on track w/diet. Cold is starting to go away a little bit . . . should be able to work out on Monday.

  59. I am glad that you were prepared and safe. Today, a couple friends and I completed our 2nd half marathon of the summer. I am feeling a little stiff in the hips, but always enjoy the sense of accomplishment that it brings!

  60. Glad that you are safe and returned in one piece. Don’t know what I would do without you.


  61. That’s CRAZY!!! I’m also so relieved that you are okay! Thank you Jesus!!! So I had pizza for dinner last night, and my husband is hooked on “Saturday Morning Pancakes.” I occassionally indulge with him, and this morning I did… But I’m on point, so for sanity sake, I have a good quality cheat once or twice a week! Do you have cheats Michelle? I find that weekends are so much harder for me to stay to a tight diet with the hubby and kids all home all day…

  62. I am so glad you are ok. That happened to me once too. A big German Shephard chased me. Luckily his owner came out and got him before he could bite. I remember feeling his breath on the back of my legs. I need to get some mace. I ran a 5k this morning. It wasn’t my best time but I am coming off an injury so I’m just glad I can run again. There are so many things to be thankful for. Everyone keep up the good work.

  63. Wow! Did the dog actually bite you? Great idea to carry mace. Most dogs are friendly. This one has to be wacko! No workout today…just swimming a bit with the kids, but plan on it tomorrow.

  64. I did my leg workout today. I was extremely tired and hungry after my routine. I had eaten prior to working out. I wonder if I need to adjust my meals. I get tired of eating the same thing. Tomorrow I will do cardio, abs, and upper after church.

  65. Glad you had your mace — my neighbor was attacked by a dog Thursday — it got its whole mouth around his upper leg (he’s 14 and a runner, so small thighs, but still!). I’m going to suggest the mace to him.

    Major hiking today in the Cohutta Wilderness, then swimming in the falls. Lots of activity…

  66. OMG Michelle, the same thin happened to my son and I the other night on my run. Except the dog didn’t attack! He would have if the owner didn’t have that invisible fence!

    Next time I will have the mase just in case!! Hey…that rhymed.

  67. Im glad you were prepared with your dog adventure. I know when I am at the end of my cardio session and the oh how much longer seems to grow and when I smile there is something that happens inside. My attitude has a complete turn around and when people walk by and look at me with my big oh grin. The warm fuzzys just seem to grow

  68. Wow Michelle, that is scary, I’m glad you are alright. Mace is illegal here but bear spray can be found…

    So today was my first REAL day I have now read the books and I am ready to go, it helps too that today is c-day 5 so I was pumped, it was a GREAT way to start the program.

  69. Safety is so important. Carry mace and be aware of things going on around you. Wherever you are. I have also heard not to wear your hair in a pony… gives them a handle. Check into CPL training as well, even if you never carry the information about keeping yourself, your family and your home safe is invaluable.
    Glad you are ok, Michelle!

  70. Mace is illegal here but it’s good you were able to protect yourself. My son has been sick today so not much progress for me today and was difficult to grab healthy food. Hopefully it will turn out to be a 24 hr bug and we will all be back on track tomorrow…poor love!

  71. Very scary! I need to get mace for sure. It is better to have it and not need it and very glad you had it. I also think what you said about smiling during work outs is so true. I work out at home and when I make it fun my kids either join in or watch me and give me my time and encourage me.

  72. It’s my Birthday and I am working out all day…taking the boat out and swimming the day away with friends and family.

  73. I’m glad you are safe. Phew.

    Eats have been great the past few days. Yay for me. πŸ™‚ and new w/o’s are going well. So I’m happy with myself for a change and smiling.

    Have a great day

  74. day 5–i had a cheat day yesterday–it was good to just relax and enjoy myself—i will be doing an extra workout today though..

  75. Ohlordy – I guess I’ll play it safe and hit the gym… I had a dog WANT to attack me while running around the neighborhood the other day, but luckily he had one of those fancyschmancy collars that kept him in place. Eeeeeeek!

