Stand and Dance abs: “Fab Abs” Day 13

NO Equipment, no problem– you can still get a great cardio workout and for your abs too!

Your Challenge for Fab ABS day #13 is to do this STANDING ABS + Dancing abs for at least 13 minutes! Put on some music and get moving!!


Be sure as you do this workout to use good posture- tummy in, keeping core nice and tight, we want to create a long lean midsection
1- hopping with variations of side to side “ski jumping” keep chest high, long lean torso and tummy tight- use a mirror to make sure you are not favoring one side over the other.
2- Do some runner drill high knee skipping with the variation of forward, more side to side movement and exaggerated crunch by bringing upper body toward knee.
1 min of it followed by 1 minute of recovery in just marching= interval training!!

Dancing- ab twist


Your BuffMother, Michelle

Shine in 49 Runner Up – Sarah Pacia

Name: Sarah Pacia of RI
Number of children and ages (it’s okay if you have 0): 2 boys ages 6 and 2
Age: 41

Why did you enter the “Shine in 49” contest by BuffMother? I entered because I want to win!   I am excited to be in a contest.  I also joined the contest because I know how great Michelle is at motivating me and how knowledgeable she is.  This contest also fell at the perfect time to get in shape for bikini weather.

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 49 days? The mirror is a great tool!  The group on facebook also kept me going.  Every time I would hear about someone else’s great results it pushed me to try harder.  I felt so good working out and seeing results. I care about myself and want to feel good about me and my body.

How do you feel about your success? I feel good about my results.  My clothes fit better and I am confident in my workouts and in wearing shorts!

What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals? I had to be flexible when finding a time to work out.  My husband is a firefighter and is gone at off hours and I have 2 young boys with no family nearby to help with childcare.  The gym I belong to does not provide childcare.  Another obstacle is I live in a house of white carb lovers but overtime the temptation of eating foods that go against my goals went away!  I also work in Boston part time and when I’m gone it’s for 12 hours a day.  Really, none of the obstacles slowed me down much, I had a goal in sight to get in the best shape I can over the 7 weeks.

What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother ? I’ve been telling anyone who I speak with about working out that I’m in the contest and how Michelle had 4 children in 4 years and won several competitions the following year.  I also tell them how she helps other moms and women get in shape online and offers so much help and support.

Can I have your permission to post your entry online? Yes


DATES taken-     Beginning 4/23/12     Ending date 6/9/12

Height: 5’7″
Weight: 140,135
Hips:40, 38

Today’s Date:_6/9/2012_______
height:______5’7″______ weight:___135________ age:_41______
Please list the following measurements:
Bust (around the biggest part, women only):33,  32
Chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides):34, 34
Waist (the smallest part):28,  27
Hips (the largest part of your butt):40,  38
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides):41.5, 42.5
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm):10, 10.5
Thigh (8” above Knee cap): 22,  19.2
Thigh (12” above Knee cap):22.5,  21.5
Calf (7” below knee joint):11.5, 12

I lost 7.8 inches and 5 lbs during this contest!

Before and After Pictures


6-9-12  Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for holding this contest and providing such great and helpful information that I am going to continue to use towards my goal of being fit and in the best shape of my life!

I’m having a really hard time choosing 1 after photo so am attaching 1 before and 2 after…I’m sorry if that’s a bother!  I want to show you my back and my abs.  I love to do core exercise 🙂  I feel like it keeps me strong in my workouts and in every day life.  My true before and after picture if I had to choose would be the 2 pictures from behind.

You have done wonderful things for me including helping me feel good about myself and I can’t thank you enough!  Thanks again for giving me so much. I will continue to spread the word about buffmother!

Your friend,


“All-OUT April!!” Is ON!!…I am going all out on my running this month~ prepping for my first 5k race in 10 years~ eeekk!!! What’s your fitness goal for this month?

