18 Days to Go~ THANKFUL!!

Hi Ya Ladies,

18 days left to go and I am thankful I’ve done so well towards my habits this week!!
Today’s “TASKs” are located here:


Be sure to keep engaged– we are in the HEAT of the battle- CONSISTENT focus is needed if you want to BREAK the HABIT!!
Today is my DD’s Birthday!!  the Twins are 9!! holy moly~ how did that happen?
Anyhow lots to do today so…here’s my workout plan:

I’m  benching today! not as heavy as Monday  since I am buffing now:

Warm up 5 min

Bench 4 sets of 10

paired with Tricep extensions
4 sets of 10

Incline Chest press
3sets of 10

paired with tricep push downs
3 sets of 10

Cable flys
2 sets of 10
abs between- old school sit ups

pec machine
2 set of 10
abs between- knee ups

2 sets of 10
abs between sets- ab wheel

and 20 minutes of intervals on the BIKE or TREADMILL

I just love intervals, lol!!




We have just 18 days left to BREAK THE HABIT~~ An integral part of growing, advancing and becoming a better person is learning to truly be Thankful.  If you are not thankful for what you’ve already been given, how on earth do you expect to get more!

You have so much!! Be thankful for it!

Your tasks for today are to show gratitude in 3 ways:

1- Send a thank you email to a leader, celebrity, author, or a personality that has impacted you. Simply tell them thanks!

2- Write an thankful list: Jot down 3 things that you appreciate.

3- Celebrate and be thankful for the little victorys that come along as you move towards breaking or attaining your goal. Write down 3 of them now!

Today’s workouts~

Beginner: STRETCH for 10 minutes–a rest day of sorts–

Here’s a link to a stretching routine of mine-



Intervals and ABS

BuffMother! Interval Training: 20 mins

*If you don’t feel exhausted by the end, increase the intensity of hard and/or easy min.

3 minute warm up

1 minute hard; 1 min. easy…repeat 7 times

3 min. cool down



Passive Abs
Sit ups- hands on hammies
Vacuumes!! 10- 10 seconds daily
Knee ups- roman chair are best
Traditional AB crunch
Ball Crunches

I am so thankful for the honor to help you on your way to success!! Thanks for letting me into your life~ You are on your way to being a BETTER you!!


MB Blog: Thankful Thursday!- day 4

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Thu, 2012/02/09 – 12:12pm — BuffMother

Today’s task was to be thankful–

here’s my task completed–


I’ll be emailing a lady I admire Heidi Baker- she’s a missionary in Mozambique…her story is amazing and she’s literally changing that whole country by taking in it’s orphans!  She’s a true example of what God can accomplish through a person if we seek Him and Love HIM!

Hi this message is for Heidi-
I am not a person who has many heroes but You are one of mine.  I see God in you and I see that you are doing His Mission. It’s so inspiring!!
I first saw you on a couple years ago and initially thought- “oh my! that’s a bit over the top as you spoke in tongues and were worshiping your Papa”…but I couldn’t turn you off.  You were showing such true authentic LOVE.  Something I’ve never really seen in a woman like you.
Since that first introduction to you- I’ve read one of your books, watched your dvd documentary and excitedly watched all your messages in!   Thanks for sharing your light in OUR world and not just on the mission field.
In God’s Love,
Michelle Berger


I am very thankful today for:

My family, especially my twins.  It’s their birthday–9 years old! What amazing surprises they were in my life!

My new home~ I love having land and twice as much space in my home.

My BuffSisters on Team BuffMother…I never thought I could have so many amazing women friends!! Thanks for being my friends!


My victories that I’ve already made are:
not indulging in piece of pizza when DH was eating it on Tues
not breaking down and eating the bun on my first ever “5 guys” burger yesterday
cleaning my kitchen late on Tuesday night when I would have much rather been watching JUSTIFIED!! I love that show!!


EMAIL for day 4; 18 days to go!!

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Thu, 2012/02/09 – 7:02am — BuffMother

18 days left and I am thankful I’ve done so well
towards my habits this week!! How have you done?