  76. Wow. What an incident. Well glad it wasn’t a bad guy, no that you wouldn’t have been able to do a number on him. he he
    Enjoy your sunday. i look forward to planning out my week. It will be challenging. My husband is deploying on Thursday πŸ™

  77. Just got back from long morning/early afternoon at work. Hopefully I find the time to get a work out in. So much to do thisafternoon.

  78. I’m glad that you are ok, glad that it was just a dog. It can still be pretty scary though.
    I am playing catch up the family and I took a last minute work trip up to Hershey PA. Today the family went to HersheyPark, it is there amusement park and water park all in one. We did a tramendous amount of walking up and down hills as well as a lot of standing in lines, but it was a lot of fun. It is hard to eat right when you are in a place like this It’s like going to Silver Doller City, but worse because there is chocolate and food every where. we drank a lot of water and ate every couple hours. By the end of the day we were all pooped. We ended up starting our drive back to Virginia and stayed the night in Baltimore MD. Ahh sleep!

  79. I worked today and lifted chest, shoulder, back, arms. My stomach is nice and sore, from yesterday!!

  80. I didn’t get a chance to get on here and post yesterday, but I wanted to post that I did a great cardio and ubwo!!! Ate great as well!!! πŸ˜‰

  81. My “rest” day–supposedly! Spent the day walking around Chicago. Still got plenty of exercise.

  82. I, too, didn’t get a chance to post during the weekend, but I wanted to commiserate with you on the dog attack. I’ve had that happen to me TWICE! The first time the dog came out of nowhere and bit me on the leg…luckily he ran away after the first bite. Scared me to death, though. The second time I was walking with my dog and she was attacked by another dog. I screamed and screamed and finally the owner came out and got it to stop. I started carrying mace after the first incident, but during the second I was afraid I would hurt my own dog. But I was ready to use it if the owner hadn’t appeared.

  83. We were at the lake all weekend and didn’t get achance to post with no internet ability. Did my walk/run each day and did pilates in my cabin and some free weights and 100 lunges each day so that felt great!

  84. Thank God, you weren’t hurt!
    I was away for the weekend. Well not away away I was helping my hubby set up a at home gym all weekend. No excuses now!
    Take care!

  85. Home with 2 sick kids and missed my exercise class but just got done doing some intervals on my eliptical while they are napping!!! The only good thing about sick kids is that they sleep (and cuddle alittle more as well)!! May be I can get to a class when my husband gets home this evening.

  86. Crashed last night at 7 and didn’t get up til this AM. Whipped up some lunch for work and didnt account for the afternoon snack (needless to say I blew it) but will keep check on dinner tonight. Keep up the good work everyone and don’t be discouraged by a couple days – just do your best.

  87. Thanks for the tip! good idea, glad you were safe! today is my “rest day” and cd1 but i ate great all day, whooohooo!

  88. How scary!! I like to run in the morning..as the sun comes up..but I have to admit..living in a downtown neighbourhood makes me wonder and worry sometimes…
    Back, biceps and legs tonight. I have to mush my body parts together due to my awkward schedule..but I figure I’ll work with what I go..and nitpick the routine later.

  89. Day 5 was a good AM workout…however felt really tired and sluggish at the end of the day.
    Sorry to hear about the dog attack, thats so scary!

  90. Day 2 (Tuesday) was great for me! Got up at 5:15, ate and then jumped into my workout! Today (Wednesday) I am a little sore in the quads from the deadlifts and leg curls but I feel great. Today is rest day…which is hard to do but I know it is necessary. I am totally motivated and can’t wait for the results! Good luck everyone!

  91. Cardio,,,, something I have been lacking on lately. I need to get motivated to do some, and to find the time to do it.. I do all my workouts at the gym,, I just dont like doing it anywhere else.. My time has been cut short for a couple weeks,a nd i just dont seem to fit it in.. It will come back though,, i will get there again.

  92. We worry about snakes here. Glad you were ok. I am having a rest day. I work out hard for 5 days and my body is telling me it needs a rest. So–I am listening to it.