Let me catch you up on the past 3 days:

Friday I worked out like a banshee…I had 30 mins and I got in a killer HEAVY upper body lifting workout during that time– I even threw in some abs. Then, I came home did a Zuzuka workout– ZWOW #11… I had a hard time mastering the mule kicks…but I think by the end of the 10 mins I figured them out– it’s fun to try new exercises!!

and then I Saw a couple long lost friends in the mirror..Ms Hammie and Miss ITband! My running legs are coming back!!

Right after this picture on Friday, I went for a great 5k (3.1 mile run) of intervals outside.

THEN I strapped on my boots, put on my pants and hat–and got my FIRE ON!!  Here’s a picture of our fire that we built Friday night at the base of TWINS Falls…there was a bunch of old wood that had washed down the gully– Travis and I lit it up and a BLAST doing it!

Saturday, was another busy, active day–without and official workout.  I was SORE from my workouts on Friday + Tired from staying up so late on Friday night.  Somehow I found the energy to run errands, bring Gunner to a friend’s house, and I dug up about 20 little yearling trees from my old house to bring out to the farm.

On Sunday, I worked in my garden. While I was out there, I got SCARED to death by this big BLACK snake.  When Travis heard me scream he knew it was a snake and came to my aid in killing it.  He held it down with the rake and I cut it’s head with the clipper you see on the ground.  NASTY Thing! Black snakes are not dangerous to humans, but I don’t like having this big one around to scare me or the girls.  I’m sure there are plenty more out there to help keep the rodent population under control, lol!

Anyhow, even after seeing the snake the girls decided to go down to the creek.  I bought them all new boots to wear on their journey. Aren’t they CUTIES?!

I’m almost done planting my garden– got some seeds left to plant.  AND I have a bunch more trees to transplant from town….I’ll be keeping busy outside for a while…I LOVE IT!

I had tentatively planned to do a hill run yesterday, but opted out of it.  I’ll be getting my run in today instead.   It’s actually been working great for me to run M, W, F  each week.

Well, I have a “to do” list to attack!!  Have a great MONDAY!!


p.s. The 21 day kick the habit winners are announced :

Challenge = Change


Our bodies are master adapters. The more we challenge them the more they
change to accommodate those demands. The good news about this is that if
you continually challenge yourself, your body will change. The bad news is
that if you don’t continually challenge it, it will stop changing and may even

5 main ways to change for more challenging workouts:

How hard are you pushing? Do you push yourself to the MAX
each workout? Do you only ever “go through the motions”—social exerciser?
Do you vary your intensity to get different results? Do you like to
take your time? Do you like to “get it done”?

How often do you work out? How often do you lift each body
part? How often do you do intervals? How often do you do other fitness

How long do you workout at a time? How long are your lifting sessions?
How long are your intervals? How much other time do you devote
to fitness activities?

What type of activities do you do? Do you cross train? Are you training
for a certain sport? What lifts do you do for each body part?

#5-Rest intervals
How many “rest” days do you take? How much time between
each lifting set/exercise do you do? How much time between hard intervals
do you “rest”? How much time do you “rest” each day? Do you purposely
take time to “de-stress”?

“The path of least resistance leads to a poor reflection in the mirror.”

My pants fell down~

Well not really but close!
I had my PINK low rise terry sweat pants on today and even though I “knew” better, I went running/worked out in them anyhow…and they didn’t want to stay up!

So my at home workout looks like this:
u bike 5 mins
run around block 5 mins
2 slow sprints
Day 2 in a row of squats
*between sets cleaned the garage (where my home gym is located)
135x 8×2
full squats no weight about 15
(BTW- i did do squats last night 95×10x3sets)

Dead lifts
95×20 or more…big huge set
95×10 feeling that first set already, lol!
some standing ab work in the mirror–the great aspect of working out at home :)

 no weightx10

Then ran around the block again in 4 mins this time.

it took me forever, but it was a good small workout~ I really struggle working out at home…but I want to change that!!

I am off to get 4 kiddos to bed!


