Day 38

“BuffMotherobics!”- any mode you like (running, swimming, biking, elliptical, jumprope, rowing, etc…)
20 minutes of “Even Minute” INTERVALS
Min 1-3: Warm up
Min 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 hard/ “on” even minutes
Min 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 easier/recovery minutes
Min 16-20 cool down

Then ABS- as a circuit twice through (2 sets of each) a) Roman Chair Knee UPS- 2×20
b) Ball Crunches- 2×15
c) Standing High Knees- 2×20 each leg
d) CATS- 2 x 3 reps of each position- holding both up (CAT) and down (DOG) for 5 seconds each
e) Vacuums- 2 sets of 5 10 second vacuums (10-20 sec rest between reps)



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  1. Today may not be intervals but I’m looking forward to it. The kids want in on my workout so I’m going to throw them on their bikes and run with them to a park three miles away. We will have some play time, goof around and head back. Im sore from yesterdays leg work out!!!!! Hopefully I can keep up with my speedy three.

  2. Intervals! I look forward to cardio days. The even minute intevals made the work out go by FAST!

  3. I’ve always been weak in cardio. It’s pretty awesome to see how much more stamina I have now. Same goes for abs. I was doing my 7in7 yesterday and I was so surprised and pleased by how much easier my Ab work has gotten. I’ve never had a strong core and it is so motivating to not have to struggle just to do one set of abs!!

  4. So I haven’t forgotten but this “vacation” has turned into a really crazy busy time. Haven’t fallen off the bandwagon … Hope to get “something” in before bed but I’m running on 3 hr of sleep and the baby isn’t cooperating in getting to bed.

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