  93. I am so amazed that you were up that early– hats off to you. I am going to try when my summer break ends.

  94. OMG! How scary! I haven’t ventured out alone since moving to a big city because I’m too afraid.

  95. mace is seriously good idea for us women to have on our runs, if only for the peace of mind. know how to use it though!
    I had a great weekend, rode my bike to the flea market on Sat. and then went mountain biking for 2 hours on Sun. (with one hour of weights!). Yay! eating was a little more relaxed because… it was the weekend!

  96. My friend picked me up a small mace to carry with me at all times. I dont work in the best neighborhood, and sometimes I leave at night so when I leave I always have it in my hand ready to go. I took a few self-defense classes and they are always in my mind when I walk anywhere alone… The number one thing is ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings!

  97. 30 minute run on treadmill and lifted for 30 minutes-legs. Eating is slowing getting better. That is my struggle with the perfect figure…eating right.

  98. I went to the gym for the first time in years, warmed up, got onto the leg curl bench, then an alarm started sounding and we were told to evacuate the building. Funny!!!! It didn’t last long and I was back in there at it again. Fun, fun, fun!!!

  99. Legs and cardio today, tent camping this weekend, supposed to be beautiful in Ohio! Will not post, will not “graduate” but will stay focused for success!

  100. Change can only occur if you want it to. Make a change for the better, it can be the beginning of something great.

  101. Intervals today. They were great. Kept them at 7:35pace. That is fast for me. Sweated my booty off. Loved it. Now to relax for the rest of the day.

  102. Stayed on a tight schedule today! Did my housework and then went to the gym before I picked up my daughter. Felt good to have a plan and stick to it. I am ready to kick it up a notch and really get a good work out plan for next week. Still reading hormonal timing and relating to so many issues. Was able to relax with my husband tonight and watch the Huskers play πŸ™‚ We won!! GO BIG RED!

  103. I am feeling much better today. My son woke up at 4 am which is unusual because he has been sleeping through the night for a month and a half. I thought he might be sick but I think he was just hungry so I don’t need to worry.

    I have my packed gym bag with me and I will be doing my weight program at lunch! I have to work out on my lunch hour on most days because that is one of the only guaranteed breaks I have! 36 days to go and I should be looking buff by Thanksgiving! πŸ™‚

  104. Ok, I ended up trying to get a flu shot at lunch, but they were out! So no work out.

    But, I went later on this evening after dinner and my son was asleep. It was so hard to make myself workout but I am so glad I did. I have my bag packed and will be sure not to skip the lunchtime workout tomorrow! It is too tempting to stay home once you come home at night.

  105. Day #5-did some upper body today along with a very light lower body. Thinking of doing some cardio later today. Love how focused and energized I feel-thanks Michelle!!!!

  106. OH My! That is horrible! I Wonderful reminder of safety. I normally don’t carry mace but I will start.


  107. Glad you had it..
    Day 5 for me, did 20 mins on the eliptical and then chest and abs.

    I saw my order shipped.. yaaaaay

  108. Good job Tonya~ For best results, strive to do the bulk of your cardio AFTER lifting…You should still “warm up” for 5-10 mins though

    I actually your order shipped on the 3rd~ you may have it now!!

  109. Day 5 – I spent it sick as a dog…haven’t been that sick since I was a kid. THank G-d it seems to have passed but I’m left weak and afraid to eat. Small bump in the road is all. I’ll be back on tracj in no time.

  110. New Years day and I thought I would be the only person at the gym. Well it was packed!!! I had a great workout.

  111. 17 that’s getting old!! My Twins will be 7 in a couple weeks…then in 10 short years I’ll maybe do the same. A surprise 17th πŸ˜‰

  112. Oh Wow…I did the day one workout yesterday that you suggested in one of your previous blogs…owie…nice sore arms this morning. I’m nursing a hurt achilles. I’m not sure what I’ve done to it, but a friend of mine suggested inserts for my shoes…so I’m off to the store. My two books: “After Baby Abs” & “Hormonal Timing”, came in today. I plan on starting them immediately, after I prepare for my daughters 17th birthday party tomorrow…it’s a suprise so shhhh πŸ˜‰

  113. OH that STAIRMILL is TOUGH…I may do a bit of it for my leg warm up, but I don’t think I could do 45 mins of it today~ Have fun!