I believe I have had a great month of BELIEF building this MONTH!! There is HUGE power in believing!! WE must believe we can have what we desire in order to ever see it happen. That is why we must learn how to believe. Simply saying positive things about your body, your workouts and you nutrition will enable you to start believing them. For instance if you look in the mirror and see a fat belly looking back- tell that image, YOU will be tiny and flat soon! That will help you start to believe that it will happen. By doing it continually you will take action towards making that happen and soon your belief will be a reality!! BELEIVE that you can be buff and don’t settle for anything less than a spectacular life!! You can live your dream!!! Believe it!!

My Day yesterday was good despite the change in plans. I cleaned in the morning a bit before the photoshoot~ which was good to have done, I also did a bunch of laundry, which now needs folding  🙁

Greens for yesterday:
Ziga, Pea pods- way too many, lol!

warm up u-bike 15 mins
Cybex pull downs
paired with knee ups
40(20front, 10sides)x3sets

pull ups 7
hanging knee ups- all the way up into a ball
15- hard!!

Standing BB shoulder press
45×10 front, 10 behind
65×10 frontx10x2
paired with bicep curls
45×10 bicep curls
added in between 2 sets of inverted pull ups 10 reps each and one more set hanging knee ups

Hammer High lat Isolateral pulls
70x10each armx3sets

Seated rows
paired with
25#plate front raisesx12x3

Ran- on treddy at 2%grade
a couple of intervals then steady at 9mph for 10 mins straight
a total of 20 mins

Good workout~ I will go to the gym around 1 to do a good chest workout with some intervals

Have a fun this LAST day of JUNE~ amazing!

Belief quote for today:
“We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.”
-Louisa May Alcott

Saturday continued….
Well, I got all my laundry DONE, folded and put away.  Then it was time to do my workout~ so off to the gym we went

got there and chatted for 15 mins with a fellow gym ratt then got a good 12min r-bike warm up

Chest press 70×15 warm up for
95x10x3 in a circuit with
10 push upsx3
25 situps x3

Incline flys
35×6, plus 30×4
35×5, plus 30×5
paired with
bench dips 10 focused on shoulder contraction at the end of each

Cable flys
paired with
tricep extensions

pose down Bicep curls
paired with cable flys

Bicep Curls
paired with tricep push downs
95 x10x3
burn out set

Then I did the elliptical
8 intervals mixed alternating 4- 30sec@14 moving arms as if I was running  and 4- 20sec@15 holding on ones….
total time 20 mins

That’s all!
greens today
ziga, pea pods, asparagus

Now to shower~

Can you say “Mirror Motivation”??

Oh man I am a sweaty mess!! and do you know why?


I felt like going easy on my intervals, maybe kinda slacking, but as I put on sports bra #2 in the locker room I saw my reflection in the mirror and was instantly MOTIVATED~~I love it!!
So I ran my booty off in my intervals and now feel SUPER

prior to my intervals I did this:
10 min
elliptical 10 min

cybex lat pulls 120×10
push ups
15 reps x4 sets

kneeups on roman chair
3 sets of 25

Seated rows
Ab wheel
3 sets 15, 12, 10

more ab crunches

then I ran intervals
6 min warm up
then a min at 7,8,9,10,8,9,10,8,9,11, 8,9,11,7, 8 then finished with some jogging at incline 6% at 6 mph
Total of 25 min

Well Off to eat, shower and get my sissy from the airport


The push up tally is in!

Okay~ Despite terrible preworkout eating, not that I ate bad food, just not enough and no carbs!…I still made it to the gym I was desparate…the kids are tired from a full week of VBS–can you say crabby! And tonight Gunners little buddy who moved away is in town and spending the night- eek! so 5 kids to care for??? what was I thinking???

So I got to the gym warmed up…did some boxing footwork circles around the aeorobics room and then pumped out 43! push ups in a row. So that’s my starting max and that was the bulk of my chest workout. I couldn’t hardly bench 95# after that!

