Focus, focus

I am feeling my fitness focus increase! YAY!! But I need to keep it and keep it improving! So,  I joined a 6 week contest. It’s an either shred or bulk focus, but as you know My goals/plan are a bit different than most, I’ll shred for 2 weeks, then bulk for 2 then shred again for 2. Right now my focus is to shred, since I’m staring my “Buffing Phase”… we have the end of our “6 Weeks to Sexy contest” and the contest weigh in is in a week, plus I’m now in my buffing phase– fat is gonna be coming off!


I looked at a bunch of plans on and decided to just stick to my own. The goal is to  do a 3 day split : legs, back/bi/sh, chest/tri repeat…I’m striving to lift 6 days a week and 4 days of intervals (mostly running) post upper body lifting or on my day off of lifting. I’m focused on FINISHING this contest STRONG~ 6 to Sexy~ day 29: Finish It!!


Just 2 weeks left, meaning we are on week #5…my favorite challenge!!

6 to Sexy~ day 28: Wk #5 Bikini week


Here’s my bikini week:day 0 pic from yesterday~



Yesterday I got in my 20 mins bike; some Hiking around the farm (10mins worth) and a killer run! Out and back 9:45 out and 9 mins back- uphill even!


Let’s finish STRONG!



p.s. 6 Daily Goals–

  1. Cycle day- 5 Buffing is ON!
  2. Weight- 133 up today from bad food and some bad drinks this weekend. By tomorrow I’ll be down at least to 132. Goal for Friday is 129!!
  3. Sexy To do’s- do our week#5 challenge– bikini picture
  4. Workout- 20mins bike; Legs/abs and booty work!
  5. Meal POA- Protein, greens and fats (very low carbs the next 2 weeks)- buffing style P’s: protein powder, talapia, chicken, left over roast G’s: Cucumber, green beans,mushrooms, onions, radishes F’s: meat fat, dressing on salad, olives
  6. Sexy Actions- make Travis feel special…I think a good meal tonight will help that! Plus some sexy texts and sexual advances from me!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Go Time!

Okay ladies, it’s GO TIME for me…, prep for VEGAS PLUS, lots to do in LIFE!

We (my kids and I) plan to hit the track this afternoon for a good workout


Today’s Journal items:

6 Daily Goals– My sexy mindset

  1. cycle day- 7, I feel good~  I have good energy, a decent mood, I feel happy and healthy overall.  I feel like taking a day off workouts yesterday was a smart move
  2. weight- 127.0… great considering I ate salty chili last night prior to bed and that I had a day off workouts yesterday. I can tell I’ll need to start eating a bit more to sustain my track workouts.  I’ll start that AFTER VEGAS, lol!!
  3. To do’s- finish workout program for a client, get bunny food and clean cage, get in some good OUTSIDE time, Do a track workout with the kids!
  4. Workout- Track workout– some long some short– I’ll do a couple 400’s then I’ll focus on running 4-5x 100’s with the kids.  Believe it or not I’m still a bit sore in my feet from Monday– crazy!
  5. Meal POA- M1 done- protein powder+spinach in pineapple coconut water M2: tuna salad with tuna, 1 hb egg, salad dressing, sweet pickle relish and 1/4 c. cooked quona mixed M3: ?  M4: cooking a roast in oven with sweet taters, onions and carrots
  6. Sexy Actions-  get dolled up for the FIGHTS tonight~ They are free on FOX if you are interested!  I’ll wear a bit of extra make up, put on perfume and earrings.  Smile at, touch and flirt with the hubby

“What I Eat Wednesday”~ Shine in 49: Day 10

Sorry I’m a bit late with today’s post– I’ve had an unusual day– 2 sick kiddos home from school with ear infections~ Ouch!

