Kathy Prohoroff is a BuffMother ~ An Interview

Kathy Prohoroff is a BuffMother who inspires many individuals daily through her social media and YouTube channel. Her energy seems endless, but has had to fight hard to regain that stamina.  Kathy shares a bit of her struggle with Adrenal Fatigue

Kathy’s Story:
My name is Kathy Prohoroff and I am a mother of 3 teens and have been married to my hubby for 21 years. I fell into the fitness world as a young adult who was suffering from overeating, depression, panic disorder, stress issues – to name a few. Needless to say, I was kind of a wreck and my hormones were out of whack. I lost and gained 30 or more pounds at a time on a regular basis. My mom encouraged me to join her at the local gym and take the group exercise classes she attended. 
I fast fell in love with the fitness world as it gave me a sense of control and empowerment for the first time ever. I later went on to become a personal trainer, exercise instructor and also became a weight loss leader at a nearby center. In dealing with my emotional eating and learning more about the imbalances in my hormones, I was able to help more women that I worked with. This allowed me to dive deeper into these areas and find a way to be happier, healthier and more in control of my results long term. I find that many of us just need to understand that it’s not our willpower that sabotage our results; but our hormones, our habits and our past behaviors. 
I finally lost 70 lbs after having my 3rd child and felt so confident in my success in weight, body image and overall fitness that at the age of 40, I competed in my first fitness NPC competition!!  Along with taking home 2nd and 3rd place trophies, I also took home a year of suffering from adrenal fatigue symptoms. I learned first hand that there has to be a happy medium in being healthy and it’s not in overdoing it in overeating as well as under-eating and over-training. Being happy, healthy and fit requires balance and the understanding of our bodies and how they were made to work and succeed long term. 
Please enjoy my BuffMother Interview with Kathy Prohoroff….
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You mentioned you are a certified personal trainer, what advice do you have for others who may be in that profession or looking to become a trainer themselves?
Get certified in with a reputable and highly known company. I always recommend NASM as it’s highly regarded and teaches so much about sports training methods. This business takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears but if you have the passion to help others change their lives and you’re highly motivated and working on your own goals, it will bless your life in a wonderful way. Give the best training and meal planning to your clients and don’t treat them as another “number”. They matter and if you let them know how much you care about them, they will trust you, likely stay with you and refer others your way. 
What were some of the symptoms you had from Adrenal Fatigue?  and How did you overcome them?
Dealing with adrenal fatigue, I suffered severe cravings in my eating due to not having had eaten the right amount of calories and nutrients in my competition training phase. I found myself not caring what I ate (very odd for me after over 22 years of good eating habits locked it), not wanting to workout, not having any energy and wanting to eat and sleep all day. My weight crept up, I was bloated and felt unhealthy and extremely unhappy. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me but I knew that something was amiss and it was due to the over-training and strict meal plans from the previous 6 months. My moods were completely unbalanced and my anxiety was at an all time high. In my efforts to “heal” my body and bring it back to “square one” again, I did a 21 day RESET program. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the claims were that it would restore my body from the “cellular” level. Once I completed the program (and exercise during this reset is prohibited due to the changes within the body) I was more energized and felt like my self again. I followed a daily meal plan that was strictly outlined in the program, followed the resting periods, and took the supplements included in the program. I was amazed at how much better I felt and how my body began to respond to changes made. 
You have 3 teens, are they into fitness as well? and what do they think of your Youtube channel?
My family is extremely close and my teens and hubby have always had a say and opinion in what I do. They have grown up seeing me training clients, working out at home and in the gym, talking incessantly about good eating habits and stocking the home with 80% healthy foods. (I allow some fun treats because deprivation is another problem in and of itself). My daughter and sons are now all working on their own programs through our Beachbody library yet, I had never made working out a requirement. They each came to me, one at a time, and asked me, “what fitness plan should I start with, Mom?” There’s nothing more powerful than leading by example and this is something I share with all of my clients who have children. I started my YouTube channel to connect with clients and to bring motivation and support to the online forum. My kids helped me film my workouts and are amazed at how many people have viewed some of the videos they helped create! My daughter has recently brought to my attention that we need to “bring up the content” again in my channel! She has nominated herself my videographer and promoter!
Here’s a short video from Kathy with More about this…

Since this is a “BuffMother” interview, I have to ask…How did you find our Team BuffMother?  and What makes you a BuffMother?
I found Buffmother while searching online for hormone related issues in fitness inspired females. I resonated so much with Michelle’s energy, kindness and spirit. There is a need for more information in this area for women; and just knowing that there was a community of women on this journey made it a great discovery. I purchased a variety of the programs and e-books that Michelle offered and dove into the monthly cycle training plans and workouts. I followed her workouts and videos. I also joined her online forum and Rally Room. Everyone I’ve met through this community is like minded and I cannot be more blessed to see everyone cheering each other on! Once my mom caught wind of me following this plan, she asked for all the info as she’s been dealing with hormones and issues without proper help for many years. Her words were, “FINALLY!! Someone is actually sharing this information!!” 🙂 
I noticed you are a BeachBody coach. How long have you been working with them?  Are you finding success with the business model?
I’ve been a Beachbody coach for 6 years now. At the start, I was just dabbling in it for the nutritional products in helping my current clients. I was never a fan of the products sold at the gyms and in the local GNC type shops. I am a strong advocate for clean eating and taking the best care of our bodies today…not “later” when dealing with health or medical issues. Most products sold for “fitness” benefits are full with artificial sweeteners, preservatives and “fillers” that make the supplements seem “healthy enough” while being able to maintain a “cheaper” price tag to entice customer purchase. The products that Beachbody promotes are the best I’ve ever found, and I’ve researched everything I could find. After about 2 1/2 years of coaching “part time”, I realized my income potential was greater with this opportunity than simply spending hours working with clients one on one. I now shifted to full time Beachbody coach and online training. My family is happier, I have more patience and enjoyment of life and my pay has increased consistently over the years. I still enjoy the one on one sessions at times, but after 22 years of working harder; I’m now blessed to be able to work smarter and fit my family’s needs first. 
How do you feel about the flood of muliti-level marketing “Coaches” that have no experience or education in exercise science and nutrition having such influence over clients?
While I understand that some fitness professionals, who first look at this network marketing business as one which is allowing “non” professional folks to work with customers and clients on fitness and weight loss goals; we don’t pretend to be professionals. (unless we already are!) Coaching is about showing people that we are a normal, everyday person who is on a journey to become fitter, healthier and better over time.   
Every coach I work with on my team who is NOT a trainer or fitness professional, knows that they are a coach strictly in helping others choose a plan to follow for their specific goals and needs; as well as help motivate them and encourage them along the way. I’m not sure how familiar you are with the Weight Watchers model, (I lost my initial weight as a teenager with them and later became a “leader”) but it’s actually quite similar. In order to be hired as a Weight Watchers leader or receptionist; you must have reached your own minimum success in the process. It’s powerful to new members coming in the doors to realize that everyone they are working with, has their own success story. The same is true for our Coaching network. We all have a story and we all share our stories in order to help those in our lives to feel confident in creating similar results in their lives. The fitness professionals are part of the workout programs and the meal plans and guidelines are all written out. We encourage challengers to make sure they have their doctor’s permission to start a program as needed and the results are absolutely phenomenal and long term. 
Do you have any website or social media links you’d like to share?
I have a blog site at www.kathypro.org 
Beachbody site is www.spazzykay.com  
Facebook LIKE page is: www.facebook.com/KathyProFitness
Twitter is @spazzykay
Instagram: @spazzykay
Pinterest: KathyProFitness
Snapchat: spazzykay  



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