Ab/Butt Connection: “Fab Abs” Day 24

I talk a lot about how EVERY part of our body is important to our health. BUTT, there is no denying the fact that your ABS are connected to your BUTT.  Much of the same exercises that work your BUTT also work your ABS!

Day #24’s Fab Abs challenge is for you to Please try the following EXERCISES to FEEL the AB/BUTT connection yourself:

  1. Y Stretch-
  2. Showgirl-
  3. Adductors-
  4. Flash-dance-
  5. Running ups-


Be sure to work hard, we have just 4 days to go!!

WHOHOOO!! Whittle that waist!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Fab Abs Summary

Summary of the 28 days “Fab ABs” challenge posts–  Also a FREE 28 day calendar download for you~

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HI! My resolve today is to work all day on my taxes…But first I wanted to share a couple links with you about the MTHRF gene mutation that I spoke of yesterday.  Basically it causes your body to have a hard time absorbing B vitamins which are vital for many functions within your body.…protocol/2012/02/24/


Yesterday I uploaded Foundation #5 and #6 for our HT tutorials:




I got in a good hill run + 25 mins on the bike after ward. Today is legs.

See ya later!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

“Get Buff”- Day 24

“Get Buff”- Day 24


Day #24
Run 10 mins
4x100m sprints
run 4 mins

Time between Sprints= full recovery  2-5 mins

Sprints EXAMPLE-

Then last evening,  I had a good run~

I ran 2 times around my block- about a 10 min run (.7mi each block) rested (walked) for 1.5 mins Sprinted 100m- fire hydrant to fire hydrant on the street in front of my house rested (walked) for 2 mins- walked back to starting place Sprinted 100m rested (walked) for 2 mins

As an extra I ran 1 more time around the block (5mins)


Small shoulder workout:

DB Military, DB Upright rows, bent over lateral raises, font raises – 3×10 circuit

Today’s Diet focus:

No Dairy products

Drink more water!

SSS Week #9 Mini Challenge- Drink 1.5 gallons of water daily!!

Oh my!! it’s already week #9!!! your mission this week is simple– Drink 1.5 gallons of water a each day
Typically my recommendation is to drink your GOAL body weight in ounces of water daily…for example. I weigh 128 and that’s pretty much my goal so I strive to drink 128 ounces daily, that is equal to 1 gallon.

But this week let’s get more aggressive after our water intake. Let’s strive for 1.5 gallons = 192 oz or 5.7 liters or 24 cups of water.

Chug a lug!!!

WATER IS SO GOOD FOR RAISING YOU METABOLISM,Cell Function, Brain function, Nutrient Transport, Electrolyte and Mineral Balance AND ELIMINATING TOXINS


Shine in 49: Day 25~ Conference Call Recording

We are now halfway done with the contest!!
I’m having good success but also know these final 24 days will bring the most results for me!!  As I shared on our call my biggest success from the first half  of our contest has been that I finally feel “in shape”!!  I have been struggling since being sick in October/November of last year to get that feeling back!  It had seemed for months that I was PLODDING along pushing hard just to regain some sort of fitness level- always PLANTING ENERGY, but not getting any back.  NOW I feel like I’m harvesting energy from my workouts~ I feel the energy coming back to me finally after 6 months of PLANTING!! YAY!! I can’t wait to see where I can take it!! I’m going to the next level baby– right now I’m shining like a 40 watt bulb, but by the end of 49 days I’ll be at 100WATTS!!


Our conference call today was about measuring success and also why the scale goes up sometimes even when we think we are doing everything right.  One of the key points I must share is,  “you MUST be thankful for the success you have in order for you to blessed with more!”

If you missed the call- here’s the link to listen:




Sorry the call had some rough audio…that happens sometimes. I am thinking next week, that I may do a video chat instead of our call??  Not sure, but it’s an idea- I really enjoyed the interaction at the end of the call~ so maybe that’s what the whole call should entail??  Any input would be great!

Okay- my workout for today is: full body lifting and a run– I’m looking forward to it!!
Have a great Thursday!!


Sizzlin' In Six Success Story – Tamera C., Winner!







Starting Stats


weight 186.5

waist      38

hips        43

chest      43

R Bi        15

L Bi         15

R Thigh  25

L Thigh   24


Ending Stats


weight 164.8    21.7 lbs and -20 inches!!!!

waist     32    

hips       40.5   

chest     41.5

R Bi       12.5

L Bi        12.5

R Thigh   22

L Thigh    22


Sizzlin in 6 gave me the spark to start the fire in my behind to be healthy for myself and my family!  I dreaded weights but now feel confident with my pre planned workout guidelines.  I now believe in the power of intervals as well!  I loved the daily emails that kept reminding me that 6 weeks is short and I can have BIG success! 

Thank you!







Prize Eligibilty Requirements for 2011 SSS

To be eligible for prizes in the the 2011 SSS contest You must complete the following 3 requirements:

  1. Sign up for the contest prior to or on the start date of 1/24
  2. Submit starting stats/photos no later than 2/2
  3. Submit final stats/photos along with your Final Entry Questionnaire no later than 4/11

#1- Sign up for the contest no later than 1/24/11…
use the form located here:

#2-Beginning Stats and Photo…

Prize Eligibility REQUIREMENT!!  2/2/11 is the due date for thefollowing items:

e-mail address:

Beginning STATS-


AND at least 1 Picture
– I need your most dramatic before shot.

*2/2/11 is the due date for these items…send them to ASAP!


Submit your final entry by 4/11/11…
Final entry info located here:

Spectacular Week Ahead

I am so pumped up for the week ahead~ the sun is supposed to shine every day!!! I think spring is finally really here~ whoohooo~’
Yesterday was a semi-off day for me…as most of you know I have a personal challenge of to workout “everyday in MAY” even if it’s only 11 mins and yesterday it was just about that.
I started with testing my back a bit with about 30 seconds of easy jumping then I rode the bike for 2 mins, did a set of pull ups (10) then bike for 2 mins; pull ups (6) then about 5 mins of yoga; then bike for 3 mins and finished off with3 mins of biking and one last set of pull ups (8).

It was perfect and short enough so that it actually feels like I had a rest day yesterday.

Today, I slept in cuz we finished up late watching season 1 of “24” last night (BTW- I love NETFLIX!!!)…I got up too late to make church feeling discouraged too, bad!
I ended up sitting outside for quite awhile, then I cleaned (dishes, laundry, mopping, vacuume, etc…) and just now I got done with my run and ABS. I feel GREAT and am so fired up for a SPECTACULAR week ahead!!!!

MY PLAN:Oh my!! it’s already week #9 in our countdown to summer challenge !!! your mission On A Mission!!! this week is simple– Drink 1.5 gallons of water a each day
DAILY~ ABS!!! and have fun…last week I did good on this I played catch with the FB with my DS, juggled and played tennis with the kids. This week I hope to play tennis with Travis, go to the golf range and shoot hoops in my driveway! I also want to bring my girls to the new gym for dance class on Wednesday.

M- Legs and shoot some hoops with kids afterschoola
T-Back and a run
W-Chest at new gym in the afternoon
Th-run and tennis with Travis
Sa- Back and run
Sun-Chest(short workout–maybe just a bunch of push ups)

I am SOOOO happy to report that my back is really healing up great after the chioro appt I had on Thurs! I didn’t realize how much pain I was in for the past 2 months, now that it’s gone I feel like a new person!!! Next time I will go to the chiro sooner!

Let’s all have a SPECTACULAR week!!!