So here is the rest of what I did
more boxing circles- both directions 3 times in a rowx3sets
20 push ups

Bench 95x7x3
20 push ups
boxing footwork straight forward and backwards 2x’s each footx2sets
17 push ups
1 min jump rope
40 seconds jump rope

chest press machine

assisted 30#x10x3

more circles
some oblique work
some knee ups
goofed around kicking and kneeing imaginary friends in the mirror, etc…

Tricep extension machine

Then goofed around a bit more…then came home

now I gotta clean up–
Love ya,

A GREAT e-mail

I wanted to share this wonderful e-mail correspondence with all of you…

Jennifer wrote:

After receiving my latest issue of Oxygen Mag, I was
surfing the web and decided to see what inspirational
stories the on-line version of oxygen
had to offer and low and behold I have found your web
site. I’m totally and completely amazed at your body.
In fact, I’m so amazed that I can’t stop talking about
your web site. I’ve told everyone at work who needs
a little more inspiration to log on and check your
site out.

I have two questions for you. I read that you have a
nutrition andfitness background, how did you take your
unfit after pregnancy body andturn it into a sold muscle
machine? I guess my question is for a
motivation factor, what was the breaking point in
which you said this time I’m really gonna do it? And my second
question is, is it possible to discuss a sample menu when you are
preparing for a contest? I’m really curious what a typical diet
day is and a contest diet day is for you? I’m sure with four
very active young children your diet might not
be as clean as you’d like it to be.

I’ve recently within the last year have left the
corporate world, went back to school to earn my teaching degree
(after earning my bachelor’s)
and went back to waiting tables at night. I saw
your fee for on-line training and really I just don’t have that
flexible of an income to join. I work out with my husband and
pushes me hard but sometimes he
just doesn’t understand what it means to be a woman.
If you know what Imean. That’s why I love your web site!

Thanks for your inspiration and motivation.
Train hard,


“Be the change you want to see in the world”

I responded:

Thanks so much for your GREAT e-mail! I really love your enthusiasm.

To answer your questions:

The point at which I decided I was going to prove you can be buff after having children came when I looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me.

I was very unhappy with what I saw and how I felt.In October of 2003, I decided to start training for my first contest and competed in March of 2004. So after only 6 months of intense training, I won the my first two NPC figure titles only 13 months after I had my 3rd and 4th children by c-section. I honestly admit that my body was not “super solid” at that point, but the best it had EVER been. I continued to work hard and shortly won 3 more titles that year.

As far as diet is concerned, you are right it is not super clean. I don’t have time to plan everything out, so I eat the best I can.
The biggest concern for me is to get my protein and veggies in daily. If I do that on a consistent basis, I see huge results. Also
learning to time my meals for workout performance has been key. My diet varies a lot from day to day and I change my focus every couple weeks,
so it is hard for me to give you a typical day’s menu. But when I am trying to lean up for a contest/photoshoot my ratios are basically 30Carb/40protein/30fat.

I am glad to hear that you enjoy lifting with your husband.
Relish that time together and continue to challenge yourself. Please join the Team BuffMother! so that we can stay in touch.
There area ton of wonderful inspirational women there who are always willing to help you get Buff!

Have a great night,
Your new friend,

Lifting STRONG!

FUN!!!! Lifting is FUN! When you see yourself hitting personal records, feeling once heavy weights become light, and seeing the amazing results in the mirror, lifting is FUN!
If you have never felt this way, try it and you will become addicted!

Here is an example of what I am talking about in my stronger bench!!!:
My workout today 9-5-05
Bench Press:
115×6 hip cramp made me quit
vs. Bench Press 9-1-05

The rest of today’s workout-
Incline smith press:

Decline Flys:

Cable Flys(one arm):

Barbell tricep extensions:
set of abs on bench
set of tricep dips to failure
tricep cable push downs:
The end!
p.s. I am entering a push up challenge, I will do push ups to failure every time I do my chest workout for my warm up, traditional military style: today I did 36reps and my weight is 129 today. EAT MORE!!