Attack Mode ~Days 1 & 2 of 70

I am so fired up for these next 10 weeks.  The timing is perfect…I feel like I am ready to attack!!  I plan to keep in “attack mode” and keep my focus, by keeping it simple.

MY 2011 SuperSTAR Success Goals:

  1. Workout no less than 5 times a week (50 workouts)
  2. Eat 2 veggies and at least 1 fruit daily (140 veggies and 70 fruits, WOW!)
  3. Find a “scary” goal (at this point i have no clue, any ideas???)

Had a good weekend- enjoyed a date with Travis, watched the the UFC fights, had a good time at  church and a watched a couple good football games.  I’m rooting for the Steelers to win it all!!  As for workouts I got in 2 solid workout days.  Last night I did intervals on the u-bike for 20 mins +10 mins of steady + 5 mins jumping drills= 35 mins tota and Saturday I got to the gym for a leg workout:

Warm up- tanning and ran 10 mins (1.07 mile total, average speed 6.6)
Squats- 45×15, 95×10, 135×10, 155x10x2sets
Dead lifts- 135x3sets (one set conventional)
Seated calf raises- 90x15x2sets
Leg extensions- one leg at a time 35x10x3sets
Leg curls- one leg at a time 35×10, 30×10 and together 75×10
Abs- knee ups on roman chair 25, 20

Got a sick little one home today- Tia seems to have the same fever illness that Layla had last week.  Poor baby.

Let’s have a KILLER 70 days!!
I am in ATTACK MODE? ARE you??



Week #1 Mini Challenge- SSS 2011 *response required by 2/2

It’s almost time for you to START your 10 week Super STAR Success journey!!

We’ll officially start tomorrow, Monday Jan. 24.  I find it easiest to start new challenges and contests on MONDAYS.

Therefore we’ll count Monday as day #1 of 70; the start of week #1 of 10 weeks.

The goal of this contest is to keep you CONSISTENT so that you can attain your SuperSTAR Success!

To help you be consistent I’ll be providing weekly “Mini-Challenges” which will give you a focus point and help you towards your goals.
The Challenges are meant to be added as an EXTRA to your current fitness and diet routine. 

I will also be posting many fun updates on my blog and facebook pages.
Please chim in with comments there- It’ll help you stay accountable!!

Week #1 MINI CHALLENGE- take measurements, stats, pictures, journal or blog your starting thoughts,
and begin with the end (SUCCESS) in mind.  This challenge will take some time and a bit of courage.
Once you have completed your basic stats and beginning pictures please e-mail them to

*Prize Eligibility REQUIREMENT!!  2/2/11 is the due date for thefollowing items:

e-mail address:


Beginning STATS-


AND at least 1 Picture– I need your most dramatic before shot.

*2/2/11 is the due date for these items…send them to ASAP!

Please look at the final entry form so you know what you’ll need to submit in order
to be eligible to WIN~

Have a great week #1 and I’ll be in touch next Sunday with your Mini-Challenge for week #2!!!


p.s. I would love to have you join our Rally Room for more info and support during the 10 weeks!! (it’s free for the first 30 days)

Day 2
My goals for the next 10 weeks: do at least 5 workouts a week; eat at least 2 veggies and 1 fruit daily and find a “scary” goal! One day I got it done- did a chest workout, ate a banana, a spicy v8, stir-fry veggies and may have found a goal…women’s football, HMM??— I’m killin’ it!! I’m headed out for a run now- I’m planning on finishing it with 3 sprints, walking lunges and ABS!

UFC Fighters are Super Heroes!

Hey Ya!! 

It’s FRIDAY and we’ve made it most of the way through week #1 with amazing success!!! I love all the energy and exicitement here in the rally room.  All of you are what keep me going!!!  On tap for me this weekend is watching the UFC fights!! I love it~ a couple of the fighters I am cheering for are Franklin and CroCop.  The fights are in Dallas this time…Just 6 hours away…ROAD TRIP anyone?  In my opinion UFC Fighters are Super HEROES!

 Here’s a video to keep you pumped up for the SSS contest and know this is a LIFESTYLE!!

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Sprintin’ Sun
HI~ I just got back from my interval run/sprints/bike workout that totaled 30mins :)
I ran 4 intervals, 4 sprints and then biked for 10 mins~ fun stuff!!!

