I am Ellie

the DAY after being sick is always one that you have be aware of spending your energy wisely…I think I did pretty good!! I got to sleep in because yet again we had a snow day today!! We’ve had 1 day of school so far this year, lol!!

Anyhow, I actually didn’t hardly notice the kids being home today.

I got several things done today:

– Worked with my MIL for about 2 hours on the family tree for her and her husband’s side (He’s dead) of the family.

-Cooked up a bunch of eggs for all of us: Ate mine with salsa

-Got orders packed up for PO

-Gave my dog a bath

-Spent some time on BodySpace accepting friends

– Wrote a blog about my trainer friends!! LOVE THEM!! http://buffmother.com/8323/goodoldfriends/

-Worked out– See the pic below


AND 1 other thing I did today was I bought another Domain on GoDaddy www.EllieBerger.com  ~~~ this I’ll explain for you~~

In 1997 I had a goal, to once again attend the Miss Hawaiian Tropics pageant in Hawaii representing Fargo, ND.  I had gone 2 years prior in 1995 as a 20 year old naive, Michelle Berger.  After that first trip,  I learned a about how much better I looked with blonder highlights, how heels accentuated my entire body,  how the art of flirting was vital to success (thanks to my day job as a HOOTERS girl) and that there was magic in having a chest that was 2 cup sizes bigger

I was far more prepared to represent the great city of FARGO with a new identity “Ellie Berger”.  Acutally, my husband urged me to take on the nickname Ellie when I started as a hooters waitress….It worked and it stuck.  I lived as Ellie for several years of my life.  Many of my friends never even knew my name was Michelle.  I Just Did it, I just changed my name to Ellie and lived it large.  I went on to represent Fargo, ND as Ellie Berger in the 1997 National Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant in Oahu Hawaii. Then I move to Dallas as Ellie Berger the New Home Sales Consultant, etc…. it was a huge success and I love the nick name.  I just did it!! It was a life full of successful moments that I prepared for, worked hard towards and OWNED as Ellie Berger.  So I plan to press into that again.  My nick name is Ellie, and you can feel free to call me that any time!


I’m not sure what I am going to do with the domain yet, but for now I think it’s cool to just have it. I just did it!!!


Own it!!





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