First off, I need to say Happy birthday to Darcie!!  TEAM BuffMother would be totally different without you– I appreciate you so much and am so glad God brought you into my life.  I hope your day and year are amazing!!


Next, I wanted to just give you a “sickness” update. I am still on the mend. Probably at about 85% healthy. My lungs and nose are still a bit stuffy– and energy levels  are not at their normal just yet. Hoping that by mid week I’ll be feeling better.


Thirdly, I recorded a video today about my new Diet bet


Fourthly, I also recorded a video about Gym Angel Energy Angel…




Fifthly, I’ve decided to start training clients “in the gym”…working on my POA for that.  I’m excited about it though.  I’ll post more info about it soon!!


Anyhow, I rode bike this morning, but I’m taking today off lifting workouts. I need to HEAL UP from leg workout on Saturday and knock this flu out for good!


Here’s my POA for the week:

M- Bike 20 mins

T- Bike 20 mins/Back lifting

W- Chest lifting and easy run

Th- Bike 20 mins and Legs

Fri- Run

Sat- Back/Sh/Biceps

Sun- run


Abs daily in prep for FAB ABS FEB!! WE start the 2nd on and here in the Rally Room (


Let’s have a great HEALTHY week!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

2013 is here!

I am always a bit slow at figuring out my “Resolutions” so bear with me over the next few days as I hash them out…for today I’ve been thinking about trying to Tally my workouts for this year.  I’m not the best, most organized record keeper, so….I’m going to try it for January and see how it goes~ If it goes well I’ll do it for the year.

My thoughts are to tally my workouts in categories:

  • Legs- lifting workouts focused on Legs- Hammies, Glutes, Quads, Calves and ABS too
  • Chest- lifting workouts focused on Chest, Triceps, Abs also
  • Back-lifting workouts focused on Back, Shoulders, Biceps and Abs
  • Runs- typically my runs are hills, intervals or sprints so milage is stupid
  • Intervals- non-running ones
  • Tennis- drills, lessons, matches
  • Other- this would be other cardio, boxing, stretching, pilates, yoga, classes, dvds, etc…

I also think I’d like to track a few other things-

  • how many fires I build
  • how many hours I spend outside
  • how many hours I tally on my tractor and lawn mower
  • and a fun one…How many times I have sex Laughing


today’s workout was legs so I have #1 done!

Have fun figuring out your resolutions!! Happy NEW YEAR!!



Beginner Buffing UB and example interval workouts

SSS Week 04- Ph 1 log~Beginner Buffing UB and example interval workouts

SSS Week 04-

Ph 1 log~Beginner Buffing Upper Body and example interval workouts

Push ups on Wall
to failure

Bent over DB Rows

Chair dips

Shoulder press

Bicep curls

lateral shoulder raises
3x 10

ABS with each workout
Knee ups 3x 15
Crunches 3x 15

Summary of Buffing Phase:

  • Do something Every OTHER day
  • 2 lifting workouts per week
  • Workout is a circuit: do exercises in order a total of 3 times
  • Very little rest between exercises
  • 2 interval sessions and 1 active rest day each week
  • Focus on dieting and losing weight
  • do some ABS every time you workout



BuffMother! Interval Training

20 min is always the goal
Phase 1 & 2:
5 min. warm up -WALK around the block
1 min. hard- Jump rope
2 min. easy-WALK in place
1 min. hard -Jump rope
2 min. easy- WALK
1 min. hard-Jump rope
2 min. easy-WALK
1 min. hard-Jump rope
5 min. cool down (walk around block again)
This is 20 min total: 4 hard min. total
*If you don’t feel exhausted by the end, increase the intensity of all hard and easy min.


SSS Week 02: Beginner Lower Body Buffing workout (Video)

SSS Week 02: Beginner Lower Body Buffing workout (Video)

LEGS– Beginner Buffing workout (from phase 1 log)
Barbell Squats
Step ups
Knee Extensions
Leg Curls
Walking Lunges
Calf Raises
Summary of Buffing Phase:

  • Do something Every OTHER day
  • 2 lifting workouts per week
  • Workout is a circuit: do exercises in order a total of 3 times
  • Very little rest between exercises
  • 2 interval sessions and 1 active rest day each week
  • Focus on dieting and losing weight
  • Simple 7 for 7 AB routine every time you workout


Whew!! what a week!!  It flew by…I can’t belive it’s already SUNDAY and time to make another PLAN OF ATTACK. Lots of factors to juggle this week with the kids being back home and Gunner’s Birthday on Thursday, but I know if I can focus on ONE TASK at a time I can do it!!  I’ve really been trying to limit my multi-tasking…I am addictied to multitasking- which causes my ADD to go into overdrive!  The plan will be for me to do ONE TASK daily off my nasty,  procrastination filled, do not want to, “to do” list.

My Daily goal is 3 fold-

1- complete my workouts

2- complete that ONE TASK

3- stay HAPPY!!

