Jenni Stueve is a BuffMother her interview

Jenni Stueve is a BuffMother her interview

I have had the please of getting to know this young positive BuffMother Jenni over the past several months. She is as beautiful inside as on the outside. I know you will enjoy this fun uplifting interview with her! By the way, she and I are from the same hometown, tiny Fergus Falls, MN!!


Hi, My name is Jenni Stueve!  I am 33 years old and together my husband and I have 5 children, 3 of which I gave birth to. We live in Fergus Falls MN where I am a stay at home mom, and have been for 5 years since our last son was born. I enjoy camping, traveling,and playing with my boys in the outdoors. For myself I enjoy reading and creating. Creating ANYTHING! From relationships, to decor, to food, to art. I enjoy working out and sharing fitness goals with my husband because we’ve been each others inspiration since we first met. I truly believe in living a life full of abundance…and I’m learning to embrace all the challenges to achieve it. I feel so grateful to be a part of all the other women’s journeys as they too…work hard for their dreams.

Please enjoy my interview with Jenni~

Q: In your bio, you mentioned you have 5 children, you must have a lot of laundry, lol! What is your advice to other mothers who struggle to find time to workout?

A: YES! We do! However, 2 of our 5 have moved out and on and have graduated college (Karissa 24, Daniel 22) so we only do their laundry when they come home to visit, haha.   Right now we have 3 boys at home:  Jaden 11, Gavin 10, and Chasen 5.  And after being a stay at home mom for all these years, I have learned a thing or two about sacrifice and communication.  And for some reason I always felt that as a mother, you should sacrifice for your children. Well, as they have grown up and we have grown together…I now realize that sacrifice has taken on a whole new meaning in our lives.

From being around other likeminded women, I have learned quite a lot from them about parenting.  And what I have found most valuable, is the health and happiness for myself. And to NOT feel guilty about “making the time” to invest in ME! Especially when it comes to fitness. My boys have now learned that mom likes to work out almost every day, and she will finish it fully. I let them know how important it is to wait patiently because in order to do anything let alone finish it – you have to make it a priority.  So learning to prepare ahead of time for the kids has been the best trick to getting my workouts in. They are always fed and have an activity set up before I start working out.  “Mom guilt” was very hard for me to get over but if I wanted to move forward with any kind of routine, I knew I had to communicate to them that my work out time is like their “game or play time”.  Once I could relate the value and importance to them to something that they love, we had understanding.  And now for the last 5 years they have seen me consistently put fitness as a priority in my life. And I am proud of the sacrifices I made, but even more proud of the ones my children have made with me.



Q: What are a couple of favorite food creations?

A: Oh this is a REALY FUN question! I absolutely LOVE to create and try new recipes.  In fact….I don’t make a lot of things twice!!!  I’ve actually been known to turn most recipes into healthy ones by cutting out the sugars, carbs, and bad fats, and sneaking veggies and fruits into almost everything.  Especially when I have super picky eaters under the roof! There is a great book for moms out there who are big on nutrition, and it’s by Jessica Seinfeld (yep, Jerry’s wife) called “Deceptively Delicious”. My mother gave it to me when my boys were very young and wouldn’t eat a vegetable to save my soul.  Her methods were absolutely genius!! I now puree sweet potato and red peppers to add to my sloppy joes. I puree cauliflower and add to mashed potatoes and banana bread. I puree spinach and add it into my brownies or chocolate cake.  But my all-time personal favorite dish is a good salmon fillet sautéed in coconut oil with just some sea salt, fresh lemon, and pepper.  Simple to me is more when it comes to flavor. And give me any veggie that’s lurking around and I will steam it, bake it, or sauté it up and turn it into a side dish!!

Q: Until I started this interview with you, I never knew we were from the same home town.  I’m curious, how did you find Team BuffMother?

A: Well, that just proves again how small our world really can seem! It is rather interesting because I love social media and what it can connect you to…as in “like attracts like” (I’m a HUGE believer in the law of attraction.) And lately, I’ve been having that longing for something new and fitness oriented because I have to admit that when you are so consistent and persistent …. You can run into boring.
Well, one day I saw that I was added to the BuffMother group! Yep…I was seriously just added! And I of course was super curious and excited.  So I watched as these everyday mothers and women who had REAL struggles, REAL temptations, REAL obstacles, and REAL wins meet their goals for fitness and they were LOVING it!  I loved the encouragement and cheers from the other members, but mostly I loved the positivity. I witnessed team work without any physical contact. And I absolutely love that. Because we all know …. That Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.


Q: I know you are very active in your Nerium business, how long have you been with them and what is your favorite aspect of network marketing?

A: It has been almost 3 years now! I’ll never EVER forget the day a bottle of that night cream got into my hands and changed my life.  And at the time I was looking for a good all natural product for my sun damage and larger pores. This is going to sound so crazy, but again I was longing to have a vehicle to help me fulfill my purpose in life. I knew deep down that I was more than just a mom and wife. Don’t get me wrong, those are to this day my most favorite roles to fulfill. But I needed a culture, something bigger than myself, something that I could accomplish great things with! (I bet you can tell by now that I am a little bit of a dreamer, lol.)  And the PRODUCTS!! Oh my heavens!!! I’ve seriously never seen results like this…EVER! That was my biggest clue….all natural antiaging for the face, body, and now mind? All 4 products patented and exclusive global rights to market? Yep…could not pass it up!

And it’s such a toss-up on my favorite aspect of Network marketing… because I actually have two. Firstly – the Networking! I absolutely love the opportunity to connect with people, and how through one person you can build a relationship with so many others. And then that grows into team work. What a beautiful thing when a group of likeminded people all connect to the same rhythm and move in the same direction. But it’s the friendships and journeys that I will never forget…ever.

And secondly, is the personal development! Now THIS has been quite the eye opener for myself! I’m literally addicted to reading personal development books every day. There’s nothing better than to invest in your mind…because it’s the control center for everything else. “What consumes your mind, controls your life.” So I say pump it full of some good stuff!

Q: You mention your husband as your fitness inspiration. Do you two workout together? If so, how do you make that work and if not, why not?

A: Yes, Dan has been my ultimate fitness inspiration since the first day I saw him with his shirt off, hehe. When we started dating, I knew that working out was his main priority. He not only loves to lift weights, but he is a runner, and biker.  I am more into circuit training and am looking forward to getting into more running. I’ve always admired how no matter what, he would make time for his work out.  He was dedicated and it showed, and he still is today.  In fact, the gym is where we would meet for dates! Seriously! I even remember pushing my double jogging stroller across town and he would run and meet me halfway at a park so the little ones could play. And now we more so have to switch off here and there so that one can stay home with kids if need be, BUT…we go together whenever we can. We do workout at home together a lot, and we respect each other’s time and help make it possible for the other to enjoy a completed one. That is truly the secret sauce for us! It’s the respect. We have learned that our family has its own rhythm, so we will make the time for what makes us happy!

Q: Do you have any website or social media links you’d like to share?




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