I Feel It!

I feel it today!!

I feel the end of our contest coming near I feel the LUNGES in my booty I feel the hormones levels in my body LOWERING I feel SPRING in the AIR I feel the excitement of new goals


I FEEL it!! YAY!!


Today I summarized all the info you need to get your final entry completed for the contest:

S2S~ Day 40: Final ENTRY info


My day didn’t go exactly as planned yesterday– the softball game ended up being cancelled so my workout plan had to change a bit.  I also didn’t have time to “lay down” for 20 mins in the tanning bed, lol!!  I did get in a killer hill workout~ I ran 9 min warm up- 5 long hills of about 50 seconds each, with jogging of about 1:30 downhill between– then 4 SHORT STEEP 20 sec hills with walking down 1:10 between finished with a long final run to bridge and final hill.  All in all “RUN KEEPER” said I got in 3.5 miles over the 36 min duration but the GPS doesn’t detect hilly terrain, so it was actually further.


After the run I did my 100 lunges– some walking ones, some side ones, some uphill ones

Then went inside and did a short leg workout and some abs



This morning I’m have to run some $$ into my son, he’s got a track meet this afternoon and needs to buy some food at it. While I’m there I’ll go tanning and get in some smith lunges and cardio!


Later today I’ll do a bit more of a workout– lifting upper body and intervals on the bike.


I snapped this picture yesterday prior to heading out shopping, I made an extra effort with my hair-used hot rollers and wore heels out to the stores!

I shopped a bit for some VEGAS clothes and I got groceries (EXITING, lol!)



Let’s have a STELLAR DAY!! Kick it in ladies, just 3 days to go in our contest~ YAY!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

14 days to go!! So little time!

Sexy Swimwear and Crochet Bikinis at

Well the news is out “officially” by GASPARI and the my VIP  trip is now almost set.  I leave on the 22 nd and fly home on the 26th…. I’m in shock that I really DID win the TRAIN with AVA Cowen contest by Gaspari Nutrition!!!

~Let the countdown begin 14 days to go!

14 days to go!! So little time! First things first- I must find a sitter for my kids!!

I have a few ideas in mind, but I need to get it set up, ASAP!!

Once that’s settled I have several items I need to tend to be READY

1- Bikinis!! Sexy Swimwear and Crochet Bikinis at

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2. other clothes –

  • workout wear
  • Nightlife/dance clothes
  • tennis clothes
  • Event clothes
  • and of course SHOES!!

3. Grooming

  • hair
  • nails
  • supple blemish free skin
  • GREAT make up
  • tan- both tanning bed and tanner
  • body exfoliated and shaved

4. Body- RIPPED, long and lean

2 big focuses are- BUTT and ABS~!  And I’d like my weight to be in the low 120’s- so a clean diet and keep up with sprints, runs and lifting 🙂

5. Health

Itend to get sick when I travel- so supplementing and eating healthy is more important than ever


Get work done so I don’t have to stress it when I am in VEGAS!!


I’ve gotten in some nice workouts the past few days-

Tonight- Back, sh, bi’s and abs
Tues Night- Legs I am still healthy and squatting heavy 2 sets of 155×10 reps; my deadlifts are now up to 135#
Monday- hill sprints- 6 of them

Sunday- tennis for 2 hours

All my kids were finally back in school today and I soooo enjoyed the peace!! I spent a bunch of my day working on a Bible study, organizing my thoughts, catching up here and with my inbox, etc….AND  I got to talk to 2 wonderful women today- Kim and Julie! MAN I love that part of my job!!  We have so much fun stuff happening this fall,my MOJO is Higher than ever!!!

I am very excited for the finish of the 30 day GET BUFF contest- please send in your entry!!!  FINISHING is a win in itself…I plan to get my stuff done tomorrow- 1st thing!

Then our next RR challenge is sponsored by Dayle- I’ll participate for sure- just gotta figure out HOW:

*DO IT YOUR WAY* challenge by Dayle

Now it’s time for some R&R with the hubby- see you tomorrow!!


