6-pack of LACROIX: “Fab Abs” Day 9

In our Fab Abs Challenge we are going to be enjoying some nice 6 packs of Lacroix, coke, pepsi, mug, 7up and my favorite BudLt!Today’s […] Read More

6pack of PEPSI: “Fab Abs” Day 8

Today’s Fab Abs workout challenge is to have a 6 pack of PEPSI~ “6 pack of PEPSI” repeat this circuit 3 times P= Plank: 20 […] Read More

Nostalgic November- Catch Up

First off, I just uploaded a new video about “ENERGY ANGEL” To enter give away, comment on video and share video! I’m giving away 10 […] Read More

I love weights!

Today was a TIME WARP day, lol! I slept in this morning and ever since have been on the GO! GO! GO!! Still feeling pretty […] Read More

Errand Day

Hey all, I hopped out of bed this morning and got going on a ton of errands. Felt good to get things crossed off my […] Read More


Hi Ladies!! Today is another day of filming “PHONE IN THE ATTIC”…so I’m up early, Drinking Coffee. Before I hit the shower I wanted to […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 4

30 days “Get Buff”- Day 4 Workout: Day #4 Sprints! Run 10 mins 2*x100m sprints run 4 mins Time between Sprints= full recovery  2-5 mins […] Read More

Time is Flying!

It’s day 13 in our Hot Hiney Contest~ Can you believe we are almost 2 weeks done with it??   Today’s contest post~   Hot […] Read More

Favorite Upper body exercise??

I love benching!! What’s your favorite Upper body exercise?? I bench press in this Video… Have a lovely, SUNDAY!! -Michelle

28 days of Christmas: Day 10

XMAS Day 10: “rest day”… If you’ve gotten in your workouts this week, you deserve a rest day.  Resting and letting your muscles recover is […] Read More