  114. Still plugging away… today is cardio day so heading in shortly to do 45 on the Stairmill πŸ™‚

  115. Day 5
    How wretched about the dog attack! glad you’re okay!! Gonna go kill my abs and do cardio today πŸ™‚

  116. Day 5 and going strong! Weighed in today – 6 lb loss since Monday – although that was early in my cycle, so I’m sure I lost some water weight there! Didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday – but did get 45 minutes on my elliptical in! My goal is to do some type of workout every day of the 40 days. Today is arms again – finally not sore from the first day. My dh says he can already tell a difference, but he is very good about telling me what I want to hear πŸ˜‰

  117. thanks michelle for all your comment ,what is a mace i dont know i live in new zealand maybe is another name,have a nice weekend. πŸ™‚

  118. A little slow going today, had my daughter’s b-day party so worn out wasn’t going to work out, but figured I better work off that piece of birthday cake I ate! Heading to the elyptical right now!!!

  119. Great advice!! That must have been scary. Glad you’re alright. You taught that dog a lesson I hope!
    I try to smile at everyone I see! Even when I’m driving. Not too many things easier to share than a smile πŸ™‚

  120. Just getting back on email. Great workout Friday night and Sat. I think sometimes we need mace for people at the gym too…just kidding…but sometimes it can get bothersome when you are trying to workout and people like to come up and just talk, a quick “hi” is okay, but not a full out conversation – makes ya loose your rhythm. That’s why I like having my ipod with me – even if the battery is not charged (just put the headphones in my ears and act like it is working – ha ha).

  121. I’m starting to – need to get your book. Right now it’s a little messed up – I’m trying to change it so I don’t get it in Mexico.

  122. Oh I’m all about smiling to people any chance I get. Being a behavior teacher I am constantly teaching my students and family how important manners are. I love when kids especially are polite automatically. I can still remember the time I was in public and this little girl said, “thank you” to me and I said “Your welcome and you have such good manners” I always say that to my two year old and students and her face lit up just like they do. I love when other people smile at me, it just puts people in such a good mood!

  123. That must have been scary! I actually got bitten while riding my bike once. It was the end of my ride and going up a huge hill. I was peddling as fast as I could, but the silly thing still caught me. Fortunately for me, it was a Chihuahua and a swift kick took care of him!

  124. Takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. It’s always great seeing a smiling face. πŸ™‚

  125. Today was a hard day because my 8 month old was up all night with ear infections in both ears and no one slept. But, I ate VERY clean today so that is today’s victory since I couldn’t get to the gym.

  126. Is that the name of the product? I’ve never heard of it…but that a great marketing angle!

  127. I can’t even make it four days for Pete’s sake! Wound up drinking some beers last night, no workout, no sleep and now I feel terrible… I need a pep talk for sure!

  128. Don’t give up!! Start again now– go do some cardio, it’ll help your body get rid of those toxins! YOU CAN DO IT!

  129. FREAKED out today, i have been doing P90X for about 8 months, my clothes aren’t much looser and i freaked when i weighed…i as 156.4! I thought i would be more around 148 or so and i am really hoping that i have put on muscle and that is where the difference is….i wish i could see where these comments are posting and if Michelle posts back….

  130. I was almost attacked at work a few years ago. I now carry mace and a stun gun in my car. Yesterday I ate 15 cookies and feel bad. I am having a hard time getting up to 125g of protein. I am getting to about 90. Will try harder today.

  131. Today is Day 5 of the “40 days to Fit Challenge” and we went out to eat at a restaurant and I stayed strong ordering baked fish, green beans and spinach, but i caved in with the bun. I’m doing 40 minutes semi fasted on the treadmill tomorrow morning to compensate.

  132. how is your diet? you may need to cut your calories and change the types of food you are eating.

