NDSU and weights

This week I have had success with starting back at school and also at getting in my weight workouts.

M-First day of Classes and Legs
T-Back, shoulders, butt and chiro appt
W- Bench (top set 135x8reps, recent PR!) and standing overhead press

Today- Some easy bike while reading, Squats and Biceps
Warm up light squats and good mornings
135x 10, 155×10,155×5, 175x5x2sets

Bicep curls- precher curl machine- had to shorten the ROM due to wrist pain
75×10+ 10 tiny

Bicep curls 55x10x3sets paired with reverse hypers, hip thrusts and hip ups

Booty was burning, plan for tomorrow is to get in some more upper body/booty work at the gym. Next week I need to add in running again 🙂