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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am so thankful for all of you!

There are so many things I am thankful for including the ability to run:
today I did just that…
7 min warm up on my r-bike
25min run with 8 hard min intervals
5 min cool down
abs, cats, supermans and stretching

Now I am off to the shower to beautify myself for my kitchen duty.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy all that God has given you to be thankful for 🙂

God Bless, Michelle
p.s. I hope you like the halloween picture of my kids


You can have a flat tummy it just takes work!

I believe a big thing that has led to my tummy being flat after kids is the fact

that I work my legs hard and heavy almost twice every week. I feel

that if you have good legs your core has to follow suit.

Vacumes, knee-ups and old-school situps are also staples of my workout.

Speaking of working legs…
Just thought I would post my leg workout for today (the second for this week).
It felt great!


One leg side leg press (new variation for me)
just machinex35

Romainian Dead lifts
Butt squats with feet very wide infront about 2.5 feet, toes on board
50×12 super low and squeeze butt hard at top

Seated calves- one set at 90
Roman chair knee ups 3 sets 25 straight/10left/10 right

2 sets Walking lunges with 55 pounds on my back
knee extension
Leg curls

Smith lunges

good and full of veggies!!
126 weight (even though I ate popcorn last night!)

Have a happy weekend, Michelle

Plastic surgery should be a last resort

This is exactly what BuffMother! is trying to over come. This doctor playing off the myth that you can not be buff after having kids. He is basically saying that this woman had done all she could through diet and exercise (which is obviously false). She could have made vast improvements to “bulge” without turning to the knife.

I am all for certain procedures, like boob~ as it’s obvious that mine are not natural 🙂 …my point here is that the doctor’s ad says:
“FACT diet and exercise may lessen this tummy bulge but it will NEVER get rid of it”.  That’s just bologna!

I beg you…if you are thinking about having surgery to rid your body of your tummy bulge, make sure you do everything in your power through diet and exercise before you have your body cut apart.

You can be Buff after having children!