Today’s “TASKs” and workouts are located here:

Be sure to keep engaged– we are in the HEAT of the battle-
CONSISTENT focus is needed if you want to BREAK the HABIT!

I am so thankful for the honor
of helping you on your way to success!!


Tomorrow is the DAY!

“Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow!!!….”

Tomorrow is the DAY! that I will send my son off to 5th grade!! YAY!! then all 4 will be back in school! It’s been a fun time having just Gunner home~ He’s such a great little man!

Tomorrow is the DAY! that Bus Service STARTS!! YAY!! I won’t have to pick up the girls from school every afternoon!!  It will give me 1 more hour of freedom each day!!

Tomorrow is the DAY! that Travis and I will have a DATE! We have not had kidless time alone in the recent months~ so it’ll be our day to go out and play while the kiddos are in school!!  I’m excited!!  We want to go out for breakfast or coffee and do a bit of shopping!

Tomorrow is the DAY! that I get to talk with the contest team again!! We skipped our July conference call due to “SUMMER” – so it’s been a couple months! I’m FIRED UP to connect again and get our ladies on the STAGE!

Tomorrow is the DAY! that I will get my AC fixed, I hope!! It will be NICE!

Tomorrow is the DAY! that the girls get to “try” gymnastics class~ they all can be in the same group- so that’s good!! It should be fun!

Tomorrow is the DAY! I get to start the 2nd third of our “30 days GET BUFF” contest!! I’ve had great results to this point and plan to PUSH HARD toward the finish!! 1/3 done, 2/3 to go!!! LET’S GO!!! “30 days to Buff”- Day 11


To keep you up to speed- my last 3 days have panned out as follows:

Monday- cday 10-Weight 126-Tennis for 1.5 hours with Travis

Tues- cday 11-Weight 127-mish mosh workout with some squats in the early afternoon- late afternoon run 10 mins then lower body @gym

Wed-cday 12-Weight 127-I met a friend for a workout at 8:30am!~ can you believe that I did it that early??  LOL! we did upper body- chest press, lat pulls, incline chest press, seated rows and abs- then at 11 Travis and I played tennis for 2 hours- I was killing it!! LOVE IT!!

I feel really great and have been eating very well- my favorite eats have been: egg whites with pico, frozen blueberries/water and natural choc protein powder in a shake (thank you magic bullet), pickles and peanut butter, green beans with garlic, broccoli slaw salad with turkey and cashewes and some dressing, carrots…

I ovulate around day 10-12 each month- so the weight being up to 127 from 126 is totally NO BIGGIE!! I know I am working hard with stellar focus and within 2 days I’ll see NEW LOWS on the scale!! I love Hormonal Timing!!!

anyhow~ Have a super night and an even better TOMORROW!!!!



Now is the time to Focus!

Do you have ADD?  I think I might…It’s induced by having children.  I think God actually gives women ADD when they become mothers.  We have to have it otherwise the daily interruptions, screams for help, “emergencies” and  accidents would throw us over the edge!  I embrace my ADD to a certain extent, but sometimes I’d like to SHUT IT OFF and just FOCUS!  Now that my kids are all in elementary school during the day…i have time to myself, I have time to FOCUS!  Now is the time for me to FOCUS!!

My current focus is a lot about getting CENTERED and RE-Igniting my FAITH and Passion for my God given purpose in life.  I’ve had a rough year and life has battered me a bit. I believe it’s made me stronger, YET it’s caused me to loose FOCUS on why I do what I do.  I’ve lost focus on my “WHY”…I need it again and plan to spend the remainder of this 2009 Focused on getting my FOCUS back!

That said I’ve decided I need to “wait’ on truly OPENING up for training until the new year.  I have too much going on~ THE SLAVE DRIVER in me needs to allow myself THIS TIME to FOCUS more on ME!

My POA for today got a bit messed up because of my workout last night lacking proper SUPPORT- Support from 2 sports bras that is…I have to wear 2 sports bras when I run.  AND I left for the gym with out my extra one last night~ I was PUMPED to run, but couldn’t do it BOUNCING all over tar-nation!  I did get in good intervals on the elliptical instead.