I expect  to be able to finish today stronger than yesterday for my eating portion of the CHAMPION weekend challenge, lol~ I ended up drinking a couple beers and cocktails and eating some CHIPS during the UFC fights last night~ so my STELLAR day will have to be today, lol!  The fights were fun to watch, but I thought a couple of them were BORING~ I tell you what though, I would NEVER want to be in a fight with Brock Lessnar…that guy is gigantic and very athletic!  Heath Herring is probably in the hospital still from the beating he took last night–OUCH!

Have a Champion day yourself!!

Restful Day

Well, I’ve been trying to REST today….along with cleaning the house, laundry and cooking, etc…

My little Twins are sick, poor girls!! They both came down with fevers yesterday and the stomach flu.  AND both have been major sleepy heads.  You know kids are sick when they lay around all day!  It tears my heart out to see them that way.

Last night we watched the UFC fights, in OHIO~ It made me want to go to the ARNOLD even more!  It sounds like all the girls that went had a blast~ the pictures were tooooooo cool!! Thanks for taking so many great ones girls!!!

here is my POA (Plan of Attack) for next week:
Boosting starts MONDAY c-day 19
T-upper body, run
Wed- off
Fri-Back, run
Sat- Chest, intervals
Sun- Off

*ABS daily*
Gotta go fold some more laundry,

CATCH UP!! Sorry I’ve been gone so long

Hi Everyone~ sorry I’ve been a bad blogger lately, I promise to do better from here on out!!

Let’s play catch up a bit starting with last week–I took my first trip to VEGAS ever in my life, whooohooo!! Now that was FUN~
Here is a little rundown on what we did:

Post from 2-7-07
I am home from VEGAS~ and Vacation is OVER! WHAAAA~~ I loved the whole experience and being with my DH was soooo fun!!

We left late Thursday– had problems with our flights, so we didn’t even get to our hotel room until about 1:30am and we were beat~ and went to bed. BUT we made up for that lost night BIG TIME on the rest of the nights, not much sleep during the night.

We shopped, ate, met celebrities, exercised, danced, relaxed and just enjoyed the entire time we had away– I was amazed at how different Vegas was than I expected. It was much tamer than what everyone portrayed it to be, so that was an interesting surprise.

So Friday- we walked forever and shopped a ton– although I only bought 2 things a jean jacket and a shirt. DH got some jeans and T’s to wear out–so that was tiring– I am not a shopper and towards the end of that day, I was frustrated and thought “i hate shopping, so why am I shopping on vacation?”…so that was it for our shopping, lol!

That night we went out to eat–very YUMMY– we ate at Fiamma an expensive italian restaurant–the food was GREAT. Then we went and danced at Studio 54!

The next night was the UFC fights and we had great seats. Thanks to Xyience, we were on the floor about 10 rows away from the cage and mixed in with CELEBRITIES. The fights themselves were not the greatest, probably the worst CARD I have seen in the UFC. BUT, that was okay because the experience was SUPER!! So after the fights was the even more important after party at the Hard Rock’s Body English….for which we were VIP’s and we met and saw tons of the fighters. Tito Ortiz, Forest Griffin, Silva, Silvia, Rampage Jackson, Josh Burkman, Sam Hogar, Dean Lister, and several others who’s names elude me now. It was really fun!!

Then next couple days and nights were fun too…and all in all the vacation was perfect in length and activity. Our flight last night was late again and I am BEAT! so today has not been as productive as I’d hoped, however I am READY to hit life hard again now that I’ve been recharged.

I plan to wo here this afternoon!
I am so glad I can “come home” to such a cool life.

Love ya,

And this is from 2-8-07:

Re-entry complete

Getting back to life post vacation is interesting–but I think mine is now complete and successful.
Yesterday, I was a tired and today a bit too, but all in all by this afternoon I got things Rollin’ back to normal~ BUSY normal life!!

Tomorrow is AMAZINGLY Tia and Layla’s 4th Birthday~ I can’t believe it has been that long since they were CUT out of my big belly, lol! Oh how time flies and how glad I am that they are in this STAGE and not babies anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love babies, but not the responsibility of having basically 3 at a time (since little GRACIE is only 14 months older than the twins)–oh dear, I can’t believe I lived through all of that! BUT GOD had a plan, with out the adversity I suffered there would be no BuffMother and no Rally Room– that would suck 🙁

Okay- yesterday I ran outside 3.1 miles and 3 light sprints
Now today- I did a chest dominant upper body workout ran 10 mins on the treddy and then did 3 sets of walking lunges all around the track paired with 20 pushups
here is my lifting:

45×30 warm up
abs- roman chair knee up
crunches on bench

Incline flys
paired with tricep push downs

Cable poseddown bicep curls paired with cable flys
30x10x3 each exercise

wide Cable lat pull downs
50×25 or so reps x3 sets
2 sets knee ups

It felt good to have a good day back at my home gym~
Have a super night!!