“What I EAT” is going to be our Wednesday theme– so I’ve been taking pictures~ and I’ll be taking more…

So far today:

Over Easy Eggs- 4 of them salted
Coffee with half-n-half

Guac- 1 avacado smashed+ salsa+ salt and garlic salt
Baked Corn Chips

a Snack of a protein + water shake is coming up soon
I’ll be having a big salad with a large portion of chicken for dinner tonight– seriously close to 3 portions of protein can be in 1 breast!

Some other meal ideas:

  • small (3-4oz) chicken breast w/onions and mushrooms and some celery = P, G
  • 4oz tuna with salad dressing and relish on bread =1P,1C,1F
  • large green salad , with avocado or olives, w/grilled steak, dressing  and fruit for dessert = 1 P, 1G, 1C, 1F, 1W
  • Big lettuce salad with 2 cups romaine/spinach/baby greens –garninshed with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers+ 3oz Chicken and fixings- dressing, nuts, bacon bits, (fats)=PFGG
  • 3 whole eggs and blueberries (or another fresh fruit: apple, orange, strawberries, etc…) =PFC
  • Salmon 4oz and with a red/yellow pepper or spinach salad with a vinaigrette dressing= PFCG
  • protein shake = PC (ideas: OJ+ vanilla protein powder; Choc whey+ unsweetened almond or coconut milk; choc protein powder+ water+ 1 cup frozen berries; Choc protein+ water+ a couple ice cubes+ banana mixed with hand blender)
  • 6-7 oz of chicken (seasoned or marinated to your desire cooked in olive oil on 1 cup rice or beans and 1 cup of green veggies (asparagus, brocilli, pea pods or onions/peppers) with 2PCGF


FOR more info on diet check out this article I wrote: “EAT TO FUEL YOUR LIFE”-


The foods you choose eat can really accelerate your results– focus on proteins and greens!!
Work it this Wednesday!!

Love ya,


Tally-Licious Tuesday!!

Hey Chickas!!  What a super fun yet exhausting weekend I had!  It was all good despite my sprained ankle….Travis and I went out on a date Friday night and on a whim decided to stay at a hotel vs. going home- It was so fun to get away for a night with HIM!!  Then on Saturday we kept busy with some good family time then finished the night by watching the UFC event!  It was really fun to see the fits all go the way I wanted!!  Sunday was a bit more active- we had several errands to run and my son had footbal practice.  I skipped my football practice again- which made me sad!  I was very frustrated about my ankle sprain Sunday afternoon~ but my man made me feel better by playing catch with me.  I couldn’t move around too much but It was really fun and I felt so much better after wards!

My workouts for the weekend were non- existant, which is not what I planned, but I’m not regretting it.  I needed the time off my ankle and needed the quality time much more than I needed to go to the gym.

Yesterday I hit the gym for a good sweaty workout- and the TWO WEEK TALLY helped push me harder!!
Tan for warm up

knee ups on bench 3 sets

pull ups
10, 8

intervals on r bike- these felt great!! 20 mins

Pull ups 11
Roman chair knee ups 2 sets
Lower back extensions- 1 set

Then I was going to do more cardio on the elliptical but my ankle didn’t like that motion- so I opted to lift a bit more to get in more workout time

Seated One arm rows
70x15x2 sets
Bicep Curls

Tally recap-

Workout time- 60mins= 15 points- 20 min lifting; 20 min intervals; 20 min lifting
Bench- 6 sets= 10 pts
Pull ups- 3 sets= 5
Abs- 6 sets=5

Diet=5 points- weird eating day….I didn’t have appetitie- plus my bladder was bothering me a bit
4- P’s protein powder (2), hamburger (2)

5- Greens
Salsa (2) and I guess I could counts some corn for the chips I ate with it 🙂
Tomoato sauce
Green beans- raw

TOTAL for day 1/14= 40points

Have a Tally-licious  TUESday ladies!!

“Two week TALLY!” RR contest~!!


Here’s how it will work- Starting today Sept 27th and Ending October 10th we’ll TALLY points for 2 weeks based upon how we eat and what we do for exercise- it’s easy to get points and it’ll be easy to tally up if you make it a habit to blog your eats and workout daily.