I knew it would be very difficult to stick to last week’s plan– so I’m not too distraught over the fact I didn’t get in all of my workouts – BUT I am very happy that I did get in the ones I did–(I did lift 3 times and ran 3 times). The workouts I got in last week kept my MOJO and  it means I won’t be in “start over” mode this week!!  Onward and upward towards my August goals!! (FYI- my goal is to be able to consistently lift 6x’s a week come August!!)

the POA for this week is as follows (2nd week of Boosting):

  • Sunday- Upper body lifting (push/pull) and running- GYM workout
  • Monday- Leg workout + 20 mins on bike- HOME workout
  • Tuesday- Chest/Tricep/Abs + running – GYM workout —  Kid’s hair cuts, shopping trip to Bentonville
  • Wednesday- Back/Shoulder/Biceps lifting workout + 20 mins cardio on bike or elliptical- GYM workout
  • Thursday- just running- HOME workout—Gunner’s 13th Birthday
  • Friday- Legs- GYM workout-Gunner want’s to go play airsoft with friends for b-day
  • Saturday- Upper body push/pull and running- HOME workout
  • Sunday- off
    TOTALS- 5 lifting workouts; 4 runs; 2x 20 mins extra cardio; 3 HOME workouts; 4 GYM workouts

Let’s have an amazing productive week!! Time to show “SUMMER” that we can still accomplish a lot despite its sweet fun distractions, lol!!

Love ya,


I’m Doing it!

I’m proud of myself today, becuase I’m doing it!! I’m sticking to my workout plan and I’m getting more fit by the minute!! Winter is rough and seems like such a hart tine to keep energy and momentum; my determination is paying off!! I’m DOING IT!!

I’ve got in 2 great runs and 3 nice lifting workouts this week so far!! Yesterday was a treadmill run of 20 mins with the easy minutes at 6mph and the hard at 8mph- I had 6 hard minutes AND I lifted Back, Shoulders and Biceps.

Today was a good DANCING/JUMPING warm up followed by Chest/Triceps and abs….I’d like to get in a bit more “cardio” so I think I’ll go for a hike or maybe dance more??

On my body front, I am seeing changes, just the scale is not reflecting it as much as I’d like- I feel like I have a cyst on my right ovary again (I had one a couple years ago)…anyhow the hormone irregularities can be causing me to retain more water than ususal…No worries, I know it’ll resovle it self soon. I’m focusing on doing my part- eating GOOD and EXERCISING!!

I’m fired up because I’m not letting myself down; I’m sticking to my plan; I’m doing it!!!



I promise, I am not being lazy

I promise, I am not being lazy….I really did need to take the past 5 days off of working out, lol! :hehe:  Honestly, It was time for a physical and mental break from workouts for me.  I had not taken an intentional “break” in quite some time…so I was over-due for a few days off.  Also, I think that football really took a bigger toll on my little body that I realized- bruises, cuts, sprains and strains were a constant part of my life for 4+ months…Now that I am done with it, the 5 days off workouts should be enough to get me healthy.  The break was much more needed on the MENTAL side of things….NOW after the rest, My body and MIND are feeling better. I’ll be hitting my running and lifting workouts again this week in preparation for my Birthday next Tuesday (I’ll be 36) and my AUGUST goals of running a 5k (the13th) and celebrating my 18th Wedding Anniversary(the 28th)!!  Having solid Goals is always a must with me!!

Since football is over, I need a new focus.  I am theorizing that will be DANCING.  I have a X-box 360 Kinect Dance Central game and several Dance DVD’s that’ll get me started on my road to learning some “MOVES”…then maybe at some point I could take a class??  Anyhow…I think it’d be a fun way to get moving and give me a little excitement towards my workouts.  I’d also like to do some more tennis…the only problem with that is my partner (Mr. Berger) is quite busy with work these days and has little time to play with me Crying  I may recruit my son or one of my daughters to go play with me instead Mom w/kids and groceries

Okay…so we’ve got just 1 week left of our 6 week contest!! WOW!! It’s been a great ride!! I have been really keeping my food in check~ but need to add in my workouts again so that I can see a little fluff come off.  My weight is 130 today and I am on cycle day 3.  Buffing for me will start tomorrow…a day early this month (since I’d like at least 1 extra day to get some results prior to taking my ending contest photos)

Here’s the POA:

ABS daily
DIET HARD DAILY- caloric goal this final week- 1200/day  VERY low carbs- starting TUESDAY for Buffing Phase
Supplements: Buffing Pills, NoXS, Mangodrin, Calcium/mag/zinc, Selenium, Multi

Monday- run outside pm (at dusk)…upper body workout at home either before or after run; this will depend on how my to do list looks
Tuesday- LEGS @gym
Wed- run
Thurs-Chest/Tri/intervals @gym
Friday- Legs@gym- Start photo shoot prep
Sat- tennis with hubby?? or upper body lifting
Sun- run- LAST DAY OF S6 contest!!
Monday- Legs and take ENDING photos for S6

Let’s kick it in this week ladies!!


