Upward HO!

Hey Ya’ll!!

I am on a UPWARD swing for the remaining portion of this week!!

Working hard to get my workout MOJO rollin’ and to get some work items done. I’m SUPER EXCITED to have ABS AUGUST rollin’! As part of the focus, my new marketing site www.AfterBabyAbs.com is finally working!! (I’ve been working on it since last OCTOBER!)


Anyhow, if you go there you can get a free printed copy of my ABS book for just the cost of shipping, PLUS, you get a free ebook download too!!

Check it out and please share with your friends!!

Here’s my Vlog from yesterday where I talk more about it and my issues with focus:



Sexy vlog about http://www.AfterBabyAbs.com get your FREE printed abs book– just pay shipping USA only…
And I’ve got just 38 days left in my 70 days to sexy challenge…filmed this in the middle of my upper body workout. Yes, I have ADHD just slightly, lol!


My workouts so far this week:

Sun- Run outside, steady and Legs
Mon- off

Tues- bike

Wed- Upper body and run hills

Circuit #1- 3 sets of each

Push ups 20, 10 pigeon toe x2sets

Rows 95#

Dips-bench 20×3

knee ups- 2 sets 20reps


Circuit #2-

Shoulder press- DB standing 15’sx10, 20’sx10, 45barx10 front

Tricep Extensions- 15#db’s kickbacks x10x2 sets, 15#DB overhead standing extension

Lateral DB Shoulder raises (alternating)- 15#DB’sx10x3sets

Sit ups- 2 sets 40ish half hands on hammies


2 sets bicep curl

1 set 25# plate front raises


Run hills– 4 total, very hot and humid.


Today will be upper body again– more focus on chest, but a push pull again

here’s the plan: 3 sets of 10 with abs during rest between


Lat Rows- with kettlebell


Bicep curls

Incline flys

Hammer curls


My shoulder is acting up again today, but I’m gonna just keep working through it. Travis has been a gem and rubbed it out.


Hope you are getting some mojo!! And don’t forget to grab your free book on www.AfterBabyAbs.com!





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