5 protein portions in a day 5 points
5 total portions of  fruits or veggies/greens in a day 5 points



Each 20 minutes of any exercise 5 points
3 sets of Squats  5 points
3 sets of Bench or DB
Presses or Push-Ups
5 points
3 sets of Pull-ups (assisted or inverted) or Lat Pull-downs 5 points
5 sets of AB/Core exercises 5 points
100 lunges 5 points

A great goal is to shoot for at least 15 points every day…but honestly you could attain more than 40 points in a day! 

Let’s go for it and see how many points we can tally over the next 2 weeks!  It’s up to you to tally your points- I’d suggest doing it daily in your blog!

To officially participate:

  1. Count your point tally
  2. Submit your final 2 week tally on “FINAL TALLY” post  we are done!

2 weeks is the perfect amount of time to stay FOCUSED!! Let’s go for some HIGH SCORES!!


**notes about counting***

I’d like to keep the point counting very simple. 

The points are 5 for each 3 sets of an exercise …no dividing.  So if you do 3 sets you get 5, if you do 6 sets you can get 10. But if you do only 2 sets you get 0 points and the betweens (4 or 5 sets) don’t count towards points.

Same thing with the food, 5 points for if you get 5 p’s, but 0 points if you get 4 protiens eaten.

5 for if you get in 5 friuts or veggies- 0 if you get in only 4.

some examples-

15 points  for a 60 min long workout

5 for 5 sets squats

5 for 3 sets of bench press

5 for your fruits/veggies

0 points for 4 portions of proteins

For a total of 30 points for a day- that’s awesome cheerleaders

Hot Yoga & Other Musings of my Mind

Well…Hot yoga was good- not as hot as I expected, the moves were rather painless but the results were a great overall feeling of calm and relaxation in my body and muscles. I would do it again- it’s the perfect “active rest” day activity. I’m happy I tried it- It was also fun to see my friend and visit another gym.  I really wish wish my gym offered the class 🙂

The past 2 days I’ve been dealing with some odd hormonal side effects.  I had night sweats really bad, had muscle cramps yesterday and was very light headed this morning.  Today is cycle day 22…my weight is 130.

I’ve been eating really good today-
proteins: eggs, taco meat, protein powder
fruits: apple
Veggies: carrot, broccoli slaw
others- coffee, cream, sugar, creatine punch, Ester-C

My Sweet Dear Daughters have been talking with me about doing the talent show this spring at school.  They get “groups” together to do dances to songs etc…My hubby sweetly suggested that I help them choreograph a dance.   I jokingly said my dancing would probably be inappropriate for the elementary school stage

I found a video that made me think of my little performer Layla dancing:

It’s very unique and just her style- she does robotic moves quite naturally, she is skinny like this lady, plus it’s funny that her brother’s nick name is Guns. “Son of a Gun”.

In other news:

my sister is coming to visit in less than 10 days.  It’s been several years since she’s been able to come here for a visit!  It’ll be a fun time!  I’d like to get my taxes done before she comes and I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get some “handyman” jobs completed prior to her visit.  I’ll add that to my to do list 🙂

my kid’s spring break got cut down due to snow days- which makes me rather happy, hehe.  I think I’ll enjoy the shorter break much more than a longer one….maybe we can GO somewhere for a couple days- I’ll have to see how the hubby’s schedule shakes out.

I have a new Tuesday workout partner.  She’s a girl on my football team and we’re going to switch off going to each other’s gyms every other Tuesday.  It should be fun- her and I are 2 of the smaller girls on the team- so we both need to focus on maintaining/gaining our strength and weight.

I have some business ideas bouncing around in my head and need to figure out what and how I should attack.  I have been at a indecisive “stand still” for a couple months… it’s almost time for my strategic attack.  My time management focus this month has already helped me realize it’s important to attack projects that have the most IMPACT vs. just being busy.  I am a business owner and should be focused on the BIG VISION, not the little day to day tasks.  Day to day tasks need to get done, but they can be done by others.  Delegation is key to time management.

