My Spring Break

My first “Spring Break” as a student since 1997…honestly it’s been the nicest one ever. I had alway had my spring breaks in the midst of horrible ND and MN winters plus during the end of Indoor Track Season or start of Outdoor Track season.  No fun crazy college trips for me!  Being here in Arkansas is so much nicer, I have been able to relax a bit more than the past couple months, but my busy life still keeps me hoppin’!

Yesterday, Travis and I took our conceal to carry renewal range test. It was fun and we totally recommend Joel Edwarda of  He also does extended conceal to carry courses for private groups.  I don’t think Travis and I will go that route yet as we typically don’t even use our current CTC much.  I think it doing our range test at Parker’s Range in Rogers was a good way for us to protest the 17 minute student walk out gun protest today!  Let’s keep our 2nd Amendment rights STRONG!  #MAGA

I ended up working when I got home, then hit the trail for a good run outside on the trail.  I ran 15 mins total, pretty much a steay pace down the hill, around my loop 4 times then back up….I ran up the entire way, which is a LONG UPHILL!  After that I did some stretching, quickly changed, then grabbed the girls from school and headed to Gentry for Layla’s piano lessons.  She takes them from a homeschooled highschool senior named Jayme Stabel in Gentry.

On the way we got McD’s and a few groceries.  Once home, Travis and I checked my H 2’s transmission fluid, coolant level, burned the trash, a pile of brush, put up a deer feeder, pulled a blown over/broken down carport out of our pond, cut the tarp off it and then we chilled out watching bunnys play in the sunset.  It was a nice night, capped off by Travis cooking burgers for us!  That happens more and more lately 🙂

Today Gracie has a track meet here in Gravette.  She’s running the 200m dash for the first time ever in a meet.  Plus, the 4×100, 400 and probably the 4×400.  This season she’s been wanting to try more sprints and has been practicing the hurdles.  She had a rough crash on those 2 weeks ago, so she’s still trying to get over that…hopefully she can and run a race or 2 of those soon!

On my school front, I have a paper due next Friday.  Some catch up work to do for Genetics and an English Revision hanging over my head.  I suppose I should get those done today along with another YOGA workout plus some AB work, I’ll do this series of 100 ABS on the ball (but will probably do higher reps).

100 abs on ball follow along workout- 10 different ab exercises on the ball for a total of 100 abs!
Full ball sit ups
Ball Transfers
Side Ball Crunches
Lower Back Extensions
Heel Touches
Middle Touches
10 of Each for 100 abs total

My legs, but especially are still super sore from Monday’s workout otherwise I was supposed to do them today.  I’ll push them to tomorrow.

That’s all for me, what’s happening in your life?



p.s. This is the yoga workout I plan to do today