Messy Monday

Our trash service, waste management, decided to stop picking up our trash about 2 months ago and no one wouldn’t tell me what was going on except for finally now we were told they got fired from our area. GUNZ and I packed up and brought 2 months worth of stinky, rotten garbage…yicky ‪#‎stinky‬


Meanwhile Gunner had a run in with a BEAR– Just kidding, this is from his snapchat, he’s my most creative one for his pics on there 🙂


After the Trash, I got in a good hill run– managed 6 uphills despite the heat, good thing i was able to run in the shade and the breeze was nice! Each hill was about 1 min up and I felt good enough to add in some 3 second speed bursts during my last 3.

Came back and did some booty work for a cool down– did the 4 rounds of the BLT and 1 each of the PBJ and SUB too!!

I recorded a short video recap on Snapchat and IG– follow me there I am @buffmother 🙂

Have a great one!!



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