Kids are home now and we have to go get some groceries, do homework, cook, eat, clean, read, etc…

Have a great evening!!



Sore Booty JOY!

I have a sore booty today~ OH JOY!!  I love a sore booty…it is a sign that I accomplished the goal of my leg workout!  Glute muscles have always been a challenge for me.  My natural body has a very small booty~ the booty I have is manufactured by hard work and tons of consistent effort!

Here’s a quick run down of yesterday’s leg workout- the smith lunges were the finishing touch that got me sore.


Warm up ran 5 mins on treadmill
175×8 (most reps at this weight in recent past)

Dead Lifts
55×15 warm up set

Seated leg press- 2 sets
Hack squats- 2 sets
Calf rasies- seated- 2 sets
Smith Lunges-

some between set stuff:
Explosive bulgarians
side lunges
Cat/Dog stretches
Roman chair knee ups- 1 big set
Lower back extensions
Calf streches
Hip flexor stretches


P: Chix (2), protein powder, hamburger (taco meat), Slim Jims
C: Rasins, Chips (corn), Carrot
F: Dressing, Olives, meat fat, pumpkin seeds
G:Salsa, Lettuce (romain)
T: 0!!

totals= 5, 3, 3.5, 3, 0 ; Grade A for the day!

Monday’s hormone report: Cycle day 5, weight- 130, small bloat- from bad eating on Sunday, good mood, great focus, low stress, high energy, some pain in abs- sore from sprints and quads, sciatic a bit worse which means time for a leg day, during workout no sciatic pain- a bit of lower back tightness and rt. hamstring tightness, Yes I was hungry in the evening and as I tried to fall asleep, slept GREAT, good libido, a few zits

I’ll be back with Today’s report later 🙂  Tennis , a back lifting workout and a short run are on taps!
Hope you can find joy in a sore booty like I can!!

Love ya,


Tremendous Tues; MB~day 2

Today is TREMENDOUS TRAINING day!! I am so blessed to have the honor of training some AMAZING clients…it is so fun!!!
Just recently SEVERAL of them have blown me away with super awesome results~ in just 4 week time frames.  It is TREMENDOUS!!

Success Tool1- chart cycle
c-day 27
Weight 128
symptoms- night sweats, bloated belly, tired, relaxed, happy, better mood, less anger

2 I am boosting- today is a rest day…I’ve worked out for 5 days in a row…time for a day off (but I’ll still do 3 sets of squats!!)
3- Truth Hammer today- Delight yourself in the LORD!

4-Focus on Solutions; take action list

grocery shopping
post office
5 Who did I energize today?
My RR friends…especially Stacy, Helen and Trisha

6 Legacy Perspective
I snuggled with Tia and Layla this morning
I spend a bit of time with my MIL working on a puzzle of Jesus on the Cross
i worked hard!
I will have some quality relax time with DH tonight

7 The Little things~ my MOJO

Ate Brussels Sprouts for Breakfast…that always gets my MOJO going!!

8 Plan of Attack!
Squats- 3 sets of 10 in garage after a short walk outside.

Daily core- Vacuums while waiting in line at the store
p- abs while walking around shopping

Extras: grocery shopping (didn’t make it last night as planned…so i did it today)

9 the 5-4-3-2-1 Diet
Soo far at 6pm
PP- beef, protein powder (filet planned for dinner)
CC- Carbs in stew, juice,
GG- brussel sprouts
F- fat in meat
T- little debbie pb/choc snack bars (I bought these at a moment of weekness last week on c-day 20)
water is a bit low…but catching up
10 This Journaling ROCKS!!~~~
I am once again planning to do my MINI challenge tomorrow~ fill out my starting stats and get my starting pictures up.