Here’s my workout from last night:
Tan for 9mins and r-bike 5 mins
Chest press

Lat pulls
one set of knee ups on bench

Bench Press
one set of push ups 12 reps
crunches on bench with feet up on bar

8, 7
incline sit ups

Incline Chest Press

Bicep curls

20 mins of even min intervals on the elliptical (7 HARD minutes)
Pull ups10

my diet was lower carb yesterday, but no greens.  I’ll get some in today for sure!:
PPPPP- eggs, chicken, protein shake,
FFF -sausage, sunflower seeds, oil

Today’s POA- fasted cardio-  warm up on elliptical 10 mins; run intervals 20mins; steady cardio on u-bike 10-20 mins and MAYBE Legs in the pm…I may wait and shif them to tomorrow though 🙂

The extra Focus I’ve been putting on running/intervals and eating lower carb is paying off in the mirror and on the scale. This moring I was 126 on cycle day 8~ I expect to be under 125 by the time I take my pics and stats for the end of the SSS contest!! :whoohoo:  I AM GETTING MORE FIT all the time!~!!  I promise it does work if you work it and it’s worth the pain and effort!!!



Super Heroes Have MUSCLES!!

Super Heroes always have Muscles! They are cut, ripped, shredded, fast and fit!!  I love it!!  Yesterday when I worked out I felt like a super hero~ did you?
here’s my workout from yesterday~

FIRST off I did quite a bit of a workout in my garage…Here’s a little proof of that:

Along with bench I did some shoulder presses, Arnolds and bicep curls.

Then a while later I went to the gym and did the following:
warm up r-bike~ 3 mins
Cybex lat pulls
paired with shoulder press machine (backwards)
And knee ups on bench

Shoulder press machine
paired with calf raises (seated)
AND walking HIGH knees

Incline Chest Press
paired with knee ups on bench

2 sets of pull ups
10, 6

Bicep Curls (machine)

Abs- ab wheel
lower back hyper extension machine- 1 set

Ran on Treddy :tready: Intervals – hard at 9 easy at 7mph
Knee ups on roman chair

Home~ and CRASHED last night rather early !! I had weak coffee yestday morning and I was pooped!

Today, I have been “making movies” on my computer with some of the video I shot yesterday and I’ve also been trying to respond to some of my e-mails~ whew!! that’s never done!

Hope you have a LOVELY Memorial Day weekend!!


RELENTLESS!!! Starting progress picture


I ran this morning fasted, ick, and this afternoon I went to the gym and did chest and tri’s, my EASY day…


Tricep extensions

Cable Flys
15# one arm at a time 15 repsx2sets
15# together x2set*paired with tricep push downs
17.5# togetherx1set

tricep push downs

Bicep concentration curls
Tricep extension free motion

Incline chest press machine
one arm at a time

Roman chair knee ups

That’s all
I am starving Smiling…I must eat so my legs can stay as big as possible….

Love ya,
p.s. my plan for tomorrow is to lift heavy with legs, I will be relentless and believe I have huge strong chicken legs, hee,hee


I focused on the word relentless today during my workout. What an AWESOME word!!

So, I declare that for the next 3 weeks I will be relentless in everything I do! I have a contest on April 8th and until then you won’t catch me slackin at anything! I need others to join me in spirit and action! Here’s what you need to do, pick something you are passionate about and for the next 3 weeks ATTACK IT WITH ALL YOUR MITE!! If you are one of the warriors who wants to join me please declare it to me. We can check progress on April 10th. The people that do this with me will be shocked at what they accomplish!!!

Here is my relentless workout today:
The workout rocked… I got to the gym at 10:30am
13 min warm up on the r-bike
bench 45# warm up 20reps
push ups 25 reps

Tricep extensions paried with bicep curls same weights and reps

incline chest press machine

Bicep curls on Free motion

Cable flys sitting 40×10
Cable punches with rotation

Free motion Tricep Extensions
tricep push downs

knee ups
10 each side
25 front leaning forward a bit to crunch hard

Intervals on the upright bike 33min :)…I left the gym at 12:30.

Weight this am 127

Tomorrow is LEGS, I need to get my butt sore! I plan to do just that, YIPPIE!!