Attack Mode ~Days 1 & 2 of 70

I am so fired up for these next 10 weeks.  The timing is perfect…I feel like I am ready to attack!!  I plan to keep […] Read More

UFC Fighters are Super Heroes!

Hey Ya!!  It’s FRIDAY and we’ve made it most of the way through week #1 with amazing success!!! I love all the energy and exicitement here […] Read More

Sprintin’ Sun HI~ I just got back from my interval run/sprints/bike workout that totaled 30mins I ran 4 intervals, 4 sprints and then biked for 10 […] Read More

Restful Day Well, I’ve been trying to REST today….along with cleaning the house, laundry and cooking, etc… My little Twins are sick, poor girls!! They both […] Read More

CATCH UP!! Sorry I’ve been gone so long

Hi Everyone~ sorry I’ve been a bad blogger lately, I promise to do better from here on out!! Let’s play catch up a bit starting […] Read More

Booty workout

Hi Gals!!I just got home from my Leg workout 🙂 I am confused, is it really Wednesday? That is good and bad–I need some more […] Read More

UFC here I come!!

Yippie!! I got some great news early this afternoon. My DH and I are going on a bit of a trip!! TO VEGAS for The […] Read More