Other plans on tap for tomorrow (kid free day):
SHOP- go to TARGET first thing in the morning, then the outdoor mall to the Buckle for JEANS and get nails done there
need a pair of jeans

Then register twins for school

A Massage at 2 pm!!!  I a so excited

Phone calls from 4-6pm

Then my workout: Squats for sure~ LEGS! or run~ we’ll see what happens :)
As usual~
Love ya,

Are You Protein Deficient?

Hello! I am trying to get things back to normal this month…Summer is crazy and the last thing I want to do is be inside on the computer, but until I get my laptop that’s what I am doing.

I thought I would share my newest article with all of you:

Are you Protein Deficient?

What makes a person look old? Is it their wrinkles, gray hair or dentures?
Yes in part, but mainly it is their body, or specifically lack of a “body”. Lack of muscle is what makes someone look old! Are you fighting the battle with age and losing?

I know I was! After having 4 children in less than 4 years, I looked closer to 48 than 28. I was disgusted! So I joined the gym, worked out at least 5 days a week and followed a traditional diet. It took me about 4 months to realize that what I was doing was not creating the body I desired. It wasn’t until I doubled my protein intake that my body started looking younger and better. Up until then, I was Protein deficient!

Do you workout without getting results? You may be protein deficient also. I’ve noticed that 9 out of every10 of my clients were protein deficient when I originally assessed their diets. In my opinion protein deficiency is the #1 reason that people (especially women) fail to attain the body they desire. Protein is the building block of every cell in our bodies and without protein muscle simply disappears.
Other than age there are many other factors that can accelerate muscle loss:

  • Pregnancy
  • Sickness
  • Malnutrition
  • Inactivity
  • Dieting
  • Over training

The only proven and effective way to maintain/rebuild your muscle mass is to weight train and eat properly. Without both components, you will have limited success.

How Much Protein Should You EAT?
Eat your goal body weight in grams of protein daily. I want to weigh 125; therefore I want to eat 125g of protein per day. Each gram of protein has 4 calories, so I should have at least 600 calories per day from protein. Listen to this bonus: calories from protein require about 1 calorie per gram to digest, so you actually burn calories just by eating protein.

The Basics about Protein:

  • Protein has 4 calories per gram
  • Protein takes extra energy to digest, up to 1 calorie per gram.
  • Protein is essential for muscle maintenance and growth.
  • It can be converted to use for energy.
  • It takes up to 3 hours to digest.
  • The most popular proteins are animal, milk based and soy based.


Why Do I Use Protein Supplements?

TIME- It takes 25 minutes to make a chicken breast and less than 1 minute for a protein shake. Let’s face it, life is hectic and unfortunately most proteins are not readily consumable. They need to be cooked and don’t sound too appetizing at times. Also, the volume of protein needed is hard to fit into our busy lives. As a result, supplementation has become an essential way to help us meet our daily needs.

My recommendations for supplementation:
Use it as a supplementation, not a foundation
Generally consume no more than 1-2 servings a day of a protein supplement
Find a brand or flavor that you like, use it as part of a meal or a special treat
Consider consuming it with optimal timing: pre-workout and post-work

My Recommended Purchases:

Whey protein is one of the most pure ways to get great quality, easy to digest protein in your diet. It also tastes good and is very convenient:

And you may also enjoy getting some good protein supplements–  here’s my recommendation for you on that-

Optimum Nutrition (ON)- NATURAL  chocolate or vanilla are the flavors I’ve tried-

If you like pudding or a thicker consistency ON’s Natural Casein is another good option-

This is another good option to add to shakes or baked goods is the flavorless-

Another option:— they have good natural whey products in many flavors

**Important things to remember when consuming a higher protein diet:
~Protein requires a lot of water to digest, so drink extra water. Be especially aware of this during the hot summer months.
~Make sure to eat your veggies also. Too much protein without enough fiber/water is not good, so eat 2-3 large servings of veggies a day.

The Bottom Line:

It is impossible to build a great looking body without consuming adequate protein daily!