So NOW today is Sunday and all the B-day stuff is over, which is good for me! But School is out this week, Darn it! How in the world am I going to get everything done with 4 kids home all day all week? Where there is a will there is a way~
I’ll post my POA for the week here in just a few-

Booty workout

Hi Gals!!
I just got home from my Leg workout 🙂

I am confused, is it really Wednesday? That is good and bad–I need some more time to get all my work done for the week, but GREAT because I am so pumped for the UFC fights on Saturday–
Who else is? Shauna, April, Jamie, Tracy??? It is gonna Rock- Tito and Arlofsky are gonna come away victorious!!

OKAY- In other news, I have been a cleaning lunatic today…Lots of laundry, lots of picking up, and lots more to do! Usually I tackle the kitchen first, well not today and now I am paying for it–:evil: what a mess! So as soon as I am done here I am off to do Kitchen duty and cook supper for me and my man- the kids are eating now 🙂

r-bike 15 min while reading my Message BIBLE-given to me by some lovely members of Team BuffMother!it was great~ the translation so much more fun to read…so I read song of songs…talk about steamy :evil:….if you ever need to get in the mood, read a couple chapters of that HOLY book, LOL…and then some proverbs. the 4th and 5th chapters–very wise stuff in there!

Sissy Squats/Romainians warm ups
Bench Knee ups
25 slow!

parallel: 135x8x2- I was dying here bad!

Dead lifts
135x10x2 narrow stance
125x10x2 wider stance

Sumo Squats

Seated calf raises

Leg press
290×10- horrible cramp in my foot…so I had to quit these

took a break here to recover from my cramp 🙁
Smith Lunges on a step

Knee Extensions

Roman chair knee ups
40 total

Leg curls
90×10,8, 6 – I could really feel all those dead lifts here

All in all this workout kinda stunk- I didn’t have enough fuel in my muscles to do as much as I wanted, but it is my last buffing workout for a while so that won’t happen for the next leg workout.

Enjoy your evening, I am off to clean

UFC here I come!!

I got some great news early this afternoon. My DH and I are going on a bit of a trip!! TO VEGAS for The UFC fights on March 4th, woohoo!

I am so excited about the entire aspect of the trip…even more incentive for me to work harder than ever to get buffer than ever.

This week my workout split has been a bit different here is the overview as I explained to Toni on the Yahoo group:
“About my split, not really a 5 day. It is a modified split…I am
building up to the 3 day 2x’s a week for next week. I had just been
having a hard time recovering. My CREATINE is kicking in and recovery
has already sped up.

Here is This week’s modified split…
Th-arms and shoulders
Sat-upper body
Sunday- off”

So that is the “plan”

Now for today’s workout:

I didn’t have to bring the kids!! So it was very relaxing all the way around:)
Warm up elliptical 5 min hard plus I had gone tanning just prior to going to the gym (light therapy for me)

120×5 no spotters, scarry

Incline Flys
35×8 they need to make a 37.5# db

Hammer flat bench
100×6 slight shoulder strain (an old injury I need to lay off of when I feel the pain)

Cable Flys(one arm at a time)

push ups slow

Ab work between sets
2 sets knee ups on the bench
4 sets knee ups on roman chair

Once I started doing my push ups I started feeling a little sick…but I decided to run regardless so:
warm up for run on elliptical (i do this to loosen up my knee)
4 min warm up on tready then
1 min @7,9,10 mph’s 3 times
the fourth time was 7, 9.5 and 11 for 30 seconds…then I had to stop becuase I though I was going to PUKE!!!

Icky…I have not felt that sick during a workout in ages. I think it was a combo of all the supplements I took and this nasty kind on GREEN Drink I bought yesterday (only cuz my hubby likes that kind, ick)

So all in all I still feel sick a bit, but I got a GREAT workout in. Tomorrow I am off from going to the gym so unless I go in the pm with my DH. Either way I will get in some bi’s, tri’s and shoulders.

Well, I think I need to eat something now…