Wing Work

My workout today was back, bi, shoulders and intervals:

15 min r-bike
Cybex lat pulls

Seated Hammer rows (one arm at a time)

2 sets knee ups on a bench

Seated machine rows

3 sets Fully extended sit ups on hyper extension machine

shoulder press (seated backwards)

bicep curls on hammer machine
55x 5 full and 5+ short x 3sets

shrugs on smith machine

2 sets Incline oblique sit ups

Intervals on stair mill- 15 mins
then tanned a bit

vacuum total for today:
2 at home
3 in tanning bed
3 in car

that was it for my WING work today~

Day 1 of the rest of my life
HEY ya!!  I am fired up for FALL today~ the weather here feels like fall for the first time this year and it feels GOOD! I had a good “rest” day yesterday and am going to live this next week with the motto “today is day 1 of the rest of my life”…I need that shift in perspective- kinda like “begin with the end in mind” type mindset…What am I willing to do today that will impact the rest of my life in a positive way?

I guess the reason why I need to focus on  this shift in perspective today is that I’ve been a bit down the past few days…as it turns out actually did hurt my knee rather bad last week and have to let it totally rest this week (NO CARDIO that utilizes my lower body at all and no lower body lifting).  I was quite bummed about it on Friday and Saturday, but now I’ve shifted my focus towards what I can still do vs. all the things I can’t do.  I can still do upper body workouts, do abs, do stretching, do some pilates and I can control my DIET! I can do a lot and I will!  I just have to keep focused on the fact that I can still do a lot to impact my future life for the positive and getting my knee healthy is key component of that.  I also need to look into the medical advances towards the treatment for my knee issues…it’s been 11+years since I had surgery and was last seen by a doctor for my knee problem (I have a degeneration of my tibia called chondromalacia)…and I expect that there may be new treatment options for my knee issues. I plan to attack the SOLUTIONS and stay focused on the things I can do….

So on tap for me today besides laundry and work, is a trip to the gym this afternoon…I will warm up in the tanning bed and then hit my chest and tri’s and abs for a good solid workout!  I think it will feel great to get a workout in…I’ve taken the past 2 days off.  I am also going to join in on the splits challenge, but may have to “ease” into it this week since my knee is more stiff than usual and I am joining KIM and several others here in the RR for the 14 day super focus challenge– I am boosting, so it’ll be a challenge for sure, but I need it!

I also need to say: Congrats to DEB for her great job on Saturday!! She is fired up and ready to rock her next contest in 2 weeks~ I am so excited for her!!!

Well, I am off to attack day 1 of the rest of my life!!!

First Real workout of the week

First off I am thankful for my GOD!! This month as I have been saying that I am thankful, I am really saying, I am thankful to Jesus Christ for EVERYTHING. I am a Christian and believe that Jesus Christ gave his life as a sacrifice for my sins so that I can go to HEAVEN. I am so thankful for that!!
If you are interested here is a link to My Christian Testimony

Now on to my workout…..Today is WEDNESDAY and I finally had my First Real workout this week!

It was at the TRACK 10 fast hard 100m dashes and I am feelin’ it already.

I brought all 4 of my kiddos with me. They were so good!! It was BEAUTIFUL outside and I really enjoyed the whole event!

Now you may be asking yourself WHY was this your first real workout??? Basically PMS! and a tish of some sort of flu…well I was exhausted on SUNDAY…so I took it off, which was fine and sorta planned, Monday…I felt horrible still I went to the gym and did an ity-bity chest tri workout 20 min version including warm up, lol–and then hit the tanning bed. Tuesday–NOTHING…stayed home all day!
So now I am planning to have a good rest of the week.

Love ya,

Free Wallpaper!!

Hey ya,
Everybody look at this!
a wallpaper of me!

Cool huh?

I had a Tiny Tuesday workout today and I am proud of myself for making time to call my Mommy on the phone today while laying in the tanning bed, multitasking at its best!

Ran on the treddy for only 7 mins…my knee started being all weird again…so I then hopped on the elliptical for a tish.

Then lifted back and bi’s–not much as I was starving. I had to stay fasted this morning for a Dr. visit and hadn’t eaten anything yet when I was at the gym… SO I cut my workout short to eat!

That fasting must have made me tired because I took a cat nap this afternooon. NOW I am off to go for a walk in the beautiful fall weather! AND I might get some intervals in on the upright bike right after that.