    You can check back using the links from your e-mails.
    What I do is continually resign up to the 40 days to fit program and also check the “RECENT COMMENTS” on the side menu

  133. I would love to get a stun gun! does yours shoot the stunning prods or do you have to touch the person with it?

    Keep eating your P’s!

  134. Good job!! and you do need to eat some carbs- your meal looks like a P, G, G , C and maybe a F (did you have butter?) Good for a meal out! Those C’s can add up fast!

  135. Lol.. I have a small thing of mace bc I had a stalker once.. I am not ugly but I am not hott enough for a stalker! But it can happen to anyone so women be safe! I always say about myself and my 2 girls better safe than sorry!

  136. i was going to skip working out today cos i have been feeling down ,but the funny comments on the message boards have inspired me to ” just do it” as usual .it may not feel great the first few minutes but once my blood gets pumping i will forget that i didn’t feel like exercising. Legs here i come!
    P.S :i have been held up at gunpoint once when i was jogging once, talk about an adrenaline rush!

  137. Day 5 and feelin fine! I went spinning this morning and it was an awesome workout. I am having a challenge with “Exertion Headaches” so when i go to lift weights or have sex ( i definitely prefer the later) I get an excrutiating instant headache. These started just a couple of weeks ago. Any advice out there?

  138. When I go running I always bring my cell phone with me and I never put my ear buds in my ears…that way I can hear if someone is coming much better.

  139. MAN! that would stink! I think BREATHING properly is key and learning to RELAX through lifting and sex will help you a ton. Also I BET as you get in better shape overall your body will be lessed stressed by these activities.
    Have you been tested for high blood pressure?

  140. When you run, where do you carry your keys, mace and cell phone? I run the bike trail, but you never know when you might meet up with a vicious dog.

  141. When i lived in the city that was always a concern of mine as i would run or bike alone through the trails. But now i live in the country..now the concern is being attacked by coyotes or other forms of angry wildlife! Good idea with the mace, i think i should get some, might work on a moose!! πŸ˜‰

  142. I think I forgot a day when I went back to review. Im sorry about the dog. Its kind of like people that attack you. Smile and be friendly that is our human mace.

  143. As a runner I have been attacked, taken to the ground, and bitten several times by dogs. I know exactly how frightening and horrifying that is. Great tip to carry mace— I will look into that today! Also, I know I am intense and focused during my workouts, so I will try and smile today!

  144. I am sorry about your being attacked. Thank goodness you are all right. Hopefully you will not be afraid of them in the future. I was a attacked by a bird, twice, on my runs. Yes a bird, red winged black bird. Apparently they are known to be very territorial and will attack large animals and humans to defend their nest. It literally hit me in the back of the head. I am too afraid to run the trail anymore until their season of nesting is done. Which i think is all summer.
    Smiling improves your health and you never know how much you are brightening up someone’s day.
    I have to share something that happened today that I am so excited about. I have wanted to be a personal trainer since 1998. I told myself i will not become one until I look the part. Today someone asked me if I was a personal trainer because my arms are so buff. Guess it is time to look for a job.

  145. Did not sleep too well last night. Did manage to get a bit of cardio in. Ran in place, chased the dog around the house, did 100 jumping jacks. Now I am awake

  146. I think your day 5 fit tip to ‘smile’ is so nice. It’s sounds weird but living in a big city people just don’t smile or even say hello to someone. I have to consciously do this at the gym because I too get so focused in my own world that I forget they’re people around me!

  147. Wow, Michelle ~ I’m glad you weren’t hurt by the dog. I live in rural Montana where there are mountain lions, and I always carry bear spray when I go out. I also bring my two dogs. Thankfully, I’ve never seen a mountain lion and, really, I don’t care if I ever do!! ~ I am tired today after traveling the last two days. I did not work out yesterday, but I am going to do 20 minute intervals and abs this afternoon.

  148. Re-entry after traveling can be rough! you did great to get in some intervals!!

    SMART idea to carry bear spray!

  149. Good for you~ every little bit counts and can keep your mojo headed in the right direction. WTG!!!

  150. Had a small vacation this weekend but stayed on track with workouts. Trying to catch up on emails!

  151. I’m such a scary cat, I wouldn’t run in the dark but hadn’t even considered dogs!!!! Oh man, the details! πŸ™‚

  152. Sorry, did not get to post about yesterday, but burned over 1550 cals – walked & played 18 holes of golf. Today gonna work out with my workout DVDs – usually burn 400-550 with cardio & weights. Thank you

  153. I never knew mace worked on dogs! That is really good to know! Thanks for keeping me motivated every day. I enjoy reading everything you put out here!

  154. Thank goodness it was a dog! I’m sure if any man tried to attack you, you’d have ’em on the floor so fast with your super strength that they would never try it again!

  155. I was at a standoff with one of my neighbors dog last week..thank god I stood my ground..I would have got bitten..mace would have definitely came in handy…scary moment! I’m glad your ok

  156. Today I will go for an hour walk/jog with my niece..she really pushes me when I jog and I am now able to jog for longer periods of time. Never really liked to run before so this is an accomplishment for me.

  157. When I make eye contact with someone at the gym I usually smile at them. some people smile back some give dirty looks. whatever their response is I just keep doin my thing. as long as they don’t take the smile as an invitation to come and talk to me everything is good

  158. Well, there aren’t any stray animals on the camp in Kuwait; however, there are several other reasons to carry mace (or a weapon) with me on a run. But, I’m more concerned about getting hit by a car.
    Everyone is very nice at the gym and all the regulars wave and smile when we see each other. It feels good and makes me want to hang out a little longer.

  159. Love the comment about smiling. I did a workshop at the weekend called Being Loved – and when we open our hearts..we can change the world..one person at a time!

  160. It must be an interesting dynamic to be on base with thousands of others who are in the same situation. Away from home–are people friendlier in general?

  161. I usually get a nice greeting and smile from the regulars when I am at the gym- it defintely is a nice feeling. Smiling is contagious too :o)

  162. I try to be friendly when I’m at the gym — amazes me though how many people are kind of ‘unfriendly’ back… but, I’m gonna have a GOOD time! πŸ™‚

  163. Happy to hear you have things under control Michelle πŸ™‚

    Yesterday, I took it easy and just did yoga for 45 minutes. Ate healthy and drank a ton of water.

    Today I’m back at the gym doing cardio, abs, glutes, and back.

  164. hello again,

    I had a great morning. When to my zumba class then I did ABS fo15 min. Came home and walk the dog for about 30 min. After that I had so much energy that I was dancing and cleaning the house πŸ™‚

  165. I have a hard time taking a day off. I feel guilty. But I have to remember that my body needs the time to repair itself too. Went for a 30 min walk and I’ll probably end up doing abs today, but that is it. Time to rest!

  166. I worked out it was a leg workout. i have a hard time just doing legs and not any cardio with it. I did 20 min on my trainer prebreakfast. I did my leg workout and at the end did plyometrics. This is what I typically do for legs and a run but ive taken out the run. I notice im not as exhausted doing it this way but its hard when your use to lots of cardio.

  167. Day 4. Life got so busy yesterday that I didn’t even fit in my intervals :(. Back to the grind today! πŸ™‚

  168. I felt like I did well yesterday until late last night. My cravings got the best of me and I drowned in a sea of StarBursts! I hate the first day of my period. My cravings were intense and my leg work out was difficult. I’m hoping today goes better with Abs, Intervals and Yoga.

  169. Wow, glad you were able to get the dog away with the mace. I’m thinking I need to get that or pepper spray and put it in my purse and also carry with me when exercising outdoors. Smiling and having a good attitude and letting others see your attitude is certainly good advice. It is KEY to good relationships. Being safe and friendly sounds so simple but are sure the foundations for a great life:)

  170. I keep mace in my purse. Never know when you might need it. Hopefully I never will!

  171. Attacked? That is scary! Hope you are ok
    Referencing the other blog…im smiling! Cause I feel great about my progress. I just feel good. Thanks for the daily encouragement.

  172. I am 31 weeks pregnant and have recently been told that I can’t exercise anymore:( but I plan to get back on the 40 day fit challenge as soon as my little man is born and my DR releases me. I love the positivity radiating from this site!

  173. Be a good girl Jessie!! You gotta keep your baby boy in you as long as possible. I was 30 weeks preggers with my twins when I had to go on bed rest– trust me: OBEY YOUR DR!! You will have plenty of time to get buff after he’s born!!
    Thanks for your kind compliments~ God Bless!!

  174. thanks for the great advice re: being safe AND cheerful. really needed to hear the cheerful part right now.

  175. day 5- check. Things we gotta go thru to look good, huh? lol…glad ur okay! goal this week….more water..actually getting 8 glasses would be good for me and 6 days of exercise…yep, that’s it!

  176. omg! that is so scary! but thank god you were prepared! It’s a little to muggy in Toronto today for me to be outside so i will deifnitely be heading to the gym tongiht! but i definitely need to increase my water consumation- and i have been very friendly at the gym making so many friedns and there are so many interesting people there with greeat tips!

  177. Oh My gosh, had the same problem while running with my little dog and listening to music… a dog came out of nowhere!!

  178. Glad you are ok. I live out in the woods so when i run outside i try to stick to running around the horse field. I either run with my great dane puppy or my goat chases me around. I’m more likely to meet up with a deer or moose(possibly a bear) but my attack goat would probably head butt it out of the way. I don’t work out at the gym so let me just say- Big big smiles to all you buff mothers out there πŸ™‚

  179. Day 5 check in. Did well all day until I gave in to 5 gooey chocolate chip cookies before bed πŸ™
    I did do one hour of body pump weight lifting in the morning though! Yes!

  180. AHHHH! I’m consuming WAY too many carbs! Fruit and homemade granola bars. I need to find a way to eat more veggies and less fruit. Good sources of carbs, but way too many!

    A dog attacking me is such a fear of mine…not that I’m that afraid that I’ll get hurt, but moreso that I will HAVE to hurt a dog. Glad you were OK!

  181. I had a dog come up behind me yesterday on my walk. It scared me to death because I had my earbuds in and I didn’t hear him. Thank goodness he was friendly! Carrying mace is a good idea! Thanks Michelle!

  182. Day 5 check in! Busy day today, hoping to squeeze in a little work out! Very sore from yesterdays work, but sore is good!!

  183. My comment is late. Yesterday was full of doctor appointments; 8 year old& 14 month diagnosed w/strep! Didn’t get to the gym but I did get in a 4 minute high intensity tabata workout.

  184. It is the first week of October here in Indiana and a BEAUTIFUL Indian Summer day. Sun is shining and there is no breeze. It is a warm, but not hot 83 degrees. I live in the country and not a car in sight. I am taking my furbabies for a nice 2.5 mile walk (I hope they can keep up :). Oh and thanks for the reminder of carrying mace. I do have pepper spray and never remember to bring it with me. We have been attacked by the same dog three times. I have called authorities and the situation has been under control, but you never know. We’ve also been attacked by a skunk too. Not sure I want to get into a spray war with that one though πŸ™

  185. i have three lovely dogs, a deaf boxer who knows sign language, a wolf looking husky and a miniature beagle. Non of them mean thank goodness. The deafie don’t even know how to growl or show a mean face..too qute.

  186. well you’d be safe to run with your dogs πŸ™‚ I’ve toyed with that idea…do you ever run with your husky?

  187. Today I have learnt a new english word: mace. I had no idea about what it was! I am not sure if this is allowed in my country… probably not. But I find it very useful. Sometimes I have also had FEAR when runnig outside.

  188. Took a bootcamp workout last night. Gonna feel it today!! I don’t run outdoors but I’ve heard stories like that. Scary! Glad you made out ok

  189. Wow – that’s scary! Mace isn’t legal in NJ but I usually take along my hubby when working out outdoors – he’s a good deterrant πŸ™‚ Pepper spray is legal though for when he’s not around…

  190. You are so right Michelle. I carry my pepper spray with me at all times…even when I go ride my bike. Safety is very important…even for the men.

  191. Kind of scary!!! Some dogs like to sneak up on you and bite you on the back of the leg. I think I am more scared of weirdos than dogs when running.

  192. Always full of great advice and encouragement! I love it! A smile can truly mean the world to someone, share it and brighten someone’s day!

  193. This is Day five and Im feeling great!! Today was Pyramid Upper Body. Workout consist of 5 sets of varied weight and reps. Loved it!! Sorry you got you attacked by the dog. Glad you had the pepper spray.

  194. I have to worry about, deer, elk and bears when working out outside, although no so much the bears in the winter time, but bear spray is about as nasty as mace and pepper spray andwill stop pretty much anything attacking you.

  195. And this is why I like to run indoors on the treadmill :o) Super focused day 5. Intervals done this morning before I started my meetings at work. I love having a gym right across the hall from my office! Totally motivational.

  196. So I don’t really talk to anyone when I am working out…mainly because I am still mid coma at 5:30 in the morning!! LOL! I do respond though…I’ll try to do better…

  197. Phew what a long 2 weeks. Got back to working out on Monday. I ended up taking a week off to be with my family. We lost my father in law in a tragic car accident on December 12th. Being with my family was more important than the gym. I am glad to be back though. Weighed in at 127 this morning. Hopefully I will be a little less for Christmas morning. Wish me luck. I ho

  198. Eek. Pressed the wrong button and cut off my last post. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas. God bless!

  199. When I first started at my gym, I was the only girl in the weight room, so I felt a bit intimidated. But I kept going, offering smiles to the guys, and soon friendships were struck. Now, if I miss a workout the guys are hounding me about where I’ve been.

  200. Getting to the gym is the hard part. Once I get there, I like seeing the regulars and after the workout I feel like I could accomplish ANYTHING!

  201. My father gave me a mace “gun” for christmas last year!!! It’s awesome! It is hot pink and looks like a real hand gun! Just loaded with mace instead of bullets! Kinda sexy too!!!

  202. ill be starting to run next week and when i say starting i mean it…i was never really a great runner so i am going to take my dog with me for pace.

  203. Great advice. I would add that I see many people running with ipods attached to ears – please consider that this is not ideal. It is ideal for someone bad wanting to sneak up on you!

  204. Yikes! That’s scary! I like to run with my dog for the simple reason that he looks intimidating, nevermind that fact that he wouldn’t hurt a flea! It’s all about keeping up appearances! (I would never even think to carry mace!)

  205. yeah, I’ve never had a blood cutting bit from a dog, but what prompted me to start taking mace was a light bite from a pitbull….It was enough to scare me.

  206. Day 5 – I remember being super scared once when I saw a group of young boys walking towards me do I decided to take up a martial art. Why did I feel scared? Why did I feel intimidated by ‘boys’??? It was very strange but I decided to join a group of Ju-Jitsu and loved every minute of it. They taught me lots of self defence, lots of discipline and lots of self confidence. Unfortunately this was 10years ago and I have lost all those skills. Having read Michelle’s post it makes me want to take up the sport again. I wonder if I could do it at my age????? I might have to look into it. I’ll keep you posted.

  207. AWESOME thoughts~ I believe you can take it up again– just ease back into it slowly πŸ™‚

  208. OMG that’s scary, sorry you went through that! I love to power walk outdoors, always have. But being attacked by a dog is one of my biggest fears! Never think of being attacked by a human but by a dog! Don’t get me wrong I love animals, I had 2 lhasa apsos for 15 yrs and now I have a teacup chiguagua. But big dogs terrify me, it’s a childhood thing lol. I too carry a mace with me when I walk outdoors, don’t know if it will work against dogs but it makes me feel safer.

  209. Thanks for the safety advice. Attacks from people and/or their dogs are part of the many reasons I prefer exercising indoors unless I am actually out in nature away from people (hiking, kayaking, backpacking, etc)

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