Back to Life~

Well…I feel as though today life is back to normal.  The past week was crazy with all sorts of new things, appt, visits, b-days, trips, etc. happening.  Now today is NORMAL! NORMAL is good cheerleaders

My foot/ankle is healing well but still rather swollen- I think that if I can get the swelling out of it I’ll be good to go! Any tips??

I know that alternating heating/icing, light movement and massage are is good therapies for swelling- but if anyone knows of some “secret” balm, soak or method- let me know  🙂

Last week was by far my worst week of the contest for workouts- I was dealing with too many abnormal scheduel disturbances to get to the gym like I wanted….I did get in 2 lifting workouts, 2 football practices, 1 run outside for the week, but that’s not nearly the pace I’ve been on, nor is it the goal.

This week I will get to the gym more- since I am not able to run or able to practice at football.  The plan is as follows:
T- chest/tris/ABS
W- Legs/Abs
Fri, Sat, Sun- REPEAT the same 3 days-

Today is my first official day of buffing- Cycle day 5- and GREENS are GOING DOWN into my BELLY~!!!  LOVE Them!!!

I’ll be back in a bit with my workout report,


BUSY Week #2!! is here~!!

Hey ya~ I’ve already started my day with no bread  (mini-challenge for the week) by eating a banana and eggs.  Whoohoo!! this week’ll be challenging but just what I need!
Week #1 went really well for me workout wise and I can totally see that workouts drive me to eat better and better!!  In total I got in 5 lifting workouts and 3 intervals.

This week’s POA is as follows:

ABS with each workout

M-Back, Sh, Biceps, Intervals- Gunner’s football Game!!
T- Legs
W-Chest and intervals
Th- Travel day off (maybe I’ll get in some intervals after the flight)
F- Back, Sh, Biceps, Intervals with 2 good friends on Omaha!! 🙂
Sa- off again- BUSY work day!
Su- workout at hotel gym- LOWER BODY!
M- Travel day- Off again- Gunner’s fooball game!!

The weekend for me was a good “rest” but I am getting a bit stressed about all the stuff I must get done prior to traveling to Omaha.  I’ve not traveled much the past few months and am a BAD packer!  So I tend to bring too much stuff and get confused on what I really need, lol! 

The EXCITMENT for the weekend ahead though really is pushing me forward and makes me feel very happy and blessed to have so many great friends!!  I LOVE going to Omaha~ it’s always a total blast!!!  I can’t wait to see all friends and to see Brenda and Deb compete~ whoohoo!!! They are going to look smashing up on stage!

I’ve gotta Go, for now…but I’ll be back to “try” and keep up with all of your blogs!  Keep them coming and keep on encouraging others with comments!  It works!!


Ready for the BIG week ahead!

I AM  rested and ready for the BIG week ahead!!!!

Over the past several months….I’ve had many requests for BuffMother! Bracelets….WELL~ thanks to our sweet Darcie….I’m so excited to announce that BuffMother Bracelets are now on sale**! The Bracelets would make a GREAT Mother’s Day gift for yourself — ask your kids or DH to order you one for Mother’s DAY!!

You may also want to get one for a friend, workout partner, sister or maybe your own mother!!!!


The bracelets are made with beautiful pink, black and white Swarovski crystals with silver letters proclaim that you are a <b>BuffMother!</b>  Wearing your BuffMother bracelet helps you to remember to make the best choices that will lead you to your goals and create your legacy ~ and look good while doing it!

**We will be taking Pre-Orders for the bracelets (cost $50 +S&H) between Monday 2/23 and Wednesday 3/4.  Bracelets will ship out about 3 weeks after the last day.

So HURRY and get yours ordered today 🙂

Feel free to e-mail Darcie with any questions~ you can reach her at: .

I have lots of BIG things happening this week…so I took a needed rest day yesterday~ and I feel ready to attack the week ahead, here’s my recap of last weeks workouts and my POA~!

Last week: 6 lifting workouts; 5 cardios; sore booty all week!! and sore abs too!!

m-fasted run; afternoon lift back

t-lift chest

w-legs; run outside

th-mish mosh lift; intervals and cardio 42 mins

f-back, sh 14 min stair master

sa-chest, run

su- off

This week’s POA (plan of ATTACK):

BOOTY focus~ start boosting today~LIFT HEAVY!! I think I’ll strive to get down to 2-3 rep range on some of my major exercises!!!

Mon- Legs and steady run

Tue-Back intervals

Wed- Chest- run intervals

Th- off or just cardio– I’ll see how I feel


Sat-upper body and run intervals- this will start my 7 day count down to vacation!!  Mojo will be HIGH~ I’ll be adding more cardio from this point on…

Sun- off

I gotta go now and ATTACK IT~!!!!  I